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Understanding The Need Of Our Users-Your Privacy Is Our Priority

By magicpin

Updated - Oct. 21, 2020 6 min read

At magicpin, we continuously spent a lot of effort designing features and content that would help our users find the best local experiences. One of the most organic ways of achieving that has been letting our users help each other out. People repeatedly share their experiences with the larger magicpin community which helps others discover the top and trending.


It is important to us that our users feel comfortable publishing and consuming these shared experiences. Over continuous discussions with our customers, one thing which we found impacts this comfort a lot is understanding how privacy works in the magicpin ecosystem. Today, we want to take a moment to explain the same.


Levels Of Privacy

There are three levels for every experience posted by a user.


1. Public

This is the default privacy setting for every post until the author explicitly changes it. Posts with this privacy get published to:

a. Home feed of author’s followers 

b. Profile feed of author

c. Profile feed of the store at which the post was created

d. Popular posts also get published to the Home feed of everyone in the same locality as the store at which post was created


This post is further propagated as other users engage (like, comment & share) with the post. Which results in even more engagement on the post. 


In addition, we would like to inform you that the posts that have been set as public sometimes land up over Google. You can decide on who sees your post by changing the privacy settings, using the ‘Edit Privacy’ option on the top-right side of any of your posts. You can change your profile picture as well since there is no option to delete the same. You can refer to this video, to understand the process of making your posts private. 


Furthermore, if you're concerned about the deletion of an image appearing over Google, you can follow the steps we've listed here:


  1. Edit privacy to “Only Me” 
  2. Copy the link address of the google image that you wish to remove from Google images. (Note: Do not copy image address)
  3. Click on this link, and paste the image URL/ link address in the box next to "Request Removal”
  4. Click on Request Removal.

*It may take up to 3 to 4 working days for the complete removal of images, after generating a removal request.*


2. Followers Only

With this privacy setting users who are following the author of the posts are the only one who can see or engage with the post. Post with this privacy setting is visible in:

a. Home feed of author’s followers 

b. Profile feed of the author only if it is being viewed by a follower

c. Profile feed of the store at which the post was created only if it is being viewed by a follower


Post with this setting is not published to everyone in the locality. Further engagement on the posts is also propagated to followers network only. To update any post to this privacy setting, simply go to ‘Edit privacy’ from the options menu on the top right corner of the post as shown below. Then select ‘Followers only’ in the next step.

3. Only Me

Posts with this privacy setting are not visible to anyone in the community. These posts are visible only in author’s profile only if the author is looking at the profile. 


No further engagement is possible on the post from the time it is marked ‘Only Me’. Propagation of engagement, hence, also stops. Meaning no notifications to followers or otherwise. Users can switch among different privacy options whenever they like for posts authored by them. It is important to understand these settings get effective only after they are applied. Posts which are ‘Public’ will continue to get propagated till the time they become ‘Only Me’.


After this time, any new request for content will not show this post. Posts sometime might remain visible for a short duration on devices which got this post when it was ‘Public’ and have not refreshed content since that time. But engagement on this post is not possible.


While Uploading The Selfie

When you are on your way to upload a selfie during the transaction, you will see a new button "Make this post private" popping out at the right-hand side above the option to attach the bill. Once you have tapped on the option, your post will be uploaded privately, and it won't be shown on your profile or on other people's feed.


After You Have Uploaded The Selfie

Don't fret if you have forgotten to make your selfie private while uploading it because even after the selfie has been uploaded, you do have an option to make it private. For that, you'll have to go to the selfie on your profile and click the dotted icon at the corner of the post. Select "Edit Privacy" from the drop-down options. An option to edit privacy will pop up on your feed, select the option "Only Me" to make the selfie private. See how easy that was!



Changing Your Profile Picture

You can follow these steps we've listed whenever you wish to change your profile picture:

  1. Open your magicpin app and click on the account tab
  2. Visit the profile section
  3. On the top right side of your profile picture, you will find an option to edit
  4. Please select that option and enter/update the details accordingly


So, We're Saying

magicpin is the fastest growing community of amazing people who love to explore, share their experience and get amazing vouchers and cashbacks for the same. It is our duty to maintain the sanctity of this community. With our privacy options to select from, we let you decide about what to share and what not to share with the community. So, say goodbye to FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) on exclusive deals and cashbacks and upload your selfie with privacy suitable to you.


Explore, Express, Earn Rewards!



Q: My magicpin image is showing on Google, what do I do?

A: When you upload a post on magicpin it becomes part of your web profile as well because Google crawls the whole webpage along with your image. If you wish to remove that image from Google, you'll just need to open that particular image on Google and click on the "visit" option. Once your webpage consisting that particular image is opened, you can send a request to hide your post. It might take some time for Google to remove the picture (a couple of days) because Google will have to re-crawl it. 


Q:  Despite making my selfie private, my followers received a notification about my post. What should I do?

A: As mentioned before, you can start by making your post private while uploading it. If you have edited the privacy after uploading the post there is a possibility that it might remain "public" for a short duration if the content has not been refreshed. But worry not as engagement on this post is not possible.


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