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8 Veg Substitute Dishes For The Most Popular Non-Veg Delicacies-September, 2023

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Aug. 31, 2023 4 min read

The green dot on packed food and restaurants is equivalent to a vegetarian's stamp of approval. Only a true vegan understand its meaning and importance. For us, it's just a design to be ignored but for all the vegetarian's out there, it's a signal to enjoy a delicious meal guilt-free. Now, you might be a vegan by lineage or by choice but the problem remains the same. Your non-vegetarian friends! 


How many times have you been forced to try a non-veg delicacy you can't eat? And how many more times have the same friends compared chicken with paneer? Countless, right? I get it and that is why I have a solution. 


Here are 8 vegetarian dishes proxying the most popular non-veg delicacies- September, 2023


1. Vegan Butter Chicken At Home

Butter chicken is a non-vegetarian staple. Be it a dinner party, some wedding function or a family restaurant, butter chicken is always ordered first. But vegetarians, now it's your turn to savour this popular Indian dish but with tofu. This video tutorial for butter chicken is a half-and-half. Not only you learn to make vegan butter chicken, but you're also made thorough with the classic butter chicken recipe. Enjoy!


Get the recipe here!

Image Courtesy: Yummy Food Recipes



2. Veg Hara Bhara Kebab

Replace galouti, tunde kebabs with these super healthy, highly nutritious hara bhara kebabs. It's a classic chai-time vegetarian snack you can depend on when guests are over. However, this recipe can also be reconditioned as a lovely dinner. Just serve it with rumali roti and mint chutney, and get ready for an explosion of flavours. 


Get the recipe here!

Image Courtesy: YouTube



3. Veg Lasagna 

Planning a romantic date at home? Surprise your vegetarian boo with this delicious, veggies infused, cheese oozing lasagna. Originally it's a non-veg delicacy but you can recreate it from scratch with healthier plant-based alternatives such as carrots, beans, zucchini, corn, broccoli, mushrooms and so on. This delightful cheesy treat is a piece of work but, trust me, it's all going to be worth it once you see that priceless smile on their face. 


Get the recipe here!

Image Courtesy: My Food Story



4. Vegetable Biryani 

More than food, biryani is an emotion you cannot replace! It's a fact that makes me feel bad about my vegetarian friends who're unable to experience the splash of flavours like no other. However, this is going to change now. Take a whiff of this super tasty vegetarian handi dum biryani recipe by Chef Kunal Kapur and stop missing out on great food. There are chunks of crunchy veggies, tofu instead of chicken (optional) and lots of love. Include this veg biryani recipe in your Sunday lunch schedule and have a blast. 


Get the recipe here!

Image Courtesy: Whisk Affair



5. Veg Enchiladas

This popular Mexican dish is now an exotic vegetarian fiesta. The enchilada sauce is made from scratch and the goodness of kidney beans and veggies are added to the mix. Make this vegetarian recipe your go-to comfort dish and serve with love. 


Get the recipe here!

Image Courtesy: Archana's Kitchen



6. Vegetarian Tandoori Chicken With Seitan

Looks like chicken, feels like chicken but it's made from gluten (the main protein of wheat). Tandoori chicken is a great snack for barbeque parties, however, if you have a lot of vegetarian friends, seitan's veg tandoori chicken will be a hit. Serve this deliciousness with mint chutney, lemon and onions for a killer combo. 


Get the recipe here!

Image Courtesy: 86 Eats



7. Restaurant-Style Veg Korma

This is a vegetarian version of the Hyderabadi Nizami korma you need for those fun-filled dinner parties. It's healthy, it's tasty and good for your heart. This korma is stacked with ample vegetables and cashews. Use this recipe to impress your vegetarian mom and savour it with Malabar parathas or rice. 


Get the recipe here!

Image Courtesy: Food Story



8. Makhmali Seekh Kebab - Veg

Here's an easy non-veg to vegetarian starter dish you will never forget. The chicken base is replaced with paneer, potato and cheese while the filling includes carrots, green beans and sweet corn. Make this veg snack irresistible by pairing it with mint chutney, onions and lemons. 


Get the recipe here!

Image Courtesy: Rediffmail



Vegetarians? Have a blast with these yummy veg substitute dishes for the most popular non-veg delicacies. 


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