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Travelogged #7 Relish The Authentic Beauty Of Tea In Darang-Himachal Pradesh

By Sonal Sharma

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 5 min read

You must've heard of all the heavenly tea plantations at mainstream gorgeous destinations like Darjeeling, Munnar but have you heard of the paradisiacal getaway for every chai-lover in Himachal Pradesh? Nestled quietly among the Dhauladhar ranges of the Himalayas, Darang is among the best serene destinations, apt for a quick getaway over the weekend with family, friends or a solo trip. Located in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh at the height of 1254 meters, Darang is largely known for its beautiful tea plantation and pristine natural beauty. Easily reachable through Palampur and Dharamshala. Darang is not as known as its mainstream counterparts like Darjeeling, Ooty, Munnar and is thus, just the perfect choice for a quaint vacation. 


Best Time To Visit: The best time to visit Darang, Himachal Pradesh is during the summer as the place looks rather vibrant with gorgeous plantations and unspoiled natural beauty. However, you can always visit during the colder months to witness the snowfall but it's safe to travel to Darang when there's no snowfall to avoid blockage.  

Highlights: Deodar Forests, Trekking Expeditions, Fishing at Beas, Tea Plantations 

How To Reach: Pathankot is the nearest railway station, located about 100 kms away from the famous Darang Tea Estate, Himachal Pradesh. There are Volvo buses offering convenient road transport from Delhi to Darang, Himachal Pradesh too so you can board a ride all the way to Dharamshala and Palampur. 


Things To Do: 


1. Get the adrenaline rush 

If you visit during the summer months when the climate is clear, you will find plenty of options to satiate your thirst for adventure. Go trekking or just explore the lush green surroundings and breathe in the refreshing Himachal air. If you truly like the taste of adventure then avoid planning your trip during the monsoon as the trails will be wet and make the endeavor risky for you.   travelogged-7-things-to-do-darang_image

There’s also the Beas river nearby where you can enjoy fishing if you like spending your vacation the good old fashioned way however for the thrill-seeking soul, the best option would be to just go out and embrace the call of the mountains.

You may not find such challenging activities inside Darang so if you are in the mood for a rush, head to Triund or Dharamshala for an awe-inspiring snow-mountaineering expedition.    


2. Relish the homestay experience  

Darang, Himachal Pradesh is one quiet and simple place where you'll enjoy the best vacation of your life at a home away from home. Relish the beautiful experience and make memories with down-to-earth hosts and incredibly hospitable homestay and get your lazy groove on to refill your depleted energy and inspiration reservoirs. 


Since the homestays vacations are hosted by the homestay owners or hosts, you can always delight yourself with the local culture and ask your hosts all about the pristine beauty of Darang. Moreover, try to get as much as home-cooked local meals as possible as you will probably never get the chance of gorging on such delectable meals again. Although the cuisine is quite regular and reflects the contemporary elements of Himachali food, it should be on your things to do in Darang bucket list.


3. Go sightseeing 

Darang, Himachal Pradesh is bustling with gorgeous destinations that haven't yet made it to the popular pages of travel blogs so you'll have a fantastic time exploring all those gorgeous destinations. Take an entire day or even two to simply just revel in the beauty and the rustic charm of this northern delightVisit the divine Satras, beautiful Bar Masjid, enthralling Pakhuria Beel, Batha Beel, and the renowned Orang National Park.  travelogged-7-things-to-do-darang-sightsee_image

Since Darang is such a small place, you won’t see a lot of vehicles on the road so don’t fret over walking around. Push those muscles and just take a walk through the private tea estate and you won’t ever feel like returning home.   


4. Enjoy the cozy break 

Darang is well known for its tea estate luxuriant stay so if you get the chance, grab it and resign yourself to the cozy fireplaces and broad library. It’s the ultimate break from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle so get your aromatic and warm cup of tea and let the lazy comfort and romance of the literature take over your mind, body, soul and revitalize your senses.   


How Can You Reach Darang, Himachal Pradesh?  

By Road: You can board a Volvo bus from New Delhi and travel to Dharmashala or Palampur which are located close to Darang, Himachal Pradesh. You can also hire a taxi/cab or drive on your own all the way to Darang. 

By Train: If you are keen on reaching Darang by train, board the train to Pathankot as it is the nearest to Darang and easily connected with major railway stations of the subcontinent. Another railway station you can get off is Nagrota Railway Station. 

By Air: Dharamshala has the nearest airport to Darang so you can book a flight to Dharamshala and then reach Darang through cab or private transport.  



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How much would the Darang Tea Estate weekend stay cost? 

An Indian family owns the Tea Estate and the homestay and prices vary based on the duration of the trip and amenities required. However, it's among the best luxurious getaways near the capital in a very budget friendly range. 


What treks can you go on in Darang, Himachal Pradesh? 

While the famed Beas river has no nearby treks, you can head to the nearby Triund or Dharamshala to enjoy more treks and challenging activities. However, if you are in the mood for a quaint walk, Darang is the place to be.  

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