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5 Things You Should Borrow From Your Grandma's Closet

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Feb. 21, 2020 3 min read

For most women, their journey through the volatile world of fashion trends culminates with them arriving at a personalised sense of style, that works best in accordance to their individuality and taste. Some women get there in their late teens, some arrive in their thirties, while others take a bit longer to figure out what they instinctively lean towards in fashion. But the truth prevails. This journey has one penultimate destination, your very own unique look.


But, the real question is, where does this journey begin? 


Many women in India would argue that their fashion voyage was set in motion one fine weekday afternoon when playing around with a maroon lipstick they found in their grandma's drawer, brought them a sense of joy they'd never experienced earlier. Spending countless hours rummaging through your mother or grandmother's closet, scouring the fashion relics you stumble upon, and trying everything you find with child-like amazement becomes a common notion for most young girls. And the rest, as they say, is history. 


So, as adult women, why do we need to stop putting to good use, the original fashion treasure we unearthed? While our fashion sensibilities might have evolved drastically, there is no denying the instant classic appeal of donning your Dadi's gold Polki necklace, even today. And on that note, we present to you this guide!


Let us tell you about the 5 priceless pieces you can steal from your Grandma's closet and how you can incorporate them in outfits that work for you in 2020. Ready to re-visit your humble fashion beginnings? Leggo. 


1. Timeless Dupattas

If your grandmother has a dressy dupatta lying around in her closet somewhere, now is the time to show it off. You can choose to pair a colourful Phulkari chunni with an all-black suit, a classic embroidered dupatta with a short Kurti and a pair of jeans, or a Chanderi silk dupatta with a complementary solid coloured Anarkali. 


Image Courtesy - The Loom



2. Heirloom Sarees 

This one probably doesn't warrant a description. During times riddled with shopping troubles, turning to your Ma's or Nani's saree as a potent fashion choice, is common practice. To add that 2020 flair, you can throw in a bold metallic belt, a quirky cape top, or an off-shoulder blouse. You can also use more contemporary draping styles, like the trending pant saree or the quirky dhoti style.  


Image Courtesy - Jivaana 



3. Vintage Gold Wrist Watch 

Your grandmother's vintage gold analog wristwatch in this digital world will always stand out as a timeless classic. And that is exactly what you deserve to feel like as well. You can don this priceless accessory with virtually any outfit, and it will still manage to steal the show! 


Image Courtesy - Pinterest


4. Antique Jewellery  

Ladies, let's face it. Our jewellery collection will never, ever, be nearly as impressive as our grandmothers. So, let's accept that fact and resort to making use of her exquisite ornaments occasionally! Whether it's a Thewa choker, a pair of stunning Meenakari bangles, a Kundan necklace or some beautiful Jadau earrings, your grandma's closet is a hidden archive of ageless antique jewellery. 


Image Courtesy - Worth Point 



5. Retro Blouses

Her modest blouses dripping in vintage finesse and alluring simplicity will always be things of remarkable beauty. Honest tip for wearing them in 2020? Just go crazy. 


Image Courtesy - Pinterest 

Ready to ransack your Nani's closet? We wish you all the luck on your treasure hunt/ time capsule experience! 

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