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Exploring Culinary Wonders: Unveiling Kerala's Top Foodie Travel Destinations

By magicpin

Updated - June 9, 2023 4 min read

Are you a foodie with a passion for travel? Kerala, often referred to as "God's Own Country," not only offers breathtaking landscapes but also a treasure trove of delectable culinary experiences. From spicy curries to lip-smacking seafood, this coastal paradise has something to please every palate.


In this blog, we'll take you on a flavorful journey, revealing the best foodie travel destinations in Kerala.


Kochi: A Blend of Tradition and Fusion


Begin your foodie expedition in Kochi, where the city's rich history blends seamlessly with its vibrant culinary scene. Explore the bustling streets and indulge in the famous Malabar biryani, appam with stew, and mouthwatering seafood delicacies like karimeen pollichathu (pearl spot fish).


You Can Explore: 

  • The Rice Boat: Experience a unique fusion of Kerala's coastal flavors and international cuisines in Kochi's iconic floating restaurant.
  • Pepper House Cafe: Delight in a creative fusion of Indian and continental dishes amidst an art-filled ambiance in Kochi.
  • Ginger House Restaurant: Indulge in a blend of traditional Kerala cuisine and innovative fusion dishes in Kochi's historic Fort Kochi area.
  • Oceanos Restaurant: Enjoy a fusion of Mediterranean and Indian flavors with fresh seafood offerings in Kochi.
  • The Grill Lab: Experience a fusion of Indian spices and Western grilling techniques in a trendy setting in Kochi.


Image Courtesy: Grand Entree



Alleppey: The Land of Backwaters and Flavors


Next, hop on a houseboat and cruise along the serene backwaters of Alleppey, known for its stunning natural beauty and mouthwatering seafood. Don't miss out on relishing the flavorsome karimeen fry (pearl spot fish fry) and traditional toddy (palm wine) accompanied by fresh coconut-based dishes.


You Can Explore: 

  • Dreamers Restaurant: Savor a variety of international cuisines and enjoy live music in a vibrant setting in Alleppey.
  • Halais Restaurant: Delight in the flavors of Malabar cuisine, featuring spicy curries and seafood specialties in Alleppey.
  • Venice Castle Restaurant: Enjoy a fusion of Indian and continental dishes along with serene views of the backwaters in Alleppey.
  • Thaff Restaurant: Taste the flavors of Kerala with their authentic Malabar biryani and traditional Kerala thali in Alleppey.


Image Courtesy: Pinterest



Kozhikode: A Spicy Affair


In Kozhikode, embrace the fiery and flavorful cuisine that Kerala is renowned for. Explore the bustling streets of this coastal city and savor the iconic Kozhikode biryani, fluffy porottas, and the irresistible Malabar snacks like unnakkaya and pazham nirachathu (stuffed bananas).


You Can Explore: 

  • Zain's Hotel: Experience the fiery flavors of Kozhikode's spicy cuisine with authentic Malabar biryani and delectable curries.
  • Paragon Restaurant: Spice up your taste buds with a wide range of spicy delicacies at this iconic Kozhikode eatery.
  • Salkara Restaurant: Dive into the world of spicy Kozhikode cuisine with their mouthwatering biryani and fiery curries.
  • Hotel Rahmath: Indulge in spicy and flavorful Kozhikode dishes like chicken fry and mutton curry at this popular restaurant.


Image Courtesy: Outlook India



Trivandrum: A Royal Feast


Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala, offers a regal culinary experience. Treat yourself to the sumptuous Kerala sadhya (traditional feast) served on a banana leaf, with an array of vegetarian dishes like avial, olan, and olan.


You Can Explore: 

  • Zam Zam Restaurant: Taste the authentic flavors of Arabian and Indian cuisine at this popular eatery in Trivandrum.
  • Aryaas Restaurant: Indulge in a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes at this renowned Trivandrum restaurant.
  • Villa Maya: Experience fine dining and exquisite fusion cuisine in a charming heritage setting in Trivandrum.
  • Buhari Hotel: Savor the tantalizing flavors of biryani and delectable North Indian dishes at this Trivandrum establishment.
  • Villa Malabar: Delight in a blend of Kerala and Malabar cuisine, showcasing rich flavors and aromatic spices in Trivandrum.


Image Courtesy: Curly Tales



Munnar: Tea Gardens and Delights


Apart from its picturesque tea gardens, Munnar is a haven for food lovers. Sip on freshly brewed tea while relishing piping hot Kerala-style snacks like banana fritters, sukhiyan, and kozhukkatta (rice dumplings).


You Can Explore: 

  • Sree Mahaveer Bhojnalaya: Savor delicious North Indian dishes and thalis at this vegetarian restaurant in Munnar.
  • Alibaba & 41 Dishes: Experience a diverse culinary journey with a wide range of dishes at this Munnar restaurant.
  • Copper Castle Restaurant: Enjoy a cozy ambiance and a delectable spread of multi-cuisine dishes at this restaurant in Munnar.
  • Sree Krishna Inn: Relish traditional Kerala cuisine and seafood specialties at this popular dining spot in Munnar.


Image Courtesy: Munnar Holiday



So, pack your bags, embark on a foodie adventure, and savor the diverse flavors of Kerala's best foodie travel destinations. Get ready for a taste bud extravaganza that will leave you craving for more!



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