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8 Marketing Metrics Every Restaurant Should Keep A Tab On!

By Shubhangi Goel

Updated - May 9, 20247 min read

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To cope up with upcoming marketing trends and sales, restaurants have to keep up with these 8 Types Of Marketing Metrics to always be on top. It's important to keep a tab on metrics which help you establish your restaurant in the limelight with right amount of growth and we're here to sort the same out of you in helping you know what areas are important to keep a check on. We've got it all covered for you from the most crucial point to the smallest of feedback which is essential your restaurant to grow. It's on you to follow up with these dimensions to know what works the best for your restaurant.


1. Be Insta Worthy

We just can’t deny how social media is playing a very important in today’s generation and businesses definitely need to include the same in their marketing metrics. Remember if people are not talking about you or posting about you on social media then you’re definitely going wrong somewhere. Instagram, recently has big a huge platform for businesses to market themselves. Post high-quality images of your exquisite dishes, ambience, full house days - to make people realise what they are missing out on. You’ll get a fair idea through the number of likes and comment as to how much are you being discussed amongst your profile viewers. It gives a fair judgement about the number of people who are interested in knowing what the restaurant is up to, or which is the latest event happening during the week at your restaurant. Word of mouth matters and so does social media presence so don’t forget to add stories worth a swipe and content worth getting good marketing response. Keep a tab of how fast your Instagram page is growing.



2. How Unique Are You

Experimenting is the key to know what works for you. Keep a tab on how unique are you amongst the other competitors. Every day a new food and beverage trend takes over the industry - be aware of each one of them. Mould them and come out with something new and unique of your own. It definitely works! Keeping a tab on new trend becomes a necessary metric to follow up with. Marketing definitely includes adding the crucial things going viral in the industry. For example,  a number of outlets have started catering to Healthy Food and New Experimental Cuisines. Try updating your menu according to trends to see what really works out for you.



3. Reservations or No Reservations

The idea is to see if you’re big enough and getting adequate to know if keeping reservations is worth it or not as the cancellation rate goes high too but it’s you has to keep a check. It’s also counted as one of the marketing metrics you’ve got to keep a tab on. Mostly first come, first serve works the best for the majority of the restaurants but that’s still questionable - it all depends on the understanding the data of the number of visitors. One can even experiment to know better - try listing your restaurant on one of the reservations platforms to see how much is the conversion to decide what can be done.



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4. Food Trucks

Don’t limit yourself to just managing a restaurant. If you’re keeping up with the trends then food truck businesses are going a level up - getting closer to the earning more sales and adding up to the revenue of the restaurant. Try experimenting with the same - keep up with the marketing trends and see if you’re matching up with them or not. There are several food fests happening all over the country which specifically include food trucks - why not be a part of the same?



5. Outcome Of Campaigns

Every campaign you do with your company marks equal importance. A huge amount of investment and effort goes in the same. If your company does get involved in Campaigns then it’s a must to keep a tab on the conversions and rates of revenue earned through the same. Only a well-planned campaign can help you increase sales. So be alert and smart when it comes to forming campaigns to promote your restaurant. It’s time to think out of the box - as going offbeat is they key to experimenting to know what works for you and understanding customer response to the same.



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6. Maintain The Loyalty Metric

Keep a tab on your loyal customers - you've got to keep a check on the numbers and the metric as to how often does a customer turn out into a regular visitor on a monthly basis. Take reviews and feedbacks to know what can make you restaurant more attractive for the visitors. Our customers definitely know it better, everything which looks appealing to the owner might be nothing for the customer. So keep a tab and check on the conversion of customers into regular visitors to get a valuable feedback and engage more visitors like them. They will help you through the word of mouth and their criticism to know where you actually lack.



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7. Every Picture Clicked At Your Restaurant Is Important

Remember every picture clicked in your restaurant matters. As I spoke about food trends similarly keeping up with quirky interiors and artsy decor also helps your restaurant to engage more audience. Every image uploaded of your restaurant on a social medium platform makes a difference as it will be visible to thousands of followers. Make your restaurant insta-worthy - check out the latest decors and interiors trending this season and make slight changes every 6 months to keep up with what engages your customers. A themed restaurant might be a good idea as well but be smart about the concept. Think wisely as the idea should be interesting enough to engage the audience. That’s why keeping up with high-quality interiors, food, social media content, blogs and ambience matters - Don’t forget to keep a tab on this metric.



8. Email Marketing

You might think of email marketing as spam strategy but it does have a successful engagement rate as we can’t deny most of us check out emails on a daily basis which does make a lot of difference when it comes to engaging traffic through emails. It’s all about crafting a good quality - not so sales oriented email to engage the right audience. The point is to experiment with every medium to market your restaurant. Until you try all the social media platforms to market your business, you will never get to know what works the best for you so it's always better to experiment.


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Q: Which are the best social media platforms to promote/market your business on?

A: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Medium


Q: Does having a restaurant blog help in engaging traffic?

A: Yes, having a separate restaurant blog definitely engage more traffic through good high-quality content.