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Trending Fall Fashion To Follow Right Now Before The Season Ends

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 6 min read

When the trees shed their leaves & the whole earth change her colour, it's the best time to get rid of the outdated summer trends & change your style a little bit for this new season. In these dynamic times, trust us! you don't want to look like fashion-laggard especially when this season offers you a great collection of mellow shades & chic outfits which are good for all the daily errand-like tasks, 9 to 5 job days, party nights & festive month. We don't see any reason for you not to follow this new-fangled guide to Autumn.


In case you decide to give it a glance, we have a fantastic up-to-the-season compilation of the most recent Fall trends presented by magicpin's very own family of fashion-influencers.


Here we go...


1. Itty-Bitty Bags

This is the first thing on our list because all of you, and all of us are obsessed with the bags now. They weren't such a hit back then but now if you can't brag that bag, you really don't know about the fashion. This is an era of teeny bags tied around the waist or some part of the body. Now, these bags not only reduces the unnecessary weight on your delicate shoulders but also add some crunch in your daily monotonous look! 


2. Slip Into Satins

The falling of leaves from a tree is an effortless yet a beautiful concept, just like your hands slipping down your satin outfit (you feel it right?). This year's fall is definitely bringing back the satin clothes, be it noodle-strap tank tops, flowy dresses, formal blouses or go-with-anything scarves, everything is returning back from the past.



3. Millenial's Purple: Lavenders

Autumn is basically known for its mellow collection of colours & this year, Lavender is overpowering the whole colour scheme. Imagine walking down the crisp yellowish-brown passage of leaves, with a hint of blue skies & blissful breeze just touching your face while you have a lavender light-weight dress on, how would you feel? We bet, pretty as always. So you can buy dresses & pair them up with transparent stilettoes, or get some lavender pants & wear it with a dusky-brown blouse, or get yourself at least a teeshirt of this colour. You gotta pay some respect to this year's autumn shade.


4. Asymmetrical Necklines

Gone are the days when round/v-necks were a thing. The Millenials are a big fan of topsy-turvy stuff which adds some drama into their fashion, hence Asymmetrical Necklines. This collection will include all your off-shoulder & one-shoulder outfits along with less-accurate, boatnecks & plunged-necks. To get a better idea of what we are talking about, refer to this amazing picture by one of our favourite fashion bloggers. 


5. Walk-In Ruffles

Ruffles were never such a big hit before but Autumn 2k19 is all about flaunting those ruffles. What all can be ruffled you ask? Anything which has a layer or two in a pleated fashion, giving a sense of flounce to your outfit are all ruffles. The basic ones can be a ruffled dress, then sleeves of formal/semi-formal blouses and this year sarees are getting ruffled up as well. 


6. Ditsy Florals

Flower on clothes works all year long, except for winters & maybe spring. The floral pattern splashed on the outfit at a very small scale is what we call ditsy floral. Yes, Ladies!! it's a whole new kind of florals in the market. Now in the autumn season, the ditsy florals work best on long-length shrugs, breezy shirts & daily-wear blouse. 


7. The Wild Wild Country

You can never go wrong with some Animal Print in your wardrobe. If you are more of a sober dresser you should definitely try out this print. You ask why? It's because animal print does not require too much accessorizing & other follow-up processes. So, you will obviously give out classy plus sassy vibes but you don't have to put in a lot of effort to do so. Simple & Chic (Or wild, whatever you wanna call yourself), like our very own influencer right here!!


8. Evergreen Checks

You can never have enough of Chicks (we mean chicken) & Checks. During the fall season, you can always rely on checks for any time look. Go for bigger checks (Yes the ones you wish your company gave you) when you want to dress up for the office or maybe an outdoor meeting. Choose smaller checks for brunch situation or day-outing with friends. Another trick you can play-off this season is to buy some checkered co-ords (co-ordinates), they are so in right now that you don't wanna miss out on it.



9. Glow With Neons

Autumn does not support brightish colour hues but neons are something too over-powering this year. In a very strange way, it perfectly blends with the weather. When the summerish air is still not gone and the weather has become quite pleasant, you can fearlessly choose neons over any other colour. It's a suitable choice for all kinds of outfits.

You can even accessorize neon-style with some sling bag or a headband. Just a suggestion guys!!


10. Lace It Up

How cool is it that your whole outfit could be all laces. Pretty! Pretty! Pretty! Although laces were quite a fashion 5-6 years ago when they were a part of statement tops or basic blouses but now the game has changed. You can buy a lacey dress or even laced bottoms like pants or palazzos. The season is quite good to lace-up your style a at least little bit.


11. Belt Trends

Belts are no longer a tertiary accompaniment that used to hold your pants in place, it has become more of a secondary accessory binding your overall look together with groove. The broad contrasting belts are so in fashion right now. They not only complete the look but also add detailing to the otherwise semblance. You can always style your over-sized shirt, a plain dress, maxi dress and almost everything with your belt on top. Just think of your belt as cherry & your whole-look cake. Now bind this idiom together and voila! you're good to rule!  


12. Pleated Skirts

It is a textbook outfit for an urban sprawl look. Pleated skirts long enough to cover your knees is a must-wear garment of Autumn 2019. You can use it for a fancy hangout or even a high-class night party. They can be as clean as your love life or as dramatic as your loud personality. You can always pair it up with a simple, clean teeshirt and sneakers (for a casual look) or ballerinas (for a crisp party look).



We think fall-owing the latest fashion is much better than falling in love, at least it will get you compliments & not break your heart. And all of this is possible now, thanks to us and our pleasant influencers. If we were able to help you with your Fall Fashion, do follow these pretty people and of course us!!




Q. What is the best outfit for Autumn season?

A. This year Lavender hue is quite in. You can even go for light shades of purple to match the fashion trend 2019.


Q. Which fashion brand has the best autumn collection?

A. H&M has one the chicest and feasible autumn collection. Other than that you can always look out for Mango, Only, AND, etc.


Q. Can I buy autumn clothes online? 

A. Yes, there are a lot of sites which has an amazing autumn collection.


Q. Which website I can use to buy trendy autumn clothes?

A. The best so far is SHEIN. They have a huge collection for fall. Other than this you can check out, KOOVS, Myntra, Limeroad, AJIO, etc.


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