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Travelogged #24 Visit The Snow-Laden Peaks Of Gangtok- A Remedy For The Wounded Soul

By Anubha Das

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 7 min read

Snow-laden peaks, sparkling under a cover of gold-tinted sunrise, Gangtok is a remedy for the wounded soul, a sight for sore eyes. Extremely alluring, pleasantly boisterous and wreathed in clouds - Gangtok, the capital city of the Sikkim can also give you a spectacular view of Mt. Kanchenjunga, at a distant skyline. The folks here are known to have a keen sense of style and have a totally refreshing way of wearing the most casual outfits. Gangtok also has a very folksy and indie live-music sentiment. 



Things To Do In Gangtok


1. Enjoy The Thrilling Zig-Zag Cable Ride

Let's start with Gangtok sightseeing with the one of that attraction that shouldn't be missed whenever you visit Gangtok. Yes, we are talking about taking a thrilling zig-zag ride of the Cable Car from where you can look at the amazing view of the snow covered peaks of Kanchenjunga. It is one of the most popular places to visit in Gangtok which is swamped by tourists during peak seasonal time. Do not forget to take your camera along with you since some of the views are to die for.

P.S- We recommend you to take the 2-way trip on the Cable Ride.travelogged-24-places-to-visit-gangtok-cabel-ride_image



2. Experience The Yak Safari

You must have heard about the camel ride through the sand dunes of Jaisalmer but Gangtok has something better to offer you when it comes to doing touristy things. Experience the most unforgettable Yak safari from Tsomgo lake of Gangtok. Treat your eyes with the scenic view of the amazing Gangtok while you ride the beautifully decorated Yaks. The Yak safari is also organized at a few more places in Sikkim.travelogged-24-places-to-visit-gangtok-yak-saferi_image


3. Go For Mountain Biking

Gangtok is known for it’s rugged and steep terrains which offer exciting biking trails which get you an adrenaline rush. There are several biking trails in Gangtok where the most popular one is from Gangtok to Ranka. On the way back to Gangtok, you will be able to witness the rural side of Sikkim which includes Bhutia and Subba village, the Phensong and Phodang Monasteries. The distances covered between these trails is approximately 30-38kms which is crucial to know in order to prepare for such an adventure sport. This is no doubt one of the most thrilling things to do in Gangtok. travelogged-24-places-to-visit-gangtok_image


4. Try River Rafting

If you want to enjoy the majestic view of the mountains while gushing through the waters, then river rafting is the thing for you. The river rafting at Gangtok starts from Tarkhola and the course goes up to Khalijhora which is a 1.5-hour activity in total. Experience river rafting at it's best in Gangtok as scenic landscape views will leave you awestruck for sure.travelogged-24-places-to-visit-gangtok-river-rafting_image


5. Dine At M.G. Marg 

Have a soul-satisfying dining experience at M.G. Marg in Gangtok. This amazing place to visit in Gangtok has its own charm and elegance. A place that lives up to its name by offering a huge variety of restaurants and cafes serving some amazing dishes that can be found only in Gangtok. So, wherever you visit Gangtok, make sure to head to this amazing place and have a heartful food. travelogged-24-places-to-visit-gangtok-mgmarg_image


6. Enjoy Sunset From Tashi View Point 

Located about 8 km from Gangtok there lies Tashi which is one of the most famous Gangtok tourist places. This is surely one of the best places to visit in Gangtok that offers a remarkable view of the Kanchenjunga which can be seen covered by snow. You can also see the Phodong and Labrang monasteries from the Tashi viewpoint. If you cherish mountains, catching this sunset in your camera is absolutely a standout amongst the best activities in Gangtok.travelogged-24-places-to-visit-gangtok-tashi-view-point_image


7.  Buy Souvenirs From Lal Bazaar

Revive the shopaholic in you whenever you're in Gangtok as the vibrant jackets, suits, umbrellas, accessories, and fabrics will leave you spoilt for choices. Do give the Lal Bazaar a visit to for some souvenirs and you'll end up shopping more than you have imagined. An open market in Gangtok which has evolved over the years as a shopping hub.travelogged-24-places-to-visit-gangtok-lal-bazaar_iamge


Places To Visit In Gangtok


1. Tsuk La Khang Monastery

The Tsuklakhang Royal Chapel and Monastery is a palatial religious community in Gangtok. The magnificent house of prayer of the royal residence is situated in the castle grounds and is the inside for petitions and furthermore has an amazing accumulation of Buddhist sacred writings and writing. Being one of the most popular places to visit in Gangtok, Tsuk La Khang Monastery also hosts several Buddhist festivals through the year such as Phang Lhabsol and so forth.travelogged-24-places-to-visit-gangtok-tsuk-la-khang-monastery_image


2. Hanuman Tok

Adding up as a great viewing area for the Kanchenjunga peaks, Hanuman Tok is a popular tourist place in Gangtok. As soon as you reach this temple you'll be able to feel the spiritual vibe. According to the legends, this temple is named as Hanuman Tok because Hanuman flew down to this very place to rest while he was in search of the Sanjeevani herb to save the life of Lakshman.travelogged-24-places-to-visit-gangtok-hanuman-tok_image


3. Pemayangtse Monastery

If you the wondering about the meaning of this amazing monastery then let us tell you that the meaning of "Pemayangtse" is " Perfect Sublime Lotus", which is a famous tourist place in Gangtok. With a mere distance of 2 kilometers from Pelling, this attraction is an easy walk. If you are planning to visit the Pemayangtse Monastery then the best time would be from March to June.



4. Seven Sisters Waterfall 

The beauty of the Seven Sisters Waterfall in unmatched. It is on the way to North Sikkim and it is majestic to watch the falls. The name is because of the 7 steps that one can see in the waterfalls. You can even get down at these waterfalls to enjoy. The seven sister falls is a beautiful artwork of nature and it shows wonderfully on how beautifully nature has painted water and clouds all together in one frame. travelogged-24-places-to-visit-gangtok-sever-sisters-waterfall_image


5. Nathu La Pass

Nathu La Pass is an Indo China border and unlike Wagah border, there are no ceremonies which take place. But the location at which is situated is absolutely magnificent and worth a visit at least once in your lifetime. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Gangtok where you can experience heavy snowfall during the winterstravelogged-24-places-to-visit-gangtok-nathu-la-pass_image


6. Tsongmo Lake 

Also known as the Changu Lake, Tsomgo Lake or Tsongmo Lake is a glacial lake located at an altitude of 3,753 m. In Bhutia language, Tsomgo means 'Source of the Lake'. The lake gets its water from the melting snow on the surrounding mountains. A vehicle costs about Rs. 4,000 for around excursion, the booking of vehicle rate is about Rs. 450 for every individual. Alongside Tsomgo, vacationers can likewise visit Baba Mandir and Nathula Pass as a major aspect of a multi-day trip from Gangtok.travelogged-24-places-to-visit-gangtok-tsongmo-lake_image


Local Cuisines

Try out the local cuisines of Gangtok and be mesmerized by the taste.


How To Reach Gangtok

By Road: People can roll into Gangtok by road from nearby places like Siliguri, Darjeeling, Kalimpong, and Kolkata. The roads are well-maintained and connected from the nearby metropolitan cities.


By Train: The nearest railway station to Gangtok is about 148 kilometres away in New Jalpaiguri in Siliguri. The station is well-connected to major cities like Kolkata and New Delhi


By Air: The airport nearest to Gangtok is about 124 kilometers away in Bagdogra, West Bengal. From the airport, you can hire a shared taxi or a private vehicle that will get you to Gangtok in approximately 2 hours.


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Q. What is the best time to visit Sikkim?

A. The best time to visit Sikkim is either between March and May or October and mid-December.


Q. What are some of the adventure sports in Sikkim?

A. These are some of the adventure sports in Sikkim - River Rafting, Mountain biking, Mountaineering, Yak Safari, Paragliding.


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