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12 Types Of Heel To Make A Statement Any Time Any Where

By Sonam Satija

Updated - May 9, 20246 min read

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We ladies are very choosy when it comes to the selection of high heels because heels play an integral role in the style tone of any female. Ladies expect a lot from theirs footwears as this fashion wears add a statement to their personality. And when it's HEELS you can't imagine that level of excitement and happiness we go through. It's literally impossible to contain those feeling of excitement. Well calling all the Fab. So let's bring those heels game back to the street and amp up your move like a diva! Here's one of the best guides for women to which heels suit them the best. Explore the various types of heels as it's time to put away your everyday flip flops. Raise your style quotient by adding these new fancy footwear to your wardrobe.


1. Kitten Heels

If high heels don't fall in your comfort zone then you should definitely give a pair of kitten heels a shot - They look absolutely stunning with formal wear as well as party wear. The style is quite versatile, making it perfect for almost every outfit - Be it casual or formal. How about getting an offbeat color for starters?



2. Stilettos

Stilletoes are shoes with thin and long heels usually a high heel which will definitely make you look taller than usual. These are not as thin as scarpin but are fairly thin and high as well. These are exceptionally popular and looks super classy and sophisticated, also it is perfect for any party or formal event. Keep your head high with this stylish pair of heels to rule the world in them.



3. Scarpin

Scarpin has a heel which is thinner than that of stilettoes, it gives a sleeker and sexier look with an edgy appearance. Walk like you rule the world in these fancy and classy heels as they look absolutely stunning with any outfit. Be party ready with these amazing pair of heels - try not going for the basic as experimenting is the key to fashion. Buy a unique colour to stand out and add a whole new vibe to your outfit.



4. Espadrille

If wearing heels has always been uncomfortable, we have found the best alternative for you. Espadrille Heels are everything you need for the most comfortable and stylish look. They give you a base for your foot to not feel uncomfortable even for a second. It's a perfect example of comfortable styling!



5. Mules

Let us introduce you to the most trending pair of heels of the season - We bet you'll find them in almost every store, how about adding them to your wardrobe now. They look perfect for almost every occasion, be it party wear or formal wear. How about wearing them to your next job interview or corporate meeting?




6. Oxford Heels

One trend which never goes out of fashion will be the "Oxford" one - We're in love with this stunning combination of heels & sneakers moulded into a pair of stylish heels. If you can pull off something edgy then this is it - step out of your comfort zone and experiment with these beautiful set of heels which are perfect for a party look.



7. Corset Heels

These are nothing like your usual heels, it's more like having a corset style on your footwear. It looks quite fancy with the laces and knots giving the heels a corset like look. This pair of heels is more about trying something stylish and quirky at the same time. If you're a fashionista then you've got to give them a try.



8. Fantasy Heels

We can only remember one person when it comes to the idea of wearing fantasy heels - that would be "Lady Gaga" . She makes us go all "WOAH" when it comes to her choice of heels. These pair of heels might look extremely appealing to you or next level of quirky but they are pretty uncomfortable to wear. But Lady Gaga surely did a good job with pulling them off like a real queen.



9. Platform Heels

Platform heels are definitely one of the most comfortable heels are wedges as they support the heel way too perfectly. They are a perfect idea when high thin heels are just not your cup of tea. If you're fond of heels and can't carry off the high ones then Platform heels are here to save you. Pick a basic color which can go with any of your outfits or if you're fond of trying new colors or patterns then stripes and florals are a good choice.



10. Ankle Strap Heels

Add more style to your wardrobe by adding a pair of Ankle-Strap Heels - Style them like a fashionista when wearing a dress or a skirt. It's time to show off those legs and give more attention to your footwear as Ankle-Strap heels are just what you need to make a statement.



11. Wedges

As the name suggests these heels are basically in the shape of a "wedge" at the shoe sole, unlike the usual ones that are higher from the heel of the shoe these heels extend from the front foot to the heel which eventually forms a wedge-like a shape. Wedge heels are immensely comfortable and it is not difficult to walk in such stylish footwear. If you're one of those who have a hard time handling pencil heels, wedges are here to save you.



12. Peep Toe Heels

You'll find a lot of "MULES" and formal wear heels when it comes to Peep-Toe. They look extremely stylish and have a different edge to it. We're already in love with the black mules peep-toe heel in the picture below. They also have a block heel which makes it a comfortable one.



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Q: Which are the best heels for formal wear?

A: Kitten Heel & Pumps


Q: Which are the most comfortable pair of heels?

A: Platform Heels & Wedgess