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Plan Your Perfect Weekend Getaway To Dhanaulti For The Ultimate Adventure And Serene Views

By Arushi Bhalla

Updated - May 9, 20247 min read

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If you are bored with the common destinations then you must visit Dhanaulti which is located in the foothills of the Garhwal Himalayan range located 24 km from the hill station of Mussoorie. This place has got you covered with everything, it satiates your raging inner adventure junkie, not just this, it also takes care of your tranquilized state of mind with the eco parks, boating at company garden and much more. This place should be in your travel bucket list. We have curated a list of things to do and places to visit in Dhanulti. 

Things To Do In Dhanaulti

Sky Ride - Zip Line

Looking for the ultimate adventure activity?! Sky ride is not for faint hearted, you need to be a daredevil to try this adventure activity as walking upon a 360 ft. long single wire rope at the height of 120 ft. freehand gives you a new level of thrill and makes you value your life more than ever. Don't worry about the biggest fear you will have at that point of time that is falling down as you will be attached on supporting wire rope with the help of a harness and then walking on air upon a single wire rope without any hand support. 





Away from all the hustle bustle of the city and living in nature is what everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. Just imagine waking up under the blue sky and sleeping under millions of stars, the view around you is absolutely impeccable and is worth experiencing. Enjoy a dynamic camping session for 1 day as you spend your time among nature experiencing the scenic beauty.


Zip Swing

Every adventure junkie who loves ziplining will definitely become a fan of zip swing. After harnessed and attached with wire rope first you go by zipping on wire rope and then reaching the middle we make you swing high at 80 ft. and then return back. This adventure activity has more fun with minimal efforts. Whenever you are in Dhanaulti, do not miss out on this mesmerizing experience, this is one of the few things that should not be missed out in Dhanaulti. 






Rock climbing

If you call yourself an adventure junkie then you just can't miss out on the rock climbing experience of rock climbing. Just imagining this thrilling activity will give you goosebumps. This rock climbing is set at about 70 feet to 85 feet in height and climb up for a distance of 1 km. The safety aspect is well taken care of as you will be tied to a safety harness, which is attached to an immovable object with the help of a rope. With the grip of your hands and legs, you will be climbing the mountain and experience the mesmerizing view from the top of the mountain. This is one of the few thrilling things to do in Dhanaulti!


Boating at company garden

Boating is a soothing experience and if you are trying out so many adventure activities, boating will be quite a tranquilizing experience for you. The garden is landscaped beautifully and the artificial lake runs through lush green surroundings. Apart from boating you can just sit in the garden and relish the serene beauty of nature. 


Mountain Biking

Go back to your childhood days by riding on a bicycle around this town as this is one of the best ways of exploring. Imagine riding through the rustic, laid-back streets on a relaxing bicycle. Don't you already feel like a child! This experience will surely bring back happy memories of your childhood. This eco-friendly escapade is possible by availing the bicycles for 2 hours. Avail this offer and hire these street riders, to give yourself a memorable experience here. 


Places To Visit In Dhanaulti

Surkanda Devi Temple – An Ode To The Goddess

Experience spirituality in Dhanaulti at Surkanda Devi Temple. This is one of the religious places to see in Dhanaulti. It located amid sky high ranges at an elevation of 10,000 feet. If you are looking for trekking in Dhanaulti then you should definitely visit this temple because it is a 1.5 km trek from Kaddukhal Village that leads to the temple. You will be taken aback by the beautiful views from this temple.


Deogarh Fort

Learning about the history of the town lets you connect with the town more and what's better than visiting the forts to learn about history. So, immerse in a state of amusement while you gaze at the ornate structure built back in 16-century. This is the most beautiful fort in Dhanaulti, as you enter the fort, you will be caught off guard by the gorgeous carved walls which are adorned with amazing murals and rustic-colors. Not only the beauty of the fort but you will also witness the spiritual side of the fort, as it has a few Jain temples in its vicinity, hailing out to more revelers from around the globe. This splendid edifice of early age is worth-visiting with your bunch of mates.


Eco Parks – A Rendezvous With Nature

Stroll through the serene beauty of nature that is being bestowed us by the twin park - Amber and Dhara. Whenever you need some peaceful time then this is the park that you should head to as this is one of the most beautiful and serene parks in Dhanaulti. These eco parks are 200 m apart. Being a forest conserved area and looked after by the forest division of Garhwal region, there is an entry fee for the visitors. This is one of the few places to visit in Dhanaulti. 


Potato Farm – An Unusual Attraction In Dhanaulti

If you have an even a slight fascination about potato farming then head to this potato farm in Dhanaulti,  which is locally known as Aloo Khet, is this vast stretch of land where there are lots and lots of potatoes. In our day to day life, we don't really get to have these kinds of experiences that's the reason that this farm is quite popular amongst the tourists. A joint effort of government and some private farmers, this widespread farmland with stepped potato cultivation Especially if you have kids along, there is plenty for them to know and see.


Classic Hill-Top Resort

Whenever you are visiting Dhanaulti, do not forget to visit this amazing Classic hill-top resort. It is situated amidst the beautiful town of Chamba. The Classic Hill-Top Resort is the perfect destination when you want a soothing getaway. You will be taken aback by the chic and beautiful interiors, your comfort has also been taken care of. All you have to do is inhale in the crisp clean mountain air and cherish the stunning views. 



How To Reach Dhanaulti 

Reach Dhanaulti By Air

The closest airport to the town is Jolly grant airport. Jolly grant airport is placed at a distance of 83 kilometers from Dhanaulti. 

Reach Dhanaulti By Rail

Rishikesh railway station is located at a distance of 83 kilometers from Dhanaulti, and 60 kilometers before Dhanaulti is Dehradun railway. 

Reach Dhanaulti By Bus

Buses conveniently operate from the major destination of Uttarakhand State like Rishikesh, Roorkee, Haridwar, Mussoorie, Nainital and Dehradun as well. The Uttrakhand state transport buses are quite cheap if you are on a budget as it will charge you around 200 to 300 on a budget from Delhi to Rishikesh. 

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Q. What is the best time to visit Dhanaulti?

A. September to June are the best months to visit Dhanaulti.


Q. How far is Dhanaulti from Mussorie?

A. Dhanaulti is a hill station 24 km (15 miles) from the popular hill station of Mussoorie.