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Hello Ladies! Watch Out For These Stylish Wristwatches Under 2K

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - May 9, 20245 min read

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Time waits for no one. And neither do fashion! In a world where trends change faster than the speed of light, arriving late is not an option. That is why we need a game-changing, trendsetting wristwatch on our hand. Believe it or not, a wristwatch is an important element of our ensemble. Be it a casual outing, an important work meeting or a family party, nothing concludes the look with style and grace than a beautiful wristwatch on the hand. 


Needless to say, every woman should own an elegant timepiece. Then what's stopping us? Well, aren't wristwatches for women pretty expensive? Why, yes they are!


However, we have a list that might offer some help. Take a dekko at these 8 wristwatches for women under 2K and join the fashion express!


1. Rose Gold Dial Stainless Steel Strap Watch By Fastrack


INR 1,750


A slick analogue wristwatch with a metal body, round rose gold dial and a clasp to lock. This women's watch by Fastrack is an attractive fashion accessory you can buy for under 2K. It has a stunning design and an even better colour combination which will look great with formal outfits and party attires. 

Image Courtesy: Fastrack



2. Blue Analog Watch By Titan


INR 1,995


This wristwatch for women by Titan is a style quotient you can swear by. A timepiece that knows no bounds. You can wear it to a party and to the office, and still, make a fashion statement worth mentioning. What makes it a great pick? A charming blue dial enclosed by a stainless steel case and a metal bracelet is a great wristwatch hard to ignore. It's a surefire accessory that is also practical and super classy. 

Image Courtesy: Titan



3. Flora Garden Black Wristwatch With Bracelet By Chumbak


INR 1,607


It's time to bring your A-game because here's a watch tough to beat. This wristwatch for women by Chumbak comes with a floral leather band watch and three bracelets in the pack. We can safely say that it's an alluring fashion accessory for women which works both as a timepiece and statement jewellery. Pair it with summer dresses, pastel tops and more such casual attire, and enjoy the compliments. 

Image Courtesy: Chumbak



4. Tripster White & Grey Dial Leather Strap Watch By Fastrack


INR 1,695


Set your own trends with Fastrack's special edition wristwatches especially designed for all the dream-chasers out there. If you're the one bit by the travel bug or have the passion to change the world, this should be your go-to wristwatch. Not only is it cool and classy, but it is also water-resistant and stylish enough to match-up your spirits. The watch has a leather strap, a soothing mix of colours on the dial and a classic design tough to resist. For the best results, wear this watch with your travel outfits, shorts, t-shirts and other such summer ensembles. 

Image Courtesy: Fastrack



5. Van Heusen Analog Watch From Flipkart


INR 1,362


A touch of class and luxury for your wrist. This premium quality wristwatch by Van Heusen is readily available on Flipkart for affordable prices. It's a genuine product you need to have in your closet for all sorts of party, casual and office outfits. This wrist watch for women is a winning piece of accessory you can own with pride. 

Image Courtesy: Flipkart



6. DressBerry Women Mauve Analogue Watch From Myntra


INR 1,399


A colour that pops, a design you can't forget and a fit you'll keep coming back for... that's the magic of DressBerry's analogue watch. If you're looking for a women's wristwatch with a bracelet-style strap and a slightly bigger in a quirky shade, girl... this is it. The timepiece has a matte finish and is easy to wear since it's pretty light. You can flaunt this timeless design with all sorts of formal, casual and beach outfits. 

Image Courtesy: Myntra



7. Sonata Analog Pink Dial Women's Watch From Amazon


INR 649


A frontline wristwatch for women with an admirable look that is simple yet gorgeous. The beautiful pink dial alone steals the show, however, the white leather strap also complements the overall design. It's a versatile timepiece that will look great on all sorts of casual and formal wears. The best part? The wristwatch offers Sonata's trust and is super-affordable too. What more can you ask from your wristwatch? 

Image Courtesy: Amazon



8. Helix Water Resistant Analogue Watch From Ajio


INR 1,497


Simple, homely and delightful. A wristwatch for girls that is worth every penny. If you travel a lot, this watch will be by your side through rain and unplanned swimming sessions since its water-resistant. This watch is like a middleman between sporty and casual. You can style it with your travel outfits, casual attires or loungewear options. 

Image Courtesy: Ajio



Time to take a good hard look at this list of best wristwatches for women under 2K.