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6 Best Handbags for Women You Can Buy Online!

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Oct. 26, 2021 5 min read

Through the years, there has been considerable commentary over our tendency to lug around an assortment of stuff everywhere we go. But ladies, won't you agree that the same folks who poke fun at us and our packed bags are the first ones to turn to us for the essentials we carry. Perhaps that bears testimony to just how underplayed handbags are as closet essentials. Between glittery 6-inch heels and broad cinching belts with gold emblems, handbags fall at the midpoint of trend and practicality in the world of fashion accessories. 


On top of their undeniable utility, handbags also bring a lot of versatility to your styling options. The same bag when paired with a neutral work outfit will yield very different results than when it is thrown together with an evening dress. But there's another undeniable factor at play here, handbags can also be through the roof expensive. So it goes without saying that the handbags you choose to include in your wardrobe, should meet your fashion needs perfectly and in multiple ways.


So here's a list of the 6 most good-looking and useful, yet affordable handbags one should stock up on for the months ahead! 


1. Colourblocked Satchel from Mast & Harbour on Myntra 

Compact yet spacious, handy yet endlessly stylish, what's there not to love about this colour-blocked satchel from Mast & Harbour? 


Price: ₹3,099


Image Courtesy: Myntra


Why is it the best women's handbag online?

The colour combination of different shades of beige make this bag immensely versatile for styling, and you can pair it with a straight-laced work outfit with just as much elegance as you can with a dark night look. This bag comes with one large compartment coupled with 2 inner pockets, a button closure as well as a detachable sling strap, so you can wear it as you please! 



2. Drawstring Bucket Bag from Diana Korr on Flipkart

From all the trending bags for women in recent times, the bucket bag has persevered through changes in fashion fads, and has now emerged as a closet classic.


Price: ₹1,599


Image Courtesy: Flipkart


Why is it the best women's handbag online?

If you're on the hunt for a spacious bucket bag for the summer, this solid olive number from CODE on Lifestyle Stores is a worthy candidate. We love the practical drawstring closure which amps up the space available inside the compartments, while the gold detailing at both the strap and the closure add oodles of grace to this beautiful bag. 



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3. Solid Handheld Bag from Forever Glam, Pantaloons on Myntra 

If you've kept up with your favourite fashion influencers through this pandemic, you probably already know how handheld baguette bags have been the talk of the town in recent times.


Price: ₹1,599


Image Courtesy: Myntra


Why is it the best women's handbag online?

One look at this bag makes you think the hype is for good reason, right? This solid off-white hand-held bag from Mango is a true beauty to behold and comes with the perfect trend factor to elevate both your daytime and nighttime looks. We love the ruched detailing at the strap, coupled with the half-moon handbag shape that's been all the rage lately. 



4. White Backpack from Kleio on Myntra

Since we're listing essential handbags for women this season, it would be a sin to skip out on the ever-handy backpack.


Price: ₹1,215


Image Courtesy: Myntra


Why is it the best women's handbag online?

Whether it is to stash away all your important stuff while you're headed to work, or carry a great read and your laptop to a pretty book cafe, this floral backpack from Kelio will meet all your storage needs and keep you fashionable while you're at it. Splashed with a pretty spring-y print and divided into neat compartments, this backpack will be your go-to bag for when you mean business with a dash of style. 



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5. Striped Tote Bag From Ginger on Lifestyle Stores

Speaking of handbag essentials, the importance of having a big tote in your wardrobe can be compared to that of a reliable white shirt.


Price: ₹2,199


Image Courtesy: Lifestyle


Why is it the best women's handbag online?

They're both classic fashion necessities, that end up serving a lot more purpose than you imagined they would. Look at this chic striped tote from Ginger, for instance. Replete with flat-strap chain handles, multiple inner compartments for the different kinds of objects you carry, as well as an external panel compartment, this tote bag blends practicality with good looks seamlessly. 




6. Cocktail Round Sling Bag from

When we look back at all the handbags we've spotted frequently both on and off the runway this season, a solid round sling bag makes a recurring appearance. 


Price: ₹899


Image Courtesy: Bewakoof


Why is it the best women's handbag online?

Your trusty sling bag has gotten an updated avatar with the voguish round shape, while it continues to give you compact storage options for when you're headed out. We absolutely adore this quirky round sling we found on Bewakoof, featuring cool Margherita graphics in vibrant shades of magenta and yellow. This bag is quirky and chic enough to instantly amp up even the most casual outfits, don't you think? 



Make space in your closet, and start snagging these bags as soon as time permits. By the time summer completely rolls around, you'll be armed, quite literally, with the hottest bags of the season! 




Q. Which online shopping website is best for handbags?

A. Myntra and Lifestyle are the best shopping websites for handbags for women?


Q. Where can I buy handbags online?

A. Myntra, Lifestyle and Bewakoof are the best places to buy handbags online.


Q. What brand is the best for a woman's handbag?

A. Da Milano, Hidesign, Baggit, Caprese and Lavie are the best places to buy handbags online.


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