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5 Things You Can Do Online If You Enjoy True Crime

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - May 9, 20245 min read

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As anybody who's been down this rabbit hole would proclaim, true crime is a world of its own. And true crime fans, a peculiar breed. To some, the prospect of deriving entertainment from grimy details of some of the most heinous and violent crimes ever committed by mankind, might seem odd to say the least. But to the ones who experience a spike in adrenaline the minute names like Dahmer, Bundy or the elusive Jack The Ripper come up, it's an interest that holds their curiosity hostage every single day. 



This morbid fascination with murders, crimes and the ones performing them, is usually quick to morph into an obsession, and the next thing you know you're discussing intricacies of famous killings, in a shrill, excited voice with fellow true crime enthusiasts. And the genre has infiltrated almost every source of entertainment, from thrilling movies to documentaries on serial killers, and from podcasts to e-books. If you can't stop yourself from furiously reading, watching and listening to true stories of criminal terror, we've rounded up a list of 5 things to do online for true, true crime fans. 


1. Watch Wild Wild Country On Netflix 

Based on indisputably, THE most controversial Indian guru of all time, Osho, this Netflix documentary series takes you through the famous "utopia" or more commonly referred to as the cult, created by the spiritual leader in Oregon. The brilliance of this true-crime docu-series lies in its objectivity and adherence to events as they happened, without any attempts to colour the viewers perspective in either direction. The story and the execution of the story on screen, seems so bizarre and unbelievable, that it's hard to believe you're actually knee-deep in real life and non-fiction. 


Image Courtesy - Netflix


2. Play True Crime - The Video Game Series

If you're a video game fanatic along with being a true-crime buff, we doubt there exists anything in the inter-verse that can entertain you the way this video game would. The two most popular games in the series are called New York City and Streets Of LA, and both let you grapple with the world of crime as a world-class detective. While the True Crime video game series is very GTA-esque, in that you are free to do whatever you want, the missions come with their unique, distinct gameplay. Also, you're a law enforcement officer in charge of controlling crimes in the city, and not a thug stealing cars. Although you can totally do that. 


Image Courtesy - Glitchwave


3. Listen To Serial - A True Crime Podcast 

Dubbed as one of the most intriguing true crime podcasts of all time, Serial is an investigative journalism podcast narrated by Sarah Koenig. The first two seasons are based on the 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee and the story of army sergeant Bowe Bergdahl held captive by the Taliban, respectively. The recently released third season is a bit different, in that it takes you through a different true crime case through each episode. Serial holds the record for being one of the most downloaded podcasts, ever. And one episode into the first season, you'll be quick to realise why. 


Image Courtesy - Serial Podcast 



4. Watch Paradise Lost - The Documentary 

In the month of May in 1993, the mutilated bodies of 3 eight-year-old boys were discovered in the Robin Hood Hills area in Arkansas in the US. Paradise Lost takes you through this gruesome true crime story of rape and murder, along with the tale of the town that was forever tarnished by it. This documentary isn't for the faint-hearted, for it does not hold back on real and highly graphic crime scene footage, and all the disturbing events, accusations, and conspiracies that were left in the wake of this horrifying case. 


Image Courtesy - Amazon


5. Read Helter Skelter 

This 1974 book has since its release, been touted as a classic in the genre of true crime, and for good reason. In this gripping book, authors Vincent Bugliosi and Curt Gentry present a first-hand account of the Charles Manson cult and the subsequent grotesque murders committed by "The Manson Family", the victims of which include an 8-month pregnant Sharon Tate. The spine-tingling account of Manson and his zombie followers, his way with human brain-washing and the cold-blooded killings of as many as 35 people, made Helter Skelter THE best-selling true crime book in history, and a mandatory mention on our list. 


Image Courtesy - Goodreads

Nothing like the story of a serial killer, to soothe the soul with.