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10 Dishes You Can Whip Up With Eggs Instead Of An Omelette

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - May 9, 20247 min read

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Scrambled and tossed with melted cheddar, fried till it's crisp and gooey in equal measure, or poached to perfection, if you offer me a dish with eggs in it, rest assured I'm going to gobble it up. Ever since I was allowed to step foot in the kitchen for purposes other than tasting the food my mum just made, I have been a fan of eggs. First off, how versatile are they? You can have eggs for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and nobody will bat an eye. Secondly, I think eggs really don't get the credit that they deserve. It's a staple that will never let you down, and whatever recipe it gets added to, is only going to become better with its presence. 


Super-quick to make, very hard to get wrong, and quick to transform a dish from garbage to gourmet, if there's one thing in your kitchen that deserves to be celebrated, it's eggs. And I can't think of a better way to honour this magic item, than moving away from the one cliched dish it most often finds itself in. Omelettes. So putting our love for eggs to best use, we shortlisted 10 unique dishes you can whip up with a couple of eggs instead of the old-fashioned omelette. Are you eggcited, yet? I'm sorry. 


1. Frittata


One of the easiest and yummiest egg dishes you can learn to make, the Italian recipe of Frittata will quickly become your go-to breakfast option. You can add or remove ingredients and vegetables based on the nutrients you need. We love this Youtube video recipe tutorial by Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana that makes use of spinach to enrich the classic recipe. Some cheese, mushrooms and capsicum are added into the mix, and you've got yourself a delicious meal to start the day with. 



Image Courtesy: Minimalist Baker



2.  Egg burger


An egg-burger is a total crowd-pleaser, and a lot more hassle-free to make than your typical non-vegetarian burgers. I got my first taste of a delicious egg burger when I ordered the classic meal at a McDonalds. But considering the current situation, learning to make some in your kitchen is going to pay well. This Youtube recipe tutorial by Kabita's Kitchen comes with the tangy, spicy Indian twist that a lot of us have been pining for. Choose a combo of condiments and toppings that appeals to you, and you're good to go.



Image Courtesy: Youtube Kabita's Kitchen



3. Egg burritos


Who doesn't enjoy a filling burrito as a quick solution to a tummy grumbling with hunger? We found an egg dish that kicks up the nutritional value of a burrito by using the pantry staple to as the central ingredient! We'd highly recommend following this Youtube recipe tutorial by Cookist Wow, that will quickly equip you with the skills required to make your own. Every step of the recipe is shown clearly, and even the most novice cooks would be able to make a delish egg burrito.



Image Courtesy: Erin Palinski-Wade



4. Egg malai masala


This one is an aromatic gravy-based egg recipe, perfect for both dinner and lunch. The best part of this dish is that you get a platter full of creamy gravy without the use of any cream at all. We followed this Youtube recipe tutorial by Spice Eats to quickly cook our own healthy and tasty egg malai masala. What we love about this tutorial is the commentary that takes you through every single step in the process with great detail, including even the most basic steps like turning on the gas. Perfect for amateurs!



Image Courtesy: Youtube



5. Egg in the hole


I think there's something really nostalgic about this simple and quick breakfast egg recipe. It definitely brought out the 6-year-old in me again! Especially ideal for busy, jam-packed mornings, you can prepare a batch of this dish in under 15 minutes. This Youtube recipe tutorial by Get Curried is engaging, informative and entertaining to watch, all in equal measure. Especially if you have kids in the house, this egg dish is sure to be a new fav! 



Image Courtesy: Taste Of Home



6. Egg macaroni


You know those moments when cravings unexpectedly spike up, and your tastebuds just demand something delightful? This recipe is a quick, easy solution for exactly that. The ease of cooking up this dish will appeal to the busy adult in you, while the blast of flavours will please your inner child! We'd recommend this Youtube recipe tutorial by Flavours Of My Kitchen for the use of easily available ingredients, and simple to follow detailed instructions.



Image Courtesy: Youtube



7. Cloud eggs


Even tastier than it sounds, the dish of cloud eggs makes for an instantly comforting breakfast platter. There's a reason cloud eggs were a raging internet trend not too long ago! Fluffy egg white topped off with a runny yolk, if you manage to get cloud eggs right not only will you have a great snack, but also a new Insta post! We love this Youtube recipe video by Headbanger's Kitchen, that will keep you hooked on to the screen with its awesome metal music, informative instructions and a step-by-step tutorial!



Image Courtesy: Delish



8. Shakshuka


A simple one-skillet egg dish, Shakshuka has been one of my favourite picks from Mediterranean cuisine for as long as I can remember. So imagine my delight when I stumbled upon this Youtube recipe tutorial by Food Wishes and learnt how to easily make my own pot of Shakshuka right at home! Especially if you love spicy flavours in your food, this recipe will show you how to make a spicy tomato pepper sauce from scratch! Also, the chef is super-fun to follow.



Image Courtesy: Downshiftology



9. Turkish eggs 

Traditionally known as Cilbil, this is a unique egg dish from the beautiful country of Turkey that's a must-try for all egg lovers. Don't be dissuaded by the fancy name, the dish is surprisingly easy to whip up, and makes use of a reasonable number of ingredients. Again, we'd recommend following this Youtube recipe tutorial by Food Wishes, because of how easy AND fun Chef John manages to make the whole cooking process. 



Image Courtesy: BBC



10. Steamed egg pudding


Last, but not the least, here's a decadent egg-based dessert you can make, without the need for an oven. This Youtube recipe tutorial by Aliza In The Kitchen will take you through the process, and the educational commentary will ensure you walk away with more than your own plate of egg pudding! The outcome is nothing short of heavenly, with every bite melting into your mouth and introducing an explosion of flavours. 



Image Courtesy: Youtube Aliza In The Kitchen



I hope your attempts at these egg-cellent recipes, turn out to be egg-stra good!