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Care To Make WFH Interesting? Here's A Bolly Playlist Dedicated To Do Just That

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - May 23, 2020 5 min read

Pat yourself on the back and take a sigh of relief if you've made it this far in the self-quarantine work from home scenario. I know things are getting intense and our 9 to 5 jobs have somehow mutated into 9 to 9 neverending struggle with lists, PPT's and whatnot. But fret not, music is here to the rescue. It won't work on your behalf but it will definitely offer some much-needed comfort and restore your faith in the job you love. 


One thing I can say with absolute certainty is that music, especially the indie Bollywood music that we all love is flair enough to make your WFH quaran-time entertaining and chill.



1. Socha Hai

You know the feeling when those emails knock on your door with the heavy workload but this fickle mind is so relaxed at home that it often wanders. And while it does I think you need a song like this to accompany you on this journey. Although if you listen intently, Socha Hai can also be a workout song for your brain that might open the caps of those numb wits only to welcome the next million-dollar idea. And if I remember correctly everyone including myself fell in love with Farhan Akhtar's dusky voice and charming smile with this very song.


Artist: Farhan Akhtar



2. Sooraj Ki Baahon Mein

With light-hearted pop music, this song was a perfect ending of a perfect movie of our time, ZNMD. And if you give a good hard tune in to the opening lyrics "Suraj Ki Baho Mein, Ab hai ye Zindagi, Kirne Hain Saaso Mein, Baato Mein Roshni", it will depict the good side of the morning conversations with your boss. While in the parallel universe (by which I mean your home) you did not even bother to change your bottoms and just rolling over comfortably in your own filth. Jokes apart, the song is quite peppy and bouncy, just quite to lift up your mood in the morning. 


Artists: Clinton Cerejo, Dominique Cerejo, Loy Mendonsa


3. Wo Ladki Hain Kahan

Remember when you were bummed out because that crush didn't show up in the office the other day? Since that feeling has been amplified 21 times, this song will remind you of the heart that beats like the keys on your laptop whilst typing (A much-needed office romance reference). If you are a true Millenial, the hook step from this song should be on the back of your hand. I practically did that step while writing this (Not even kidding).


Artists: Shaan, Kavita Krishnamurthy


4. Nadaan Parindey

Every time you try to leave your workstation to eat, sleep or even chill, a notification from the colleague or boss reminds you to come back to the work station because, in reality, you are the Nadaan Parinda that A.R. Rahman is singing about. And it's no surprise that the movie Rockstar from which I've picked up this song has a separate fan base. If by the 4th minute into this song you don't sing along, get help!


Artist: A.R. Rahman


5. Koi Kahe Kehta Rahe

It's a nostalgic party anthem with sick lyrics. Broke! Single! No Life! But our constant need to get over these roadblocks and still make it another year of life is commendable. A timeless work of music which even in 2030 will be as relevant as it was when it first came out. I mean this is the perpetual state of our young generation. Groovy, relevant and a perfect song to give us some cheer in a dim situation like right now. 


Artists: Shaan, Shankar Mahadevan, KK



6. MEMBA- For Aisha

Once you've heard this song there is no getting out of this loop. The song may lack the fun angle with your WFH situation but it's upbeat, it's soulful, it's peppy, it's everything that a legendary song could be and more. At exactly 2 minutes 57 seconds, you might start relating it to your stay-home mode. Once heeded, don't forget to bless your friend's ears with this piece of art as well. If you've seen the movie the song will give you a lump in the throat.  It's one of the best from my personal stash. 



Featured Artist: Nooran Sisters


7. Udd Gaye

Sick tunes, trippy music video and somewhat fiery lyrics. It's a complete package. The little window between finishing off your daily work and getting a new pile of work is the perfect mood setting for this song. Ritviz has become the guru of groovy music which blends perfectly with his husky local voice. This song will get your energy up to well do more work. And a head-bang during the song is non-negotiable. 


Artist: Ritviz


8. Khoon Choosle

Just when you fall into stress or depression of not going out, just listen to what this song has to say. Think about every Monday morning blues, all the 10 AM meetings with your manager, breaking into sweats every time you step out because formals and this life will not seem that bad. I mean you are spending a slightly edgy but comfortable time at your home, working from bed, eating in your PJs, what more can you want. And this song is just a reminder.


Artist: Arjun Kanungo, Priya Saraiya, Suraj Jagan



What are you waiting for? Hit the play icon and embrace your WFH time with groove and optimism!


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