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Expand Your Imagination To The World's First Underwater Residence In Maldives

By Yamini Taneja

Updated - May 9, 20243 min read

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Maldives! The tropical wonder has actually made a dreamland by presenting The World's First Underwater Residence. This marine box is a step ahead of any imaginations that one could imagine and one of the best surprises to the world.

World first underwater residence

This November, the World's First Underwater Residence is going to be open at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort in Maldives. The remarkable place took around $15 Million to develop. Such expensive project will be worth it, as people are actually excited because now they will now be able to explore the views of marine life clearly since it is 16 feet beneath the ocean’s surface.


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The residence will be addressed as ‘The Muraka’ which means coral, in Maldivian language of Dhivehi.  The accommodation can head up to 9 guests and contains 2 floors connected by spiral staircase or elevators.


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Let’s discuss in detail about the place:
Coming to the top level which is above the water covers around  5,921 square feet having a king size bed and a bathroom with an ocean facing bathtub. Twin size bedroom with a third bathroom. Powder room, kitchen, bar, dining area which is adding to the significance of the upper level. The attraction lies in two decks complimenting with a swimming pool, which serves you with beautiful viewpoints of sunrise and sunset.

Coming down, the floor captured around 193 square feet containing king size bedroom with living room and a bathroom.
The Japenese architect Yuji Yamazaki has designed the interior of the villa so beautifully. Everything starting from ceiling to furniture has a fine-furnish touch which made this place like heaven.

Driven by our inspiration to deliver innovative and transformative experiences to our global travelers, the world’s first undersea residence encourages guests to explore the Maldives from an entirely new perspective below the surface of the sea” says Ahmed Saleem, the project’s chief architect and designer.


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The guest of the Muraka will be blessed with luxurious services like 24 hours butler service, access to the on-call personal fitness trainer, yoga instructor, personal chef. Apart from this an array of water sports like jet skiing, a private speedboat to get around the island. So by this, no one can contain their temptation to visit this place at least once in a lifetime.

The highly revealing project has actually hit the sense of curiosity among people. The first underwater restaurant Ithaa is already accepting reservations for the unique retreat. But the booking rates still need to be disclosed. The Muraka comes to be the first full residence showing off a submarine suite.



Q- What are the expectations from this project?
A- G
eneral Manager Stefano Ruzza said. “We are excited to present Muraka’s unique sleeping under the sea experience to our future guests, providing them with an extraordinary seascape of the Maldives from an entirely new perspective.”

Q-What is Ithaa?
A- Ithaa is World First underwater restaurant.