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Travelogged #19 Guwahati The Fastest Developing City Of India

By Anubha Das

Updated - May 9, 20246 min read

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Guwahati, the capital city of the northeastern territory of Assam, was in the past known as Pragjyotishpur (the City of Eastern Light). Its etymological root is gotten from two Assamese words, "Guwa," which means areca nut and "Haat," which means showcase. Framed between the beautiful slopes of the eastern flanks of the Himalayan mountain run, Guwahati houses the political capital of the state, Dispur. The entryway to the seven other northeastern states, Guwahati is an imperative visitor connect point, other than being a fascination in itself.



Things To Do In Guwahati

1. Walk Along the Brahmaputra River 

The Brahmaputra is considered to be the only ‘male river’ in India—and he’s got the muscles to match. People from all walks of life will enjoy taking a walk along the road stretch of the magnificent Brahmaputra River to enjoy the breezy evenings and afternoons. What also strikes people is the silence that will envelop your mind and take you far away from the hustle and bustle of crowded cities. travelogged-19-things-to-do-guwahati-brahmaputra-river_image



2. Embrace the local culture in Sualkuchi

Whenever you visit Guwahati it is a must to embrace the local culture of Sualkuchi which includes their century-old weaving process and the making of colourful silk mekhela chadars. Sualkuchi is endearingly referred to as the Manchester of the East. With Sualkuchi, weaving isn't only a convention passed on by genera­tions, however a lifestyle and a work of love.travelogged-19-things-to-do-guwahati-sualkuchi_image


3. Star-gazing at Guwahati Planetarium

Visit Guwahati Planetarium is another thing to do in Guwahati to have a great time in Assam. The mood of the spot makes the sightseers feel relaxed and pleasant. The Guwahati Planetarium offers harmony to the visitors and makes them feel good. It is open for all the days in a week except for Sundays.

General Ticket: INR 30

Students Ticket: INR 15



4. Go For A Drive over Saraighat Bridge

Well, the name is self-explanatory―it is a bridge. Go for a drive over this beautiful bridge that was built in 1958. The 1.4 km long Saraighat Bridge interfaces the two banks of the Brahmaputra stream in Saraighat, which is a community celebrated for the gigantic war among Ahoms and Mughals.


5.  Steam Ride To Umananda Temple

Among all the amazing things to do in Guwahati, going for a stream ride to Umananda Temple is one of them. The temple is situated in an island hill situated in the river Brahmaputra. The main temple is built at the top of the island. Lord Shiba is worshipped in the main temple. Motorboat is available on the ghat of the Brahmaputra which takes ₹.20/- head to reach the island from ghat. 


Places To Visit In Guwahati

1. Kamakhya Temple

When in Guwahati, visiting Kamakhya Temple is a must since it is not just a pilgrimage place but it is also the most unique temple in the whole country. The Kamakhya temple is located on Nilachal hill and it is believed that the temple houses the mythical womb and vagina of the Hindu goddess Shakti. Also, during every month of June, the Brahmaputra river near Kamakhya turns red since according to legends it is believed that the goddess Shakti ‘menstruates’ during this period.


2. Shrimanta Shankardeva Kalakshetra

Built in 1990, this Kalakshetra exhibits the creative brilliance of the North-East alongside supporting the former legacy. Rambling over tremendous sections of land, the premises of Shirmanta Shankardeva Kalakshetra has a historical center, a library, an art gallery, and a kids' park. The main aim of Shrimanta Shankardeva Kalakshetra is to promote the culture, art and tradition of Assam.


3. Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary

Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the meadows of Assam which is the residence of the Greater Indian One-Horned Rhinoceroses with its most noteworthy populace in the entire world. It is landlocked by Assamese towns from each side of it with the customary Assamese culture. Generally speaking, the whole area of the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary has an amazing background for an explorer or an admirer of nature.


4. Deepor Beel

Also spelled as Dipor Bil, Deepor Beel is located 18 km south west of the capital of Assam Guwahati city, on the National Highway 31, on the Jalukbari Khanapara bypass. It had once attracted a large number of migratory and resident birds and was a must visit site for all people who love birding. But rampant land grabbing and overfishing has taken its toll over the years and now the birds are much reduced. 


Local Cuisines 

The Food of Assam has a ton of impact as far as sustenance from the territory of Bengal. The permeable culture some of the time makes it hard to find out what sustenances are elite to both of the states. Guwahati is heaven for non-vegetarian lovers. Delicious pork, chicken and mutton dishes will leave you craving for more. Few famous delicacies of Guwahati include Khaar, Maasor Tenga, Aloo Pitika,  Ou Khatta, Paro Manxho which is the pigeon meat and so forth.



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