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15 Types Of Shoes For Women - Pick Your Favorite and Raise Your Style Quotient Now!

By Swati Mishra

Updated - May 9, 20248 min read

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There are limitless types of shoes for women, which define the grandeur for them but some of them definitely need to exist in the wardrobe of every woman so that they never fail to sway the world with their prodigious style. We've curated one of the best guides for women to know which footwear suits them the best. It's high time you put away your everyday flip flops and raise your style quotient by adding these new fancy footwear to your wardrobe. No look is complete without a stunning pair of footwear - It's on you to slay that outfit with a perfect pair of heels or a pair of cool sneakers.



Flat sandals are the most comfortable and can be worn anywhere and with anything. This is undoubtedly a must-have for every woman out there. A daily wear which can be both debonair and easy to wear at the same time. Flats have an endless variety to them - Be it colorful pom poms or tassels - one can style it with any outfit. It's best for casual wear! 




As the name suggests these heels are basically in the shape of a "wedge" at the shoe sole, unlike the usual ones that are higher from the heel of the shoe these heels extend from the front foot to the heel which eventually forms a wedge-like a shape. Wedge heels are immensely comfortable and it is not difficult to walk in such stylish footwear. If you're one of those who have a hard time handling pencil heels, wedges are here to save you.




Boots always set a class whenever you wear it, especially they are abundantly popular in winters as they cover your foot efficiently and yet they are so steezy and makes you look awesome all at once. Be it ankle boots or The long ones both will make you look sassy without any efforts, do not wait to update your shoe rack with a pair of alluring boots. But don't limit these to just winters - it's all about experimenting if you can wear sneakers in summers then might as well wear your pair of boots. Pair it with your favourite skater dress or jeans for a super-stylish look. 



Sneakers are definitely one of the coolest footwear out of all, they are easygoing, sporty and gives an edgy look. You can wear it to college, wear it with a cool dress, or wear it for shopping or anywhere. A pair of sneakers is a must or else your wardrobe is incomplete for sure. Puma's recent bow sneakers are also trending huge this season. Pick your style and slay it with anything - don't worry about experimenting one can easily style it with a fancy dress to make a statement. 




Trainers are sports shoes, these are perfect for a crazy running session as they are comfortable and made for a purpose. Brands have started coming out with trainers which look equally stylish to be worn for a casual outing as well. We love how they serve the dual purpose. We're in love with this combination of rose gold and navy blue trainers as seem pretty cool for any casual look. They are definitely very eye-catching and trendy.




Gladiators can be found in both the types - be it flats or heels but the most trending ones are usually flats. If you're planning to make a statement then you should definitely have them in your wardrobe. They are perfect for a bohemian look - wear it with your favourite short dress to slay a dazzling look. Black Gladiators should be your first choice as this colour goes with every outfit. Gladiators have different types too - one will also find them in geometric patterns or even with strings to tie upto your knee or calf.




Scarpin has a heel thinner than that of the stilettoes, it gives a sleeker and sexier look with an edgy appearance. Walk like you rule the world in these fancy and classy heels as they look absolutely stunning with any outfit. Be party ready with these amazing pair of heels - try not going for the basic as experimenting is the key to fashion. Buy a unique colour to stand out and add a whole new vibe to your outfit.



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Stilletoes are shoes with thin and long heels usually a high heel which will definitely make you look taller than usual. These are not as thin as scarpin but are fairly thin and high as well. These are exceptionally popular and looks super classy and sophisticated, also it is perfect for any party or formal event. Keep your head high with this stylish pair of heels to rule the world in them.




Slide in sandals is one of the trendiest footwear in season right now. You'll spot a number of celebrities and fashion bloggers slaying their outfits with a cute bow slide in sandals or dual straps slide in sandals. They are comfy and fashionable and suit the best with casual outfits. If heels are not your thing then these should definitely be on your list - there is no running away from them. We're totally in love with the pair below!



10. OPEN-TOE HEELSpen-Toe Heels

We're in love with these Suede Mauve open-toe heels with a gladiator feel to it. The color is worth falling for as it looks amazing with a pair of light colour denim. Pointed heels are not everybody's cup of tea but open-toe heels are definitely up for a grab. They are suitable for party wear as well as formal and casual wear. Get a complete fashionista look with a pair of these to slay any look!




Brogues define a style and we just can't deny - Let us introduce to the most trending shoes of the season. Don't confuse them with your winter boots as they can easily be worn with summer outfits. If you want to sport a combo of classy and casual look together then brogues are just what you need. A pair of beige and black brogues will complete the list of footwear wardrobe essentials. Pair them with a dress or your favourite pair of denim for a unique look.



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Wanna go a little extra with your flats? How about trying the ones with tassels - they look quirky and super cool with any outfit but mostly casual. Just like gladiators even tassel based footwear is perfect for a bohemian look. Buy a vibrant coloured tassel footwear which can go with almost any casual outfit. One can easily find them in any of the malls or street shopping area in your city. Slide in ones should be on your priority list as they easygoing and super comfy.




Be it pointed flats or heels - they totally give a next level classy feel to any casual outfit. It's definitely a game changer - try pairing them it with a simple outfit and we bet you it will stand out and catch the attention of all. Yet again with heels one can experiment as much as possible - wear them to a formal event or a casual outing, they are just what you need for any occasion possible.




Block heels are definitely one of the most comfortable heels are wedges as they support the heel way too perfectly. They are a perfect idea when high heels are just not your cup of tea. If you're fond of heels and can't carry off the high ones then block heels are here to save you. Pick a basic color which can go with any of your outfits or if you're fond of trying new colors or patterns then stripes and florals are a good choice.




This one footwear should be on your must-have list of formal and casual footwear as they are super comfy and stylish. They look super sophisticated and classy with formal wear and gives an edgy look to any outfit. They are totally one of those statement-making footwear you've got to have to add a charm to your outfit. From simple single coloured ones to suede ones with embroidery - they look super chic and easygoing to compliment your outfit.



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Q: Which colours are the most trending when it comes to heels?

A: Beige, Rose Gold And Siler


Q: Which pair of boots are trending this season?

A: Sock Fit Boots