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Ladies & Gentlemen, Pick Your Winter Footwear Right Here

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Feb. 17, 2021 6 min read

Taking that first step in life is hard and it becomes even harder during winters. I mean, we hardly want to get out of our cosy beds let alone walk towards our destinies... with shoes and all. Sigh! Now, I don't have anything against the cold weather, it's beautiful and way better than the contrary but it gets difficult to keep up with the world when our humble feet are numb from the cold, and our shoe racks look dry and crass. 


It's the same story. We spend so much on winter clothes that we rarely get to our shoe closets. But not anymore... not on my watch. So, here are some top footwear trends for winter 2020-2021 that you might want to follow. 


For Women


1. Maroon Printed Ajrak Derbys For Women From Taavi At Myntra

Price: INR 1,199


Let me point you to the direction of these beautifully handcrafted Derbys inspired by the age-old Rajasthani artwork. Not only these will keep cold winds at bay but also grant you the opportunity to look earthy and chic without much effort. Now, even though the classic tan ones works better since it goes with every outfit but how can you not fall in love with this rich maroon colour and block prints. My advice, pair it with brown/tan loose pants, a checkered shirt and an overcoat and you'll be classy to go. 




2. Leather Lace-Up Boots From DEEANNE LONDON At Amazon

Price: INR 2,499


The fact that boots are a major part of winter essentials will always be my favourite. There are so many to choose from that it's almost unfair to other winter footwear but you know what, that's the best part. Look at these good-looking lace-up boots for instance. From being trendy to being absolutely practical and sturdy, these boots are a perfect fit for the winters 2020. This brown colour is versatile, hence it would go with almost all your outfits. Wear it with jeans, skirts and skater dresses and you'll be fine. 




3. Mules With Metal Accent From CATWALK At Ajio

Price: INR 1,996


Ladies, take it from me, mules are the next best thing to 2021. They are extremely comfortable, very attractive and they will try their level best to save your feet from the cold. I understand they might not look like a practical investment for the winters but trust me, they are on the list of top footwear trends 2020. So, if you ask me, I'd say step into these when slipping into something Indian or fusion for your office or any other place where you don't have to be out in the cold for long. That way, you can look stunning and still stay away from harsh winter winds. You're welcome. 




4. Thigh-High Boots With Block Heels From Ajio

Price: INR 725


For all the skirts, dresses and shorts you were gonna drop this season because it's going to be cold, don't. Because from brunch date to dinner scenes and more... wherever your winter plans might go, these thigh-high boots will go with them. So, these boots without a shred of doubt are a multifaceted piece of accessory every girl should own and what's even better is thigh-high boots never go out of style. 




5. Chelsea Flat Ankle Boots From Bruno Manetti At Amazon

Price: INR 1,599


All the way from the Victorian era, these boots are the best formal winter footwear you can find on the list. They are as sturdy and classy as they make them. These will look good with any formal winter wear you are planning to put on. Although, if you suddenly become a part of a plan to go crazy post-office hours, don't worry... Chelsea boots will not let you down. 





6. Navy Blue Penny Loafers From Lavie At Myntra

Price: INR 1,374


Your regular styling needs a partner that's comfortable and sophisticated. For all the walking you need to do during the winters, a footwear that's pretty and very durable is a must-have. Be it your daily office commute, an unplanned party you're invited to or a wedding that needs you to don into your saree, these penny loafers will be a perfect match for all the situations. For me, a dark shade usually goes with everything but you can totally pick a different colour of your choosing. Now, this is what I call a smart winter footwear trend. 




For Men


7. Panelled Ankle-Length Boots From Red Tape At Ajio

Price: INR 3,800


Guys, you might not know these but your footwear matters, especially to a lady with taste. So, if you ask me, these ankle-length boots are a great investment for winters. Not only they look dreamily stunning but also keep you away from cold or worse... fashion mishaps. They are also quite durable, sturdy and a clear-cut pass to trendsetter's club 2020-2021. You can pick any outfit, formal, semi-formal or casual and these boots will make you look good. 




8. Chelsea Boots From Hirel's At Ajio

Price: INR 1,650


A good pair of Chelsea boots are a hot commodity when it comes to guys. Looks best with formal wear during winters but you can totally pull it off with your casual chino pants or blue jeans and a basic blazer or a hoodie for the same season. Now, you also want to pick a colour that goes with everything and if you ask me, I think dark brown or deep wine shade would give you the best results. 




9. Formal Leather Brogues From Red Tape At Myntra

Price: INR 1,599


These textured leather brogues are the stuff of must-haves for working men. These shoes are a timeless investment for all seasons. You can wear these during summers and winters. Now, feel free to pick your colour if its black but in my opinion, tan ones go with everything, so I am suggesting these. 




10. Solid Leather Mid-Top Flat Boots From Roadster At Myntra

Price: INR 1,799


Whoever said mid-top boots are for the ladies did not see this list because these boots are clearly for men and they look absolutely dapper. Wear these with rugged jeans, a white t-shirt and a leather jacket and you'll see more head turns than in any other ensemble. Although you dressed like that from head to toe will get you sure-shot attention but no accessory will complete the look than these tasteful mid-top flat boots. Additionally, they are one of the top footwear trends for winter 2020-2021. 




Be a shoe-stopper wherever you go, especially when "tis the season".

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