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Uncover The Hidden Gems Of Leh Ladakh

By Swati Mishra

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 8 min read

Before you start reading our blog, do figure out a season in which you're planning to go for which we have curated a complete guide for the same - An Ultimate Guide To Leh-Ladakh, pick your favorite season and enjoy the beauty of nature at it's best only in Leh Ladakh. 


Leh Ladakh is one of the most visited places in India - This place can also be called the paradise of the Indian continent with its glorifying picturesque landscape and scenic views that never fail to mesmerize the visitors with its allure. Leh-Ladakh! The highest settlement in India in the northernmost state of Jammu And Kashmir is one scenic beauty that has been on every traveler's bucket list. The beauty of rugged Himalayas, mystifying lakes, charming monasteries and the aura of the festivities of the place is unmatched to any other in the country. The place has a lot to offer which increases by many folds the secrets and mysteries it holds. Not only is it the prime destination of the road trip, but in recent times has also become one of the most visited places in India. 



Rumtse is an alluring gateway to the mesmerizing TSO Moriri lake which will take you to another heavenly world. If you go trekking to this magnificent lake through the lush greenery it will definitely change your mindset regarding Leh as a barren land area. It lies in the Rupshu Valley, the Rumste monastery also holds a significant value when addressing its attachment to the locals. It also offers an opportunity to explore the fauna of this beautiful area. You'll also come across several trekkers around this area, you might come across marmots, wild ass, and the Brahminy duck. The accommodations around this area are limited but you will have limited camping options and a few hotels.


Best time to visit: June To September



If you want some peace and time out from the city hustle then this is the perfect place for you. It's basically a campsite at the banks of river Indus. Easy accommodation is available which is either a tent or cottages. Mesmerising views and the sound of the Indus River flowing across the bank will definitely create an amazing aura for you to die for. This area is not so popular but an amazing offbeat place near Leh Ladakh that seems to be a perfect fit for unexplored places in Leh Ladakh. Especially, the people who want a relaxing and peaceful holiday - Uleytokpo seems ideal. It's the central hub in the city, which is an enchanting village situated at the altitude of 10,000ft. You can stay in Uley Eco Resort, West Ladakh Camp or Faryoke Camps too. You can also pay a spiritual tribute at these Gompas - Alchi Monastery, Likir Monastery and Alchi Choskor Monastery.


Best time to visit: June To September


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This is a very interesting offbeat place for you to visit near Ladakh. This beautiful village is near Nubra Valley - still left unexplored by tourists which makes it more special. It lies on the bank of Shyok River, you'll also find lushful greenery around this place unlike the other area of Leh Ladakh. Turtuk used to be a part of Baltistan and later became a part of Pakistan after partition of India - it was after the war that India reclaimed this region once again apart from it's proximity to LOC prevents tourists from coming in because of the tensions between the two countries. Do taste the immensely famous apricots of Turtuk which are extremely delicious and are popularly known to be the best apricots in India. However, people are finally allowed to visit this beautiful northernmost village where Balti culture is still present.


Best time to visit - April to September 


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The land of architectural ruins, Basgo is situated 36km away from Leh Ladakh which is one of the must-visit unexplored places near Ladakh. It is easily accessible and complete delight for a person who is interested in the Indian history. It is also mentioned in "Ladakh Chronicles" as it held a great importance in respect to culture, tradition, and history. The place is known for its Gompas such as Buddhist Monastery and historical ruins. It was built in the 16th century by Tshe-wang Namgyal, the ruler of Ladakh. You;ll also witness several original murals on the walls of the monastery as well.


Best time to visit - April to October



A small village situated near the river Nubra is very much known for Samstanling Gompa  - a well built and maintained monastery. The monastery from inside has really beautiful wall paintings and also paintings made on different fabrics depicting religious symbols. This place also offers a breathtaking experience of mountaineering as well as there are different trails that lead to small villages that are located on high altitude. A complete bliss for the visitors and mountain enthusiasts. Sumur has quite a decent assortment of attractions to offer to its visitor including the Samstanling and Charu monasteries. Sumur has many decent accommodation options to choose from which are much better than the overcrowded options at Hunder. Sumur is also a good place to explore the Panamik hot springs.


Best time to visit - April To October


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An Ultimate Guide To Leh-Ladakh



Changthang is a plateau situated near the Tibetan region near leh Ladakh. It basically lies at the altitude of 15400 feet which eventually makes it a colder place than the other parts of the Ladakh region. You may need warm clothes in summers too. Most of the area experiences the absence of trees and extreme vegetation but if you still want to look for some of the greenery you can go to Changthang wildlife sanctuary, where you will see a lot of unique species. It is situated near the Pangong lake which is in its own way an unexplored place for tourists. There is also a sanctuary which altogether showcases rare species different from the usual sanctuaries. It includes species like Tibetan Wild Ass -Kiang and Black-necked Crane which you will not see anywhere else other than this place above all, this place has Indus river flowing from the middle of the sanctuary. It has plenty of enchanting views to mesmerize you with its extraordinary charm which will make you fall in love with it at first sight - you'll be awestruck by the flora and fauna of this place.


Best time to visit - May to December



Hanle in Changthang locale of Ladakh is a standout amongst the most excellent, captivating, quiet and soul loosing places in India. Hanle has a flawless Hanle Monastery offering some incredible flying perspectives of entire town that is a home of around 1000 individuals. The perspectives from the highest point of cloister are simply stunning. Hanle additionally houses an Indian Astronomical Observatory which is the world's most elevated observatory on the planet at a stunning tallness of 4500 Mtrs.


Best time to visit - April to September



Gurdwara Pathar Sahib, is beautiful Gurudwara sahib built in the memory of Guru Nanak, around 25 miles from Leh, on the Leh-Kargil street, 12000 ft above ocean level. The Gurdwara was worked in 1517 to remember the visit to the Ladakh district of Guru Nanak Dev, the originator Guru of the Sikh confidence. The Tibetan Buddhists also regarded Guru Nanak as a holy person, The Dalai Lama has also affirmed this in his exchanges with some Sikh pioneers. You've got to pay a spiritual tribute at this holy place.


Best time to visit - April to October



It is situated in the Nubra valley, this dark piece of the Himalayas was a pitstop on the Silk Road, the antiquated exchange course utilized by merchants and pioneers to venture out from south to focal Asia. Amid their stay, the travelers abandoned votive dirt tablets which are presently housed inside and around the little stupas or chortens around the castle. A glaring difference to the white outsides, the insides of the chortens are enriched with bright and expand frescoes, now somewhat blurred yet at the same time lovely. You've got to trek upto to the village of Tegar to explore this beautiful unexplored place in Leh Ladakh.

zamskhangpalace_lehladakh-unexplored places_image

Best time to visit - April to October


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Q. Why is Pangong lake water salty?
A. It is an endorheic lake i.e. it is connected to no river basin and so there is no chance of salts outflow from this lake making the water saline. 

Q. Why is Ladakh a Desert?
A. Desert lands with extremely low temperatures are called cold deserts like Antarctica, which is the largest cold desert in the world. Ladakh in India is a cold desert that lies in the Great Himalayas on the eastern side of Jammu and Kashmir. It is also known as Khapa-chan, which means snow land.

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