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20 Unique Blouse Designs For Head-Turning Saree Looks

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - May 9, 202412 min read

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It's no news that the world of fashion is highly dynamic, with trends constantly shuttling between hot and not. Despite that, the undeniable charm of a gorgeous saree has remained constant through several generations of fashionistas. Your favourite skirt may not sit right with your chosen top on one day, or the jacket you thought fit you just right, might fall a couple of inches short of your expectations. But you can settle on a saree at the very last minute, and almost instantaneously go from drab to fab! Seriously, I've never met a dress that could compete with the allure of an Indian woman clad in a saree. 


As someone who's all too familiar with falling back on a saree to glam up, I am well-versed with how crucial a role your blouse can play. A lovely saree blouse design can elevate your whole ethnic look, and add the dash of quirk that keeps all eyes glued to you and your attire. The plainest of nine yards can dazzle folks around you, if you pair it with an enchanting blouse top. So we thought, why not drop-ship some inspiration to you, for the next time you set out to construct your perfect saree blouse? On cue, here are 20 unique blouse designs that'll make your saree outfit, a stunning sight for sore eyes! 


1. High-Neck Pleated Sheer Blouse With Embroidered Sleeves


Simple in its appeal and undeniably elegant, we love this pristine white blouse with embroidered sleeves, and a sheer pleated collar panel leading up to a mock high neck. The monotone of the blouse makes it vastly versatile, ideal for being paired with a solid coloured satin saree as well as a heavily printed saree in equal measure. Sheer pleated panels have been a big rage lately according to the latest saree blouse trends, and we'd suggest getting one made just like this for your Kalamkari, Bandhani or Ajrakh print sarees.



Image Courtesy: SouthIndiaFashion 



2. Sleeveless Blouse With Connecting Hoop As Backstrap


If you love nothing more in ethnic fashion than a saree with a super-sexy back, this design is meant just for you. The front of this blouse is fairly simple, with a classic sleeveless silhouette and white cotton construction with a light print. But the moment you turn around, your outfit's glam quotient goes several notches up. Instead of a regular cloth strap connecting the two sides of your blouse, this one features a statement-worthy gold metallic hoop design!



Image Courtesy: KeepMeStylish 


3. Silk Blouse With Plunging Neckline & Ruffled Sleeves


With a deep plunge neckline and dainty ruffled sleeves as its prime features, this emerald green blouse is perfect for all your ethnic party looks in a saree. We love how sophisticated the construction of this blouse looks, while also retaining a contemporary edge with its details. You can pair it with a satin saree of the same colour, or drape an embellished saree with contrasting hues. Put your hair in an up-do and let the blouse take centre stage.



Image Courtesy: KalkiFashion


4. Shirt V-Neck Blouse With Puffed Full Sleeves


If you love fusion fashion as much as I do, you've got to keep this one saved in a folder for your next saree look inspiration. Combining the charm of this ash-grey saree with the appeal of a classic button-down, this saree blouse design features simple white cotton, a deep V-shaped neckline and dramatic puffed full sleeves. We also really dig the accessorising in this ethnic outfit with an oxidised silver choker sealing the deal perfectly.



Image Courtesy: KeepMeStylish


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5. Scoop-Neck Blouse With Half Bell Sleeves


Keep your look trendy and interesting yet uncomplicated at the same time with this lovely saree blouse. The scoop neckline adorned with an embellished trimming, coupled with the half-length bell sleeves add a heavy dash of retro appeal to this gorgeous saree look. We'd wholeheartedly recommend replicating this design in a colour that contrasts with the shade of your saree, so you can rock your ethnic outfit with the contemporary trick of colour blocking.



Image Courtesy: Pinterest


6. Half & Half Blouse With Peter Pan Collars


Another fusion fashion feature that we can't stop raving about, this saree blouse is perfect for those with a penchant for quirky, hipster trends. In this piece we see two prints and colour combinations coming together seamlessly, and resulting in an off-beat half and half design. Our favourite bit has got to be the Peter Pan collars that would effortlessly make a rather ordinary saree stand out in a crowd of ethnic saree looks.



Image Courtesy: KeepMeStylish


7. Backless Blouse With Half-Length Sheer Cape


Got some wedding invitations waiting on the counter? Well with this stunning saree blouse you have your outfit sorted! Perfect for stealing the show at a fancy party, this blouse comes with a simple strappy front and a sheer ruffled half-length cape on the top. The best part is the ease with which you can don this blouse design, by replicating it to match with practically any kind of saree. In fact, have you ever tried a Banarasi half-cape blouse? It would look absolutely divine.



Image Courtesy: ShaadiSaga


8. Embellished Halter Neck Blouse With Criss-Cross Waist Straps


Another gorgeous saree blouse design idea for your ethnic party outfits, this one is every bit as sophisticated as it is glamorous. The heavily embellished material has been transformed into a chic party piece with this halter neck design. We're also obsessed with that criss-cross strap detailing at the waist which works wonderfully as the perfect amount of edge. Wear it with a dazzling pant-saree to be the talk of the town.



Image Courtesy: StudioEast6


9. Blouse With Flared Full Sleeves & Lace-Up Back


I'm a huge fan of all things Bohemian fashion, so no wonder this saree blouse design caught my eye! Flared full sleeves dotted with delicate sequin work make this blouse both comfortable and voguish, while the quirky lace-up design covering the back is as captivating as it gets. We think this saree blouse would go beautifully with a plain black chiffon saree, or perhaps one featuring gold foil work similar to that on the sleeves?



Image Courtesy: StudioEast6


10. Printed Long Blouse With Mandarin Collar & Front Zip


This ultra-modern saree blouse from Ajio has so many wonderful qualities, we're at a loss for which one to focus on! Let's start with that classy Kalamkari print which would prove to be flattering for all kinds of solid sarees, especially in darker shades. Next up, we're obsessed with that elegant mandarin-style collar with a subtle V-shaped neckline. Last but by no means the least, the black and silver zipline at the front makes this design ideal for any contemporary ethnic fashionista!



Image Courtesy: Ajio 


11. Peplum Long Blouse With Sheer Full Sleeves


Yes, clearly we've stocked up on party saree looks! This glam saree blouse design comes with a highly flattering peplum silhouette and ample of intricate details that magnify its allure. First off, we love the ruffles at the bottom half of this peplum blouse, as well as the beaded fringes on the left shoulder. The sheer full sleeves look gorgeous undoubtedly, but you can always swap them with some solid material for the cold season. Drape your saree and put a matching belt around your waist like this one, and you're absolutely golden!



Image Courtesy: Amazon


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12. Blouse With Tie-Up Bow At The Back


Another take on the backless saree blouse design, this piece boasts of two cloth ribbons that you can tie up like a bow, instead of your regular strap at the back. The rest of the blouse can be constructed in whichever way you please, although we really love the simplicity of the solid half-sleeved design thrown together with the eccentric bow detail. Pair this two-tone blouse with a romantic printed saree for an effortlessly fashionable ethnic look.



Image Courtesy: Wedbook


13. Overlapping Asymmetrical Blouse With Ruffled Sleeves


A printed contemporary saree blouse design with plenty of quirks, this one is ideal for both casual saree outfits and fancier ethnic looks. We love the edgy overlapping design of the blouse resulting in an asymmetrical hemline, just as much as we do the short ruffled sleeves and their classy vintage vibe. Pair it with a contrasting digital print saree, and put your hair in a sleek up-do to grab eyeballs with this alluring blouse.



Image Courtesy: KeepMeStylish 


14. Wrap Around Blouse With Quarter Sleeves


Now this look right here, is how you effortlessly make a modern fusion fashion statement. It's also the perfect saree blouse design to go for, when you're looking to quirk up your ethnic outfit, without getting too close to the edge. Excellent for getting paired with your solid-coloured sarees, this silver wrap around blouse dusted with light sequin work is the definition of fusing modern trendy elements into a traditional attire.



Image Courtesy: WhySoBlue


15. Cold-Shoulder Blouse With All-Over Sequin Work & Fringed Sleeves


Giving someone the cold shoulder is over-rated, so how about sporting the trend in your ethnic outfits instead? Like we see in this dazzling emerald saree blouse design covered in glamorous sequin work all over. Adding to the magnetism of this striking saree blouse is the drop bead fringe detailing at the end of the sleeves. If you're on the hunt for bewitching party saree looks, this one should certainly be on your radar!



Image Courtesy: Tikli 


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16. Halter-Neck Strappy Blouse With Cut-Out Back Panel


Like it when an outfit hits the perfect notes of minimalism and modernism? Then this understated blouse design will work wonderfully for your ethnic fashion needs. With a silhouette so classic, you can add some fashionable details at the back of your own, like the trendy cut-out panel we see down below. Get one made in the same material and shade as your nine yards, and you've got yourself a simple yet stunning saree look.



Image Courtesy: BlouseDesignHouseBlogspot


17. Sheer Embellished Cape Blouse With Studded Nehru Collar


Do you notice how such a basic saree with just two colours, gets transformed into a fabulous party look with this blouse? Then you probably know why we think every closet needs one! Cape-styled blouses have been making all the rounds lately, thanks to the immensely flattering structure that suits nearly every body type. You just need a cropped tube top or camisole to wear underneath. Drape your saree and then throw on a cape blouse like this one with romantic lace details, a sheer mesh design and bejewelled Nehru collars.



Image Courtesy: Ogaan


18. Boatneck Sleeveless Blouse With Zari Border


Stay classic yet iconic with a simple sleeveless blouse featuring a boatneck design. Just like the pretty piece we see here. We'd suggest getting one made in a timeless print and colour combo, that can complement virtually any of your sarees, whether it's a heavy georgette golden party saree or a plain pink cotton saree. Don't miss out on that black and golden zari border adding the exquisite finishing touch to this blouse design.



Image Courtesy: HouseOfBlouse


19. Strappy Sequined Bustier Blouse


Bring out your inner glam diva, with this stunning bustier-style strappy blouse. Even though we're hopelessly obsessed with the striking green saree, this blouse design is just as easy to recreate for most other saree looks. The intricate sequin work splattered across the blouse is indisputably bewitching and brings the whole look together splendidly. Want!



Image Courtesy: KalkiFashion 


20. Embellished Corset Blouse


Wish to do something hatke with your traditional nine yards? Then go for a stunning heavy-embellished blouse in a corset design, and don your saree in a unique drape, like the Dhoti-style technique we can see here. Corset blouses have been trending huge in the recent past, and one look at this comfy looking piece makes it clear why.



Image Courtesy: Candy Crow


Take our word for it, you'd be saree if you missed these blouse designs!