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Claim Your Hottest Ticket To Rock - U2 Now Arriving In India

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Nov. 28, 2019 5 min read

U2 Is Now Arriving In India! 

If there is an event that the entire nation has been collectively anticipating, it's the first-time arrival of the iconic Irish band, U2 in India! This marks the end of their historic record-breaking tour, The Joshua Tree Tour, with the final destination as our very own, Aamchi Mumbai. U2's visit to India has been orchestrated with a view to celebrate the end of performing this album globally and according to us, there couldn't have been a bigger bang to go out with! 


Image Courtesy - U2


About The Joshua Tree Tour

The Joshua Tree, released by U2 in 1987, is arguably one of the most iconic albums to have existed in the domain of rock music. An album that shot U2 to even bigger fame as well as the cover of Time Magazine, with the phrase "Rock's Hottest Ticket" embossed in flaming gold across a photo of four Irish lads.


Image Courtesy - Time Magazine


This album was U2's first work to reach number 1 on US music charts and furnish them with dozens of prestigious awards. Some of the hits from this album that skyrocketed to widespread popularity almost overnight include "With Or Without You", "Where The Streets Have No Name" and "Bullet The Blue Sky". 


In 2017, the first part of two worldwide concert tours celebrating this legendary album was set in motion. As a part of their 2017 tour, U2 went on to perform in stadiums across three geographical zones: North America, Europe and Latin America. This tour allowed U2 to resurface as one of the most revolutionary names in the world of rock in the 21st century, although the band denied any characterisations of nostalgia. The 2017 Joshua Tree Tour sold more than 27 million tickets to its 51 shows, and the rest, as they say, is history. 


2019 demarcates the second part of this sensational global tour with U2 now traversing the territories of Oceania and Asia with Mumbai as the penultimate stop!


When & Where

Sunday, 15th December 2019 

4 PM Onwards 

D.Y. Patil Stadium: Navi Mumbai (Get Directions)


Image Courtesy - Mumbai Mirror


What To Expect

  • A night of celebrating one of the most iconic albums that shaped the world of rock music 
  • The Joshua Tree, played by U2, live, in its entirety, in the original sequence 
  • A selection of highlights from U2's extensive catalogue of songs 
  • A specially commissioned screening of films by the legendary Dutch photographer and film-maker, Anton Corbijn


The Perfect Entry 

The tickets for the U2 Joshua Tree concert span across various categories depending upon the seating arrangement, amenities provided and the view to the stage. You can buy tickets across the following categories from Book My Show


Image Courtesy - Book My Show 


Hospitality Packages

Book My Show is also offering a number of VIP experience packages for the concert. To obtain more information on these packages you can reach out at, 


Image Courtesy - Book My Show 


Some Noteworthy Points

  • The tickets for this concert only allow entry to individuals above the age of 13
  • Entry will be permitted only through specified entrances, and re-entry will not be allowed. Thus, it is advisable to avoid leaving the venue after obtaining admission. 
  • Entry will be allowed to any attendee only after a thorough security check. Thus, it is recommended that you avoid carrying anything that might be a probable cause for being refused entry. 
  • No eatables, drinks, liquids, bottles, cans, tins, bags, lighters, matches, flammable items, illegal or hazardous substances are allowed inside the venue or the seating area. 
  • Remember to carry an official, valid government-issued photo ID proof. You may not be allowed to enter the premises in the absence of one.
  • Every ticket has certain security features affixed to it, in the case of removal or damage of which, you may not be allowed to enter the venue. 
  • In the case of cancellation of the event by the organiser, the ticket will be refundable. No other fees or amount will be eligible for reimbursement and the tickets cannot be exchanged, cancelled or returned.  


Q. How do I get my tickets? 

A. When you purchase your tickets, you can either select Box Office Delivery, in which case you will be required to exchange your e-mail confirmation for physical tickets at the box office or Home Delivery, wherein your tickets will be home-delivered to you, approximately 2 weeks in advance. 


Q. What is the duration of the show?

A. The show comprises of an opening act and the main performances by the band, and the expected duration is 4 hours. 


Q. When will the gates open?

A. The gates to the concert venue will open at 4 PM and close at 7 PM, beyond which entry will not be allowed. 


Q. Is this the same U2 tour that has been happening in other countries?

A. Yes! This is the famous Joshua Tree Tour which has taken place in locations all over the globe, during the years 2017 and 2019. Mumbai is the final destination of this epic record-breaking tour!


Q. Will there be F&B provisions at the venue?

A. Yes, you will get access to F&B options within the venue, which can be purchased. No outside food or drinks are allowed inside. 


Q. Can I switch my ticket category after entering?

A. No, you cannot. All attendees will be restricted to the category they purchased a ticket for, due to security reasons. 


Q. Can I purchase tickets from any offline/ unofficial vendor? 

A. Any ticket bought from an outside vendor/seller except for the official vendor, namely, Book My Show, may not be recognised and you might be denied entry. 


Q. Can I bring my children to this concert?

A. The tickets for the U2 concert only allow entry to individuals over and above the age of 13. Children below that age will not be permitted to enter the concert venue. 


Q. Is there parking available at the venue?

A. NO parking is available at the venue. It is advisable to make use of public transport. 


Q. Can I buy any U2 merchandise? 

A. Yes, you can! Official U2 merchandise will be available for sale at the venue. 


Q. Can I smoke inside the venue? 

A. Smoking is not allowed anywhere inside the venue, throughout the duration of the concert. 

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