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Revisit "The Matrix Trilogy" With These Hidden Details & Unknown Facts!

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - May 9, 20247 min read

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"Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself." - Morpheus


For you and me, The Matrix is an American sci-fi film series written and directed by Wachowski Brother (now Sisters) depicting a dystopian future where humanity is trapped inside a simulated reality, the Matrix, created by machines to distract humans from a gruesome truth. However, there is a city deep inside the crust catering to thousands of humans who were set free. Keanu Reeves as "Neo" is prophesied to be the "one" to bring a balance between the two races.


Watching The Matrix trilogy over the last 20 years was nothing less than a treat. It's one of the greatest masterpieces of our generation that remains mind-blowing two decades later. But like many other fans (me), even you missed out on some hidden details and interesting facts about this action-packed movie


So, in the words of Morpheus, “Remember, all I’m offering is the truth. Nothing more." And that includes all the interesting facts, hidden details and easter eggs buried within the films. Read on!


1. The doppelgangers were actually identical twins

In the first film when Morpheus is trying to show how the matrix works, Neo is distracted by a girl in the red dress. Well, we all were. But the next time you watch the scene, look closely.


Image Courtesy: magicpin


Each background actor has a doppelganger walking beside them. And no, that wasn't a CGI effect. These people were actually identical twins who weren't even actors. 


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2. When Switch insults Neo by calling him a "coppertop"

The entire film focuses on the idea that machines have taken over and every human serves as a battery to charge the machine city. 


Image Courtesy: Quora


In the scene where Neo is being escorted to Morpheus by Trinity, Apoc and Switch, Switch insults Neo by calling him a coppertop. What seemed like an insult was indeed the truth. Before taking the red pill, Neo was, in fact, just a battery in the field of humans. 


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3. "In the memory of Thomas Anderson"

The whole machine v/s human fight revolved around Oracle. But when asked by Sati if Neo would be back, she isn't so sure. 


Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Yet in the concluding scene, where she is talking to the "architect", she's sitting on the bench carved with the words: In the memory of Thomas Anderson (Neo's Matrix name). 


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4. The green code is a sushi recipe

If you can decipher the actual code that we see throughout the movie, the one that represents the virtual simulation of the Matrix, then you too can make great sushi!


Image Courtesy: WIRED


The digital rain that became iconic was created by production designer, Simon Whitely. According to Whitely, when the Wachowskis asked him if he’d like to try and come up with something since his wife was Japanese and could help with the characters, he went home, grabbed a bunch of the wife’s cookbooks and got to work.


The code is actually a mix of the Japanese language: Kanakata, a bunch of numbers and of course, the sushi recipe.


5. You can see the reflector in Smith's (Hugo Weaving) black shades

The iconic brush brawl scene between Neo and Smith had a huge flaw.


Image Courtesy: magicpin


Next time you watch the scene, take a harder look. In of the cuts, you can actually see the reflection of the light reflector on Smith's black glasses. And yes, it was a mistake. However, the Wachowskis found this take to be the best of the lot. And by the time this blunder caught their eyes, the actors looked older than they should according to the scene. 


6. "Neo" is an anagram for "one"

If you had your doubts about Thomas Anderson just like Oracle and himself, you weren't the only one. But that name was a clear sign and like most, we missed out on this hidden detail from The Matrix. 


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7. The secret behind the famous "Bullet Time"

The significance of "Bullet Time" can be inferred from the fact that the scenes are taking place in "The Matrix" where the space-time continuum can be played with since it's a fake reality. 


But how this iconic scene came to be, is another story!


Image Courtesy: Know Your Meme


So the iconic shot where Neo dodges Agent Smith's bullets required around 120 still cameras, placed one next to another, to create the illusion of motion. At the time, having one single camera shoot the action at an incredibly high speed was not yet possible, and the circular nature of the scenes made this technique much more visually striking. Furthermore, each camera was mounted on a specialized rig and was set up using a motion-controlled laser-pointing system to find the correct angle and focal distance. Given that a hundred cameras aren't enough to achieve smooth motion, each frame had to be merged with the next through a method called "interpolation" to create a new intermediate frame. Tough job, huh. 


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8. Keanu had a total of 80 lines in the first film

"You ever have that feeling where you're not sure if you're awake or still dreaming?" - Neo, The Matrix


In the first film, Neo is portrayed as a confused human (or battery at the time) who has tonnes of questions. Well, that's natural. So, out of his 80 lines, 44 were just questions. 


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9. A well-timed accident

Did you know that one of the most enjoyed action-packed scenes from The Matrix had a humorous ending?


Image Courtesy: Film School Rejects


It's the scene where Trinity and Neo go on a quest to save Morpheus from Agent Smith, post the exhilarating gunfight in the lobby, a pillar falls at the end of this scene. Yes, you can laugh because that was not part of the take. In fact, it was a well-timed accident. 


10. The entire budget of the first film was spent on Trinity's intro scene

Wachowskis' requested budget for the pilot film was $80 million. However, Warner Bros' scepticism allowed them to fund only $10 million for the first part.


Image Courtesy: The Guardian


This is where the story gets interesting. The entire budget approved by Warner Bros was spent on Trinity's opening scene. But after watching the take and the remarkable work these brothers did, the budget was increased. And that's why you were here!


So before you watch The Matrix: Resurrections, make note of these hidden details and unknown facts about The Matrix trilogy


Image Courtesy: Screen Rant


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