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10 Unforgettable Fashion Moments From F.R.I.E.N.D.S

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - May 9, 20245 min read

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The buzz around the block is that our beloved sitcom from the '90s is making an appearance soon. Excited much? I know... While every F.R.I.E.N.D.S fanatic, including myself, is reliving the good old days on Netflix for the hundredth time, I stumbled upon some peculiar fashion moments from the show which are in fact iconic and funny.


1. Ross's Leather Pants

Ross Geller from Friends

Image Courtesy: Diply


Remember when Ross showed up wearing leather pants as a part of his New Year's resolution and oh! the humanity, poor Chandler did not get to pull off his sly sarcasm bit. Later in the episode, while Ross tries to put-off his pants on fire with powder and lotion along with the fact that he was finally on a date, we completely lost our minds laughing.


2. You Look Just Like Your Son Mrs Tribbiani

Joey Tribbiani from Friends 3

Image Courtesy: YouTube


It started with a hat but ended up with Joey carrying a purse, well a man-purse. As Rachel tried to hook Joey up with something edgy for his audition from Bloomingdale's, he resisted the purse. But soon he got caught with how good it looks on him and how practical is it. For us ladies, a good leather bag means space for our wallet, keys, makeup...and so on while for Joey the space in the bag belonged to a sandwich.  



3. Rachel's Very Pink Bridesmaid Dress

Rachel Green from Friends 2

Image Courtesy: Racked


As dreadful as it was for Rachel to see her best friend and her ex getting married, she was a bridesmaid. No, she was pink cotton-candy floofed-up bridesmaid. I don't know if it was Mindy's (Rachel best friend from upstate) horrible taste in fashion or was it just an intentional suck-up for Rachel, things got worse for our gal pal. And that hat did not help.


4. Chandler And The Sweater Vests

Chandler Bing from Friends

Image Courtesy: Country Living Magazine


Fashion critiques have been debating over Chandler's sweater vests for quite a while now. Some say it's fashion blunder, some find it cool but I find it cute and edgy. Nothing identifies Chandler more than these sweater vests wrapped around some clumsy sarcasm in the show.  I'd give him enough credit to just be remembered alongside Rachel's school-girl checkered skirt and Monica's red tank top and mom jeans. 


5. When Phoebe Starred In A Music Video

Phoebe Buffay from Friends

Image Courtesy: Jetss


In all the 10 seasons that aired Phoebe was quirky in her character and her style statement except this moment. Two words; Smokin Hot. I know Joey was an actor in the show but Phoebe got to star in a music video for her own composition Smelly Cat. It doesn't get better than this. I still remember like it was yesterday, Phoebe all foxed up with backup singers, smoke coming out of nowhere in an alley, a black smelly cat and her priceless reaction when she heard herself singing for the first time. 


6. Sup? Sup Dude?

Joey Tribbiani from Friends 2

Image Courtesy: IMDb


I can literally hear this picture. Well, our Joey here was trying to fit into a young role for an upcoming audition and the best he could come up with was... A godforsaken outfit, that beanie and the weirdest trail of lingos. This look, this scene is timeless. Even if you watch it for the millionth time, you will still laugh, god knows I still do. 


7. Ross And Chandler In The '80s

Ross and Chandler from Friends

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


While Thanksgiving in the '80s tickled our ribs, it wasn't such a good time for Monica. In fact, it was her worst Thanksgiving nightmare because it was the time when she accidentally drops a kitchen knife on Chandler's pinky while seducing him ( I mean that was the initial idea). Coming back to the Chandler and Ross's white and blue pantsuits with funky teeshirts inside with swagger all over the place has to be one of the unforgettable fashion moments from Friends. 


8. The Runaway Bride

Rachel Green from Friends

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Season 1 Episode 1; The same time when Ross's marriage with Carol was going through a typical lesbian situation, Rachel walks in the coffee house in a jaw-dropping revenge neck wedding dress, soaking wet, running from her own wedding. Well, at that moment everybody including Ross and me fell in love with Rachel. But who knew, she'll end up becoming his lobster for the hundredth time and not mine. Anyway, that look is still admired today and I can say with utmost certainty that it inspired a lot of wedding dresses for at least a decade. 


9. An Underrated Moment 

Monica Geller from Friends

Image Courtesy: In Style


Sure everybody remembers Monica's red camisole, mom jeans, loose shirts but what with forgetting this super hot pink body con dress she wore for her anniversary with Chandler? I can't believe with all the attention given to Chandler's sweater vests and Rachel's every other look, we missed out on appreciating this moment. 


10. Could I Be Wearing Any More Clothes?

Joey Tribbiani from Friends

Image Courtesy: Decider


I saved best for the last. If there was ever a fashion show for the line of clothing used in Friends, Joey's revenge outfit will be the show stopper. But he better not do any lunges while walking on the ramp. This moment has made us laugh like crazies and what not.