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Put On These Power Wear That Signifies The Class At Workplace

By Anubha Das

Updated - May 9, 20246 min read

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A man no matter at what time of the day, in a pristine white shirt and formal pants seems like the epitome of effortless office style. No matter how cool a guy looks with tattoos, muscle shirts, fake tan, or coiffed hair looks when it comes to going to a work meeting or even a normal day at work, formal wear comes into play! Formal wear dressing, if done correctly goes a long way in shaping one’s personality.


Why is Formal Wear important? 


Your Comfort:

The most important aspect of wearing Formal wears to the office would be the level of comfort that it provides during the time worn. Formal wear ideally should not be heavy structured, unlike the related perception created over time. Remember, your comfort is paramount during those office hours. 



Your Confidence:

Warriors wear armour to the battlefield and well-fitted formals are what you wear to the conference room. Wear what makes me feel pumped up every time you walk into your office. It makes me feel good about yourself when you take that extra mile to dress up well and not to mention the people taking notice and pausing and noting your presence and words. 

First Impression Is Always The Last Impression: 

We have all used the quote " Never judge a book by its cover", but at some ratios of life, you need to do that. Whether you go for an interview for it is your first day at work your first impression on your employee counts a lot. In short, wearing formals to work reflects an individual's personality better and creates an impression alongside.

Things To Consider While Buying Formal Wear:


Colors :

Ace That Pastel Game

One just can't go wrong with pastel colours for formal wear this season as it's one of the most sophisticated colors and works just fine for office wear. Shop for a formal white shirt and pair it with pastel colour formal pants like beige if you're in the mood for something which is not so formal but gives the perfect hint to it. You can further accessorize the outfit with a stylish belt and formal shoes. Enter the office like it's the 70's again.



Rock the Prints

Can't deal with monotonous shades of formal wear then it's high time you experiment with some prints. Prints might seem cliche but then we know nothing looks better when it comes to subtle prints but of course don't forget to experiment with shades. One can go for offbeat combinations of subtle prints and contrasting textures. Pair up a not so dynamic printed shirt with a matching bold colour formal pants and you are ready to rock the office wear in a retro style. You can also include accessories like a textured tie with your attire to give it a stylish yet formal touch.



Stripes To Follow 

Catch everybody's eye with this stunning stripes print dress to make a statement. This way of pulling off the formal wear is perfect for men this season since while giving a sharp look and has a sophisticated touch too. Add a belt to accessorize this better as no outfit is complete if you don't accessorize it well. 



Monotone Style Of Solid Colors

Slay it the old-school way with a monotone formal wear. It's again a retro-inspired look but it stills looks equally fashionable and stylish. Accessorize the look with your basic watch and a pair of amazing formal shoes. If you know how to wear an outfit with confidence then nothing else really matters. trending-formal-wear-men-solid-colours_image


Textured Trend

Texture, fabric, and weave are three of the most misunderstood words in men's formal wear. Texture refers to the physical surface of the fabric of the cloth. The most obvious effect of texture is, of course, its comfort on your body. No one likes to wear rough, scratchy fabric. From a stylistic point of view, it’s the subtler effects of texture in formal wear is interesting.


Photo Credits: The Balance Careers



One thing that people usually miss out which buying formal wear is fitting. 


Shirt Sleeve: 

The finish of the sleeve should fall in the space between the base of your wrist (or that bone that sticks out) and the base knuckle of your thumb. The best way to check this is by not lifting your arms up while you try on formal shirts. When your arms are on position, the sleeve of the shirt should fall into that sweet spot without draping over your thumb.


Photo Credits: Buzzfeed



To have the perfect fitting of the formal shirt the shoulder seams of the shirt should line up with the ends of your shoulders -- where the horizontal plane of your shoulder meets your bicep. This goes the same for the Blazers as well. Your jacket can go a little beyond your shoulder, but really try to line it up.
Photo Credits: Buzzfeed


The fitting of the shirt's collar is in a way that it should snug around your neck leaving no gaps and making you feel not constricted. If you are in doubt then an easy way is to apply two-finger test which is that you should be able to fit two fingers between the fastened collar and your neck. If you have some wiggle room, it's probably too big. If you can't get two fingers in there, it's too tight.


Photo Credits: Buzzfeed


Now that you perfectly know about the important things that should be kept in mind while buying Formal Wear, you should get going. Classy formal wear can change your appearance and Ombre lane has a lot of different styles & colours to choose the perfect formal wear from.

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Question: Which are the trending prints for work wear?

Answer: Checks, Stripes, and Florals


Question: Which online shopping website is the best for shopping for formal wear?

Answer: Zara, H & M