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10 Best Vodka Brands in India with Price | June, 2024

By Suhani Gupta

Updated - June 13, 20246 min read

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India is the home of vodka connoisseurs who know how to get a top-notched combination of texture and flavour by making scrumptious cocktails and indulging in responsible drinking without having a hangover. Although we Indians have unlimited options for Vodka Brands, finance is also something one should consider for having a fulfilling, delightful life experience.


List of Vodka Brands Under 1500

Today we’re here with 7 Vodka Brands in India without compromising the taste and feel. Scroll down to know more about the best vodka brands in India under 1.5K INR- March, 2024


1. Magic Moments

Magic Moments price is ₹950 for 750ml

Image Courtesy: Bar and Bench

If you want to booze tonight and sprinkle the dust of splendour in every moment of celebration, soothe your taste buds with the tantalising taste of unforgettable Magic Moments. Considered as the unofficial leader when it comes to market share in the vodka industry! It will raise the bar of excellence with its top-notched mellow flavours that are very compatible with your palate. Owned by Radico Khaitan and made with a triple-distilling process of the finest grain, Magic Moments is among the best vodka brands in India under 1500 INR.




2. Vladivar Vodka

Vladivar Vodka price is ₹583 for 750 ml


Image Courtesy: Twitter

Crisp yet smooth on the palate, charcoal-filtered vigorous, triple-distilled Vladivar Vodka is known for its virgin, extraordinary taste. Pair it with soda water and lime, or use it as the base of your favourite cocktail to indulge in scrumptious high time with your boozer buddies. This finest grain-made vodka enjoys a great fan following because of its sophisticated flavour and low price. Yeah, you can grasp its winsome flavour at an excitingly economical price; buy this Vodka brand in India for less than 1.5 K INR.




3. Grey Goose Vodka

Grey Goose Vodka Price: 1.75-liter bottle is priced at ₹11,690



Grey Goose Vodka is a top-tier vodka produced mainly from 100% French wheat. What makes Grey Goose different from other vodka brands is its use of copper pot stills and blending with natural spring water. What really distinguishes Grey Goose is its special filtration process, which includes limestone and carbon. This unique approach creates a well-rounded spirit with a velvety smooth texture, making it a preferred choice for those with refined tastes.







4. Romanov Vodka

Romanov Vodka price is ₹638 for 750 ml

Image Courtesy: East West Spirits Ldt

Raise your glass with your class in a get-together with your college comrades. Where you will go back in memory lane just by the sound of cheers while clinking glasses full of Romanov Vodka, I know, now you can afford more luxurious vodkas, but that will not give you the precious college vibe, isn’t it? Named after a mighty Russian Empire from the Romanov dynasty, this vodka belongs to United Spirits and comes in delectable variants, Premium, Orange, Lemon, and Green Apple. Engulf this flavoursome vodka under the price range of 1.5K INR.




5. Smirnoff 

Smirnoff Vodka price is ₹1,462 for 750 ml

Image Courtesy: Diageo India

You can count Smirnoff as an extremely affordable vodka brand in India under 1.5k without compromising on the savoury taste and tangy feel of vodka. This vodka Brand is bound to deliver a suave mellow classic feel while pushing your consciousness to touch the height of the jamboree. Owned by the British company Diageo, you can relish the different delicious flavours like Vanilla, Orange, Lime, and Green Apple.




6. Fuel

Fuel Vodka price is ₹852 for 750 ml

Image Courtesy: Packaging Of The World

While writing about fantastic fine-tasting, budget-friendly vodka brands in India under 1500 INR, how could I forget to include Fuel? A crispy, crunchy, yet soft and loving on the palate, this high-strength alcoholic beverage mingles well with juice, soft drinks, and water. Its variety of flavours includes plain, garden fresh Apple and Orange. Rekindle your gastronomical passion with the Fuel vodka, a product of Seagrams, the 2nd largest vodka in the luxury vodka slab.




7. Eristoff

Fuel Vodka price is ₹1,072 for 750 ml

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

An ultra-pure 100% grain made, gluten-free, triple distilled premium vodka from Georgia will blow your mind with its charcoal-filtered soft, creamy taste and economical price range. This slightly toasty and sweet vodka is one of the best vodka brands in India that can be enjoyed by vodka buffs of the country only in the price range of 1.5K INR.




8. SKYY Vodka

Sky Vodka Price Range: Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1500


SKYY Vodka is a standout among premium vodka brands, known for its quality, innovation, and versatility. Established in San Francisco in 1992, SKYY Vodka has revolutionized the vodka scene with its distinct production methods, wide array of flavors, and dedication to high standards. In this article, we explore the important aspects of SKYY Vodka, such as its pricing, alcohol content, and the different varieties it presents.



9. White Mischief

White Mischief price is ₹730 for 750 ml

Image Courtesy:

With a sexy translucent bottle and international packaging, White Mischief is mischievously designed to wow the young generation of Indian Vodka consumers. Manufactured by United Spirits Ltd, White Mischief comes in flavour variants like Ultra-pure, Strawberry+Ginger, Mango+Mint, and Cinnamon+Green Apple. You can serve this one of the most coveted vodka brands in India only by paying less than 1500 INR to your guests on special occasions.


10. Russian Standard Vodka 

Russian Vodka Average Price: Rs. 1899/750ml



Russian Standard Vodka, originating from Russia's vodka heartland, is the result of careful craftsmanship and unwavering dedication. The brand's pursuit of perfection shines through in every step of its production, starting from selecting the best ingredients to using traditional distillation methods.

These are the compilation of the 7 best Vodka brands in India under 1.5K which leave you hankering for more once you engulf one shot, btw I have got a curiosity to know which kind of vodka shots you prefer more. And among these vodkas brands, which one is your preferred brand? Feel free to write in the comments section and stay tuned for more.