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8 Best monsoon-friendly footwear for women With Prices

By Vidhi

Updated - June 19, 20245 min read

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The monsoon season has arrived, bringing with it the joys of rain and the challenges of wet weather. As we gear up with umbrellas and raincoats, appropriate footwear becomes essential to keep our feet dry and comfortable. Here’s a curated list of the best monsoon-friendly footwear from various brands that combine style, comfort, and functionality.


1. Flats from Paaduks

LBB's Pick: Sade Double Strapped Sandals  

Price: ₹1,190

moonsoon footwear

Image courtesy: paaduks


Paaduks is a contemporary brand known for its eco-friendly approach. Their monsoon collection is handcrafted from up-cycled rubber, cork, and vegan leather, ensuring the footwear is waterproof. The Sade double strapped sandals are a standout for their trendy look and practicality.


2. Sandals from Crocs

LBB's Pick: Classic All-Terrain Black Unisex Sandal  

Price: ₹3,495

moonsoon footwear

Image courtesy: Ajio


Crocs have a cult following due to their unique design and reliability. Made from Croslite™—a proprietary resin material—their sandals are soft, lightweight, comfortable, non-marking, and odor-resistant. These qualities make them perfect for the monsoon, suitable for daily wear and various occasions.


3. Sneakers from Neeman's

LBB's Pick: Wool Classic Sneakers  

Price: ₹3,990

Indian Retailer

Image courtesy: Indian Retailer


Neeman's is a brand committed to sustainability, using materials like recycled plastic bottles, wool, and wood pulp. Their merino wool sneakers are ideal for the monsoon as they wick moisture, are odor-resistant, lightweight, and comfortable. They absorb moisture effectively and dry faster than cotton, making them perfect for wet weather.


4. Buckled Sandals from Westside

LBB's Pick: Soleplay Light Blue Buckled Berkie Sandals  

Price: ₹1,099

moonsoon footwear

Image courtesy: Westside


Westside's Soleplay brand offers contemporary slides, sandals, and flip-flops. Many of their shoes feature an EVA sole, a material known for its rubber-like softness, flexibility, and waterproof nature. The buckled Berkie sandals are a great alternative to Birkenstocks and a stylish monsoon pick.


5. Aquashoes from Decathlon

LBB's Pick: Adult Aquashoes 120 Dark Turquoise  

Price: ₹999

moonsoon footwear

Image courtesy: Decathalon


Decathlon is renowned for its wide range of sports and outdoor footwear. For the monsoon, Subea's aquatic shoes are perfect. They are anti-slip, quick-drying, and prevent mud and other debris from getting inside, making them suitable for wet weather.


6. Running Shoes from Campus

LBB's Pick: Alexa Black Women's Running Shoes  

Price: ₹1,699

moonsoon footwearImage courtesy: Nykaa fashion


Campus is a reliable brand for running and school shoes. Their running shoes feature an upper mesh design that enhances breathability and wicks away water, making them ideal for monsoon conditions. The Alexa women's running shoes are durable and designed to withstand the challenges of wet weather.


7. Braided Dark Beige Slides from H&M

LBB's Pick: Braided Dark Beige Sliders  

Price: ₹1,499

moonsoon footwear

Image courtesy: H&M


H&M offers stylish and modern footwear, including sliders made of Polyurethane, a waterproof and resistant material. The braided dark beige sliders are chic and practical for the monsoon, ensuring your feet stay dry and stylish.


8. PVC Dual Strapped Slides from Cassiey

LBB's Pick: Women Animal Printed Base Detail PVC Dual Strapped Slides  

Price: ₹1,400

moonsoon footwear

Image courtesy: Ajio


Daisie is a homegrown brand known for its quirky and fun slides. Made from rubber and vegan leather, their shoes are perfect for the monsoon. The dual strapped slides are breezy, fashionable, and suitable for daily wear, including office settings.


 Tips for Choosing Monsoon-Friendly Footwear


1. Material: Look for shoes made from waterproof or water-resistant materials like rubber, EVA, Croslite™, or polyurethane.

2. Design: Opt for designs that allow water to drain easily and prevent mud and debris from entering.

3. Comfort: Ensure the footwear is comfortable for prolonged wear and provides good grip to avoid slipping.

4. Maintenance: Choose shoes that are easy to clean and dry quickly to prevent mold and odor.


How to Care for Your Monsoon Footwear


- Clean Regularly: Wipe off mud and dirt after each use to prevent staining and deterioration.

- Dry Properly: Air dry your shoes completely before storing them to avoid mold and odor.

- Store Correctly: Keep your footwear in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to maintain their shape and longevity.

- Use Protectors: Consider using waterproof sprays or conditioners to enhance the water resistance of your shoes.



Finding the right footwear for the monsoon doesn't mean compromising on style. With options ranging from eco-friendly flats and trendy sliders to durable running shoes and practical aquashoes, there's something for everyone. Investing in the right monsoon-friendly footwear ensures you stay comfortable, stylish, and dry, no matter how heavy the rains get. Happy monsoon shopping!