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5 Stellar Indian Web Series You Can Binge Watch For Free

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - May 30, 2020 3 min read

When you have 21 days worth of free time to be spent at home, ahead of you, there's no right way to entertain yourself. Yes, Netflix is great, and so are books, but sooner or later you will resort to combing through the world wide web for free entertaining content, and that's exactly what it is a repository of.


But the Internet is bigger than vast, and you'll likely end up down a rabbit-hole of Hitler conspiracy theories if you don't know what you're looking for. Which is what we are here to help you with. While there's no dearth of variety in the entertainment content up for grabs online, our attention of late has been on a few brilliant web series. The ones we are about to suggest are Indian in origin and packed with understated scenes along with a fresh, youthful storyline, that our generation can actually relate to. And the fact that you can watch them for free, is an additional reinforcement. So without any further ado, here's a list of our favourite Indian web series you can stream for free right now.  



1. TVF Tripling

Created by The Viral Fever, and turned into a household name by Sumeet Vyas, TVF Tripling was an instant hit when it first reached the younger crowd of the nation. With stunning cinematography, a refreshing storyline packed with witty one-liners, and stellar performances by the entire cast, this show remains on our list of the best Indian web series we'd wholeheartedly recommend.



This show traces the emotionally charged journey of three siblings who venture out on a road trip.

TVF Trippling

Image Courtesy: India Today



2. Bang Baaja Baaraat

For anybody that has gone through the entire series, it soon becomes apparent that Bang Baaja Baarat is a far departure from your average Hindi rom-com bursting at the seams with cliches. This show was lauded far and wide for its brilliant cast with the right acting chops, well-written script with cutesy humour, and scenes with a fresh, youthful appeal. All of this at YRF's scale of production gives this show the look and feel of a commercial movie. 



A young couple wants to get married. Things get complicated when their parents and other unexpected members get involved.

Bang Baaja Baaraat

Image Courtesy: Yashraj studios


3. Permanent Roommates

Another great show made infinitely better by Sumeet Vyas's undeniable charm, Permanent Roommates was no less than a pathbreaker in the world of Indian entertainment content when it first came out. This show is well-directed, with the kind of intelligent script and witty humour the younger generation in India has been wishing for all along. 



Permanent Roommates revolves around the story of a couple that begins to live together, as an alternative to getting married after 3 years of long-distance.

Permanent Roommates

Image Courtesy: alchetron


4. TVF Pitchers

Relatable, grounded and absolutely hilarious, TVF Pitchers was one of the finer shows to grace Indian digital entertainment. If you're a proud 90s kid who grew up in India, every scene from TVF Pitchers will make you go " TOO REAL". The show has been both conceptualized and executed with sheer perfection, and the 9.7 IMDb rating can vouch for that. 



The story of what happens when 4 young entrepreneurs quit their day IT jobs, to launch their own start-up venture.

TVF Pitchers

Image Courtesy: HuffPost India


5. Baked

Under-rated, unpretentious and absolutely crazy through and through, Baked was a genre-bending, norm-defying show created by Scoopwhoop. While the fringe show may appear to the entertainment sensibilities of a limited, niche crowd, those who did take a liking to the show continue to sing its praises even to this day. The characters are thoroughly entertaining, and the script is full of subtleties that go a long way in adding to the charm of the show. 



Baked follows the adventures and misadventures of three College flatmates who decide to start their own midnight delivery service.


Image Courtesy: Scoopwhoop


This is your cue to fire up your laptop and binge these stellar Indian web series through the night. 


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