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Planning A Day In G-Town? Know What To Expect When You Visit DLF Cyber Hub With Your Peeps!

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Feb. 19, 2024 6 min read

All of you Delhites & Gurugramians have definitely been to Dlf Cyber Hub a lot of times or at least once to chill, to party or even to work. Within the span of a few years, the place has become a hub (also literally!) to have a good time with friends, family & colleagues. 


And for all you beautiful souls who still haven't peeped into the Cyber World, you are in for a treat too.

Imagine a place like a mall in Gurugram but with no specific roof and confusion. Just an endless trail of cafes, restaurants, bars & whatnot.


It most certainly is an experience within itself which you guys ought to breathe-in once or twice or even more over your lifetime, it's totally up to you. Either way, we would really like to share the kind of things you got to expect if you do plan on visiting Cyber hub this week, month or even year.


1. Just Fresh Off The Boat

Whenever you find yourself in Cyber Hub, the place just doesn't look like India, except the people are Indian & instead of soothing some soothing jazz there is metallic music of traffic playing in the background. But on a serious note, the place looks so out-of-the-country that you feel classy inevitably.

Foreign feels at cyber hub

Image Courtesy: innovate.inspire.engage


2. Sleepless In Gurugram

Not the same as 'Sleepless In Seattle" but the Cyber Hub in Gurugram hardly sleeps. It's like a bad boy of hubs who hangs out like there are no worries in the world during the days & stays awake till late partying at sundown. So, if you really want to take in the chill vibes or just stomp the ground late-night, this is where you have to be. 

Sleepless city at DLF Cyber Hub

Image Courtesy: Economic Times



3. Bottomless Bucket Of Food Options

You can never run out of places to eat at Cyber Hub. You can surely get tired of eating as a concept but there will always be a place here where you haven't tried some dish or a dish you haven't tried at this place. Yes! It kind of goes hand-in-hand. In addition, there are a few options which are open at night. 

Endless food options at DLF Cyber Hub

Image Courtesy: Eat Treat


4. Un-ending Trail Of Bars & Cafes

Anything & everything is possible here. If you want to let loose the inner maniac to dance and music just party at Cyber Hub and if you feel like breathing-in some peaceful moments with your quiet people then also just take it easy at Cyber Hub. So you see! This is one place on the roads of Delhi NCR where you cater to the extreme ends of your hangout-hour.

Trails of Bars & Cafes

Image Courtesy: Arch Daily


5. Event-ertainment Sessions

Cyber Hub got no chills in real life. From Monday to Sunday, from day till night, something is always happening somewhere. Even the event companies & popular brands know that if they want to involve the real public into their activity, they got to set-up the action at Hub only. Do you want to know why? Because all the cool people from the city are, hanging out, chilling & actively participating.

Events In DLF Cyber Hub

Image Courtesy: Event FAQs


6. Gotta Love The Crowd

If you are a regular at Cyber you know, we are talking about you guys! Anyhoo, this hub caters to almost all the needs of the pleasant crowd gathered there. It's important that people who constantly stroll all over the hub are nice and breezy because believe it or not, they actually affect the vibe of the whole place. 

The best crowd at Cyber Hub

Image Courtesy: Wander Monkey


7. Free Ki Movie

If you are going for a nice lunch or play games there is a very good chance that you'll get distracted by the big screen in the middle. You can always expect some kind of sunset or live screening of something, especially during the weekend. The events that take place in the vicinity is normally followed by a flick on the screen.

Open air movie options

Image Courtesy: Sunset Cinema Club


8. Indisputable Shopping

This place is not just good for fun, chill time, you can even satiate the shopaholic side of you at Cyber Hub. Not like a mall of course! But you do find quite good options to shop from. Just feel free to shop at Shopper Stop, Chumbak or Marks and Spencer, if you want. 

Shopping Options at DLF Cyber Hub

Image Courtesy: Hyper Bay


9. Connectivity

Reaching Cyber Hub has become so easy now, thanks to the Delhi Metro. On the road, you are susceptible to run into a bit of a traffic every now and then but the metro has made it possible for everyone (who doesn't drive or does not want to drive) to reach hub like a boss. There is this Rapid Metro that you can board from Sikanderpur (yellow line) metro station & from there it's a metro-walk. 

Connectivity till Cyber Hub

Image Courtesy: Rapid Metro Gurgaon



10. Some Playing-time

For the people who know about Smaaash! Can understand what we are talking about. Among all the crazy things happening in-and-around the hub, how could you not expect a gaming section? Anyway! if you pay a visit to this delirious spot in Gurugram do have some grown-up playtime (and by that we mean, cricket, bowling, arcades!)

Smaaash at DLF Cyber Hub

Image Courtesy: LBB


You already know the places to shop, chill & party, we tried to bring into life the experiences you can expect if you plan on visiting the Cyber Hub. 


Psst...There's more...

Here's a pretty short & tempting listicle of the best places (Yeah we a poll for this) you can visit in DLF Cyber Hub according to your mood/situation;


The Hub For The Night Owls

Image Courtesy: World

Image Courtesy: Sub Delhi

Image Courtesy: magicpin

Image Courtesy: truelocalz

Image Courtesy: Whatsuplife


The Hub For Exotic Cuisines

Image Courtesy: truelocalz

Image Courtesy: truelocalz

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Image Courtesy: LBB


The Hub For Shopping

Image Courtesy: geopify

Image Courtesy:

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Image Courtesy: Indian Retailer


Hub For The Sweet-Tooth In You

Image Courtesy:

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Hub For The Player In You 


Image Courtesy:


Look's like we've granted you a wholesome guide to perpetually love & visit Cyber Hub on a regular basis. Be it your first time or ten-thousandth, this place will never fail to peek-a-boo you with its unending life.




Q. What are the most visited places in Cyber Hub?

A. The most visited places in Cyber Hub are The Drunken Botanist and Soi7.


Q. What kind of shopping options are available at Cyber Hub?

A. There is Chumbak, Minizmo, Marks And Spencer & if you really want to go all out, Ambience Mall Gurgaon is not very far.


Q. What type of events can we expect at Cyber Hub?

A. All the brand launch, competitions, screenings, contests, etc will always be livening the place.


Q. Are there any budget-friendly options at Cyber Hub?

A. Yes, you can always go to KFC or Kebab Express and other places to save your money.


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