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Here Are 7 Compelling Reasons On Why You MUST Visit Goa During Monsoon Season

By Shubhangi Goel

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 5 min read

If you think going to Goa in the rainy season is a bad idea then we TOTALLY DISAGREE! Let's go beyond the myths that Goa is just busy and a popular vacation place during the Summer Season. It is all because the weather in Goa during the Monsoon Season is way more blissful and peaceful than you can ever imagine. Let us help you paint a picture on your mind by giving you 7 reasons to book that ticket to Goa right now! 


1. Travel And Accommodation

The best part about going to Goa during monsoons is getting the flights tickets and hotel accommodation at the cheapest rates. You'll find a majority of the five-star accommodations at half price with discounts as cheap as flat 50% Off. What else can you for? Everybody has dealt with the pain of booking tickets for Goa at the season time. It's time to explore this beautiful city amidst it's chaotic yet mesmerizing rainy


2. Peaceful Beaches For Some Vitamin Sea

If you've been to Goa during it's season time then you'll be well aware of the tremendous amount of crowd on almost every famous beach. But only a few out of the lot choose to visit this city amidst the rains when the beaches are more peaceful and less crowded. Weather in Goa in Monsoon season is all you can wish for when it comes to watching rains with the most beautiful views and lushful greenery



3. Greenery All Around To Leave You Awestruck 

The most beautiful sight you'll witness is Goa covered with greenery all around. Don't forget to visit the spice plantations as they are it's best in the rainy season. Savoi Spice Plantation is one of the most famous and the oldest ones - do give this place a visit. You can also buy packets of organic spices as souvenirs from these plantations. One should also visit - Pascoal Spice Farm and Sahakari Spice Farms for more


4. Best Nightlife & The Best Kind Of Parties 

We agree that the majority of the shacks get closed due to high tides and the rains but some of the best still remain open. Remember the party never ends in Goa. These famous shacks and clubs remain open throughout the year - Brittos, Love Passion Karma, St. Anthony's, Mambos, Titos and several others on Bogmalo and Palolem beach as well. Apart from that the majority of the shacks stays shut down in Anjuna And Vagator.



5. The Celebrations Go On!

The festivities never stop in Goa. The fertility feast of Sao Joao is celebrated on 24th of June - people around jump into wells, streams and pond as a way of celebrating the event - it holds a great significance in Christianity. You'll witness localities wearing crowns of leaves and fruits on their heads with drinks in their hands celebrating this festival. Right after this one, Festival of St. Peter is celebrated on 29th June - after the church service, a large feast is held. In August, Divar Island celebrates the famous Bonderam Festival which has a colorful parade with flags of different colours which are tagged along with famous local bands from the city. 



6. Cheap Rentals Of Cars & Thars 

Public transport like taxis, buses is also an option but that would only be a hindrance in your zest for exploration. The options are endless if you want to rent a private way of transport. Now, if you are aware of the scooty and car rents during season time then you definitely know how it feels getting a hole in your pocket. So save up huge this time by traveling during monsoons and pay super cheap prices to rent a scooter or your favorite jeep.



7. Gear Up For Water Sports And River Cruises

Those high tides at the beach might put a stop to few water sports but you can still be a part of the rest. Get a crazy adrenaline rush and experience the best of water sports in Goa such as Fly Boarding, River Rafting, Trekking At Dudhsagar Falls, and of course one can wine and dine at one of the best river cruises in the city.





Q: What the prices for the adventure and water sports in Goa?

A: Banana ride:

Destination: Calangute, Agonda, Candolim, Palolem, Miramar, Baga, Vagator, Anjuna

Duration : 10 MINUTES

Approx: 399 per person


River rafting:

Destination: Mhadei River, Veluz, Valpoi, Tilari River

Duration: 90 minutes for 10 km

Approx. Costs: Rs 3400/-


Catamaran Sailing: 

Destination : Benaulim, Dona Paula, Calangute, Colva, and Utorda

Duration : 30mins.

Approxi. Cost: Rs. 999/-


Jet Skiing:

Destination : Colva, Calangute, Candolim, Mobor, Miramar, Rajbaga beaches

Duration: About 10 mins

Approx Costs: 499 per Person.



Duration :30 Minutes.

Destination:Calangute – Baga, Kayaking North Goa, Palolem Beach, Dona Paula jetty, and Hollant Beach.

Approx: Rs 500/- Single Person, Rs 800/ Double Kayak


Kite Surfing:

Destination: Morjim beach Montego Bay Village Resort

Duration: 20 mins

Approx: Rs 2500/-


Q: For people mostly on the go, are hostels better or hotels?

A: Hotels require you check-in and check-out at specific times and also have various other miscellaneous charges, plus, you have a more hippy party culture in the hostels with cheaper liquor and food.


Q: Which are some of the cleanest and best beaches in Goa?

A: Bogmallo, Polem, Agonda, Vagator - mostly South Goa beaches.

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