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Give Your Saree A Twist With These Trending Draping Styles

By Sonam Satija

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 5 min read

Done with wearing your saree the cliched style?

Figuring out how to drape a saree in the most stunning way? Give your look a twist with these unique saree draping styles to make heads turn. What are you waiting for? Pick the one which suits you the best. Not just that we've also curated TOP 5 SAREE LOOKS by the best fashion bloggers in India for on-point fashion inspiration. 


1. Subtle Scarf Style

In a mood for an offbeat ethnic look? Keep it super-casual yet trendy with this unique saree draping style. Pleat it out and wrap the pallu around your neck - the scarf style for a stunning look. Keep the pallu around the neck rather than wraping it over the shoulder.



2. Wrap It Around The Neck

Try this classic look, all you need to do is skip on the pleast and keep it simple from the bottom. Take the pallu around your neck at the end for a 90's touch to your saree look. If you're in the mood to experiement then this ethnic draping style seems like an ideal choice,



3. Lehenga Style Draping

You must have come across this saree look during festive season especially as it has the bengali ethnic style to it. Start with pleats and don't let the drape down, instead pin it up in a flowy pattern on the shoulder itself - That's how you do it!



4. Give It The Bengali Touch

Don't know how to drape a silk saree? Here's a unique style - We're sure you're here to experiment so why not try the traditional style? Wrap that pallu just the way bengali women do for a flowy look. You can also experiment with adding pleats to your pallu. You must have seen many celebrities carrying this look on television - How about giving it a try now?



5. The Indo Fusion Style

Sonam Kapoor has definitely nailed her OH! So Stunning saree look. This saree is a perfect duo of urban and traditional fashion fusion. We're in love with dhoti-style look which makes the entire outfit stand out. All you need to do is carry the outfit with confidence and DONE! Everybody will have their eyes on you.



6. Keep It Casual

If going over board is not your cup of tea then this monochrome saree with it's unique draping style seems just perfect for you. This saree draping style is combination of pleats with dhoti style pallu. Skip the usual pleating style, try this unique style - Don't forget pairing your this unique blouse design with your saree as it adds an extra charm to this ethnic look.



7. Give It The Lehenga-Saree Look

How about revamping your entire saree look to make give it a lehenga look? Make wide pleats on the botton and keep the front pleats of the pallu as long as possible. Tie a "kamar band" around the waist to add extra glam to your saree look. This one seems like a perfect fit for this wedding season and also an ideal saree draping style for a South Indian Bride.




8. Not Your Usual Style

Again an offbeat look for a casual saree look - you easily carry it off for a usual outing as well if you are fond of sarees. Start with the basic pleats then wrap the pallu around your neck instead of the shoulder. Continue with taking the other edge of the pallu and pinning it around the back of your neck. And you're DONE! It's perfect for a minimal yet fancy look - feeling like a trend queen already?



9. Finally, The Dhoti Style

Right fromt the blouse design to the waist belt, shimmer to the draping style - This whole outfit looks absolutely stunning and we just can't take our eyes off. Dhoti-style is definitely trending huge this season and you've got to try it too, you must have spotted several celebrities slaying in this look. What are you waiting for?



10. The "Waist Belt" Or "Kamar Band" Trend

How to cope up with latest saree trends? Just add a Waist belt or you can also call a "Kamar Band" to your saree to add an urban touch to it. You'll get several belts like these in the market to revamp your saree look. Add it to any saree and glam it up this wedding season - People are surely going to compliment on this one!



Slay It Like A Fashion Blogger!

Check out these fashion bloggers looking stunning in their saree looks with unique saree draping styles. It's your time to revamp your look this wedding season.


1. Komal Pandey

Nobody does it better than her and we just can't deny - Komal Pandey has been stealing hearts with her saree looks. She has tried so many different saree draping styles and carried then like a boss - Definitely a SLAY QUEEN! You've got to take some inspiration from her.


Wrap around the neck with a ethnic jacket for an offbeat style.


How about trying the cold shoulder style?



2. Ashna Shroff

You've got to learn how to glam up from Aashna Shroff as her ethnic look has left us amazed. The saree is simple yet a classic one to pick for this wedding season. We can't deny that her flowing saree draping style is definitely doing justice to her look.



3. Aakriti Rana

We're in love with Aakriti's ethnic look as it gives us the perfect South Indian Bride look. The basic saree draping style is justified when it comes it the classic temple bordered saree. When in doubt, go for the basic style!



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Q: Which is the best fabric for sarees?

A: Net, Banarasi Silk, Cotton & Raw Silk

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