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Travelogged #12 An Extensive Guide To The Scotland Of India-Coorg

By Anubha Das

Updated - Sept. 28, 2022 6 min read

Flaunting the tropical wonders of the Western Ghat of Karnataka, Coorg - The Scotland of India is a regnant summer refuge with ligneous slopes, rich biodiversity, mesmerizing cascades, as well as it's a treasure of inimitable heritage. Coorg posses a heart-warming expansion of spice and coffee plantations that remains lush green through the year. One of the best places to visit in South India for a wildlife enthusiast. Verdant landscapes, nature's most beautiful wildlife reserves, waterfalls, and sprawling coffee plantations to explore - Coorg is a surprising treat for the mind, soul and the camera lens.



Due to its majestic beauty and cool ambiance, Coorg is renowned as ‘Kashmir of the South’ and also praised as the ‘Scotland of India’. The lure of this place lies in its picturesque locales, alluring mountains, a beautiful amalgamation of history, luxury, adventure, and amazing local cuisines. Like the icing on the cake, Coorg possesses all those magnetism that insanely draws you to it. From a relaxing spa to challenging treks, sweet handmade chocolate truffles to the spicy eye-watering curries, whether it’s the history of the Madikeri fort or rapturous adventure at Abbi falls, there’s something for everybody here!


Things To Do In Coorg

1. Trek To Brahmagiri Peak

Trek your way on an energizing trek to the exquisite slopes of Brahmagiri with your experience posse on your next occasion and experience the genuine embodiment of experience, unparalleled! The sloping territories of Coorg anticipate you as you explore the immense fields and valleys that decorate the Ghats and remain in a standout amongst the most agreeable homestays there.travelogged-12-things-to-do-coorg-brahmagiri-peak_image

Where: Brahmagiri, Talacauvery Hills
Timings: The best time to go for trekking is during sunrise.



2. Sunset Jeep Drive At Mandalpatti

Sunset Jeep Drive at Mandalpatti to experience an obstacle-free panoramic view of the sky and the hills. The drive crosses through charming territories of Madikeri. There are no eateries, so you have to convey foodstuff for the journey. It's around a little ways from Madikeri town and the spot is essentially a Neverland.travelogged-12-things-to-do-coorg-mandalpatti_image

Where: Mandalpatti, North Coorg
Timings: You can indulge in this little adventurous activity at any time from 7 AM to 3 PM.
Cost: The ticket for one person costs around INR 1,250 which includes sightseeing, driving charges, and all other taxes.


3. Quad Biking for Bikers Soul

If you want to revive the long-dormant street hawk in you, quad biking in Coorg would give you one thrill of an adventure and probably make you up to that epithet.  travelogged-12-things-to-do-coorg_image

Where: Kushal Nagar, Coorg
Timings: You can enjoy this 15-minute ride at any time of the day.
Cost: The cost per person is INR 600, which includes your activity charges and taxes.


4. Try Out River Rafting

Southern Indian always has enough to trigger the adventure junkie in you, similarly, the Barapole river that flows through Coorg offers a mindblowing and challenging river rafting experience. This river has two parts - the upper and the lower section wherein the upper part has Class 4-5 rapids while the lower one has Class 6-7 rapids. It offers up to 150km of distance to be covered by rafting. It's one of the best place in South for best river rafting in India.travelogged-12-things-to-do-coorg-riveer-rafting_image

Where: Barapole, Coorg
Timings: This is one to two hours activity that can be done at any time between 9 AM to 3 PM.
Cost: The cost for one person is INR 1,000. 


5. Go For Microlight Flying 

Feel the happiness as you fly at around 5000 feet over the outside of the earth and get a kick out of the sights and hints of the encompassing scenes that cruise by. Get indulged in this fun and energizing action whenever between 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM. Touch base at Ponnampet. The hand lightweight flyer is ideal for two individuals and accompanies a strong machine that achieves a speed of 100 km/hr. travelogged-12-things-to-do-coorg-microlight-flying_image

Where: Ponnampet, Coorg
Timings: You can enjoy 10 minutes or a 30 minutes ride anytime between 10 AM to 5 PM.
Cost: The activity charges for one person is around INR 2,500.


6. Camping Under The Clear Night

If you want some peace and time out from the city hustle then this is the perfect place for you. You can always carry your own camp as well which most of the travelers do and can easily talk to the localities to get some food while you camp nearby.travelogged-12-things-to-do-coorg_IMAGE


Places To Visit In Coorg

1. Abbey Falls

Abbey Falls is famous for sightseeing, a leisure walk amidst nature, its close proximity to the Kali Mata Temple, and trekking. The grand appeal, combined with sweet-smelling ranches of espresso and flavors and serene environment have the right to be visited as well as recollected by each explorer.travelogged-12-things-to-do-coorg-abbey-falls_image


2. Nagarhole National Park

This national park is most famous for wildlife spotting and the safari rides amidst the forest trails. Nagarahole National Park forms apart of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and together with Bandipur National Park (875 sq. kms) and Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary (325 sq. kms) to its South East and Wayanad (350 sq. kms) to the South-West, is one of the last remaining and best-protected habitats for endangered species like the Elephant and the Tiger.travelogged-12-things-to-do-coorg-nagarhole-national-park_image


3. Raja’s Seat

This place is known mostly for enjoying the sunset or indulging in recreational activities. The Raja's Seat in Madikeri town, the spot from where rulers of yore watched sunsets with their consorts, could be considered as a standout amongst the most beautiful spots in south India. The spot offers a stunning perspective on transcending slopes, green valleys, studded with paddy fields. It is captivating to watch the way to Mangalore like a bent lace lying in the valley.travelogged-12-things-to-do-coorg-rajas-seat_image


How To Reach Coorg?


By Road: KSRTC (Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation) provide deluxe buses to Coorg, on a regular basis from cities like Bangalore, Mysore, and Mangalore.


By Train: Coorg does not have a railway station but rather the stations nearest to this slope station are Mysore, Mangalore, and Hassan. There are numerous trains for these spots from various parts of India.


By Air: Coorg does not have its very own air terminal, the closest airplane terminal being Mangalore, which is around 135 km away. Mangalore airplane terminal has a great network with non-stop flights from various parts of the nation. Flights are accessible from all the real urban areas for Coorg.


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Q. Can we drink and smoke at a campsite?

A. No, you cannot drink or smoke at the campsite. It is advised that people should not consume alcohols just before trekking or other camp activities like rafting, microlight flying etc. However, people from different cultures and traditions come for camping at Coorg, so there are provisions for drinking and smoking outside the camp.


Q. Where can we go for a wildlife safari in Coorg?

A. The following wildlife parks and sanctuaries can be best discovered with a Safari:

1. Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary

2. Nagarhole National Park

3. Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary


Q. What is so special about Bylakuppe?

A. Bylakuppe in Coorg is an area which is known as home to several Tibetan settlements. It gives the visitors an opportunity to explore the Tibetan culture. The Golden Temple with its humongous 40 ft statues and 7000 monks is what attracts people to view this unique vista.

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