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Travelogged #1- Wander On The Hills Of Auli Where The Temperature Falls Down To 2° Celsius

By Anubha Das

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 7 min read

Auli is the perfect place for adventure sports junkies and winter lovers - it's a ski destination in Chamoli district, attracting hundreds of tourists each year. It's surrounded by oak forests and is the perfect place to witness a panoramic view of the peaks of Himalayas. You can also enjoy trekking from Auli to Badrinath for an extraordinary trekking experience. It is one of the must visit in Uttarakhand. There are a lot of Auli packages to make to make your trip to this beautiful hill a classic one.


Best Time To Visit: Throughout The Year

Highlights: Skiing in Auli, Joshimath, Trekking, Trishul Peak, Gurso Bugyal

How To Reach: Railway stations closest to Auli are in Haridwar, Rishikesh, Kotdwar and Dehradun.



Things To Do


1. Trek to Gurso Bugyal

The Auli tour should always start with the trek to Gurso Bugyal which is located around 3 km away from Auli. A short tough trek from the core of Auli to savor the appeal of lavish glades that are spread over the scene at a rise of 3056 meters. In spite of the fact that the section to the trail is free, it is prompted by travellers to begin the trek early and come back to Auli at night.



2. Visit The Artificial Lake

The next thing on the list of things to do in an Auli tour should be visiting the astounding Artificial Lake which is one of the prime locations that are visited by people. All the Auli tour packages involve this must-visit attraction which has the backdrop of the great Himalayas. This lake has been one of the attractions that have been boosting the tourism of Auli all year long. 


3. Hike Up To Kwani Bugyal

A standout amongst the best attractions to visit when you are on Auli tour is Kwani Bugyal, which is the heaven for trekkers that is roosted stunning tallness of 10,991 feet. With summers being the adept season for trekking, the months from June to September end up being the perfect months when explorers can put a conclusion to their hunger for something new on Kwani Bugyal. Offering dazzling views of Mount Dunagiri and Mount Nanda Devi, Kwani Bugyal is situated just 13 kilometers away from center Auli.


4. Skiing in Auli

Every Auli tour packages involve one thing for sure which is skiing in Auli. Called as the Switzerland of India, Auli tourism increases in winters due to the amazing skiing facility available in Auli. Bounded by snow on all the sides travellers enjoy this activity a lot. There are different skiing packages available for beginners, amateurs and experienced ones. This winter sport is one of the highlights of an Auli tour.


5. Enjoy The Cable Car Ride

When visiting Auli, you simply cannot miss out on the cable car ride. This ropeway in Auli stretched out for five hundred meters and is considered as one of the longest routes of a Cable car in the whole Asia. You can pick either the lodge lifts or the seat lifts according to your interests.


6. Camping in Auli

Camp right next to the hills and beautiful breathtaking views - Camping during an Auli tour is an unbelievable experience for all the adventure enthusiasts. Auli is like a sheet of vivid white that is wrapped by the mountains making it the most beautiful place to visit during winters and even during summers. When selecting tools for camping in Auli, bear in mind that you'll be out for certain days and chances are there that you may have to be subjected to extreme weather and health conditions, so bring only those things you are comfortable with and much crucial to you. There are a lot of Auli camping packages that will not burn a hole in your packet and alongside give you an amazing experience to cherish for a lifetime.

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Places To Visit 


1. Chattrakund Lake

Chattarakund lake is located 4 kilometers away from the beautiful Auli. Set at a stature of 3,300 meters, this sweet-water lake draws in a large number of tourists around the year. In spite of the fact that one needs to trek the whole distance to reach here, the vistas that this lake offers are amazing for anyone who is on an Auli tour. 


2. Joshimath

Especially visited during the summers by everyone on an Auli tour, Joshimath is one of the marked destinations in every Auli tour packages available. It does not just open up a large number of chances for trekking, climbing, and hiking yet additionally fills in as an entryway to the incomparable Himalayas in the core of Chamoli in Uttarakhand.


3. Nanda Devi National Park

Along the mesmerizing landscapes of West Himalayas, you'll find a stunning peak which is known as the Nanda Devi National Park that offers an amazing experience to all the visitors. Crossing over the Great Himalayan Range and the Zanskar mountain go, be ready to explore a striking mix of greenery at the clamoring Nanda Devi National Park.


How Can You Reach Auli?


Car: The distance between Delhi and Auli is 368 Kms. The roads between Delhi to Auli are well connected and you can reach Auli from other prime cities through accessible well-connected road. 


Train: The nearest railway station to Auli is that of Rishikesh which is located at a distance of 196 kilometers from Auli. You can either hire a taxi or there are buses available from Dehradun that take around 6 hours 40 minutes to reach Auli. There are a lot of Auli packages that involve traveling costs as well and have their own arrangements for buses or private cars.


Flight: If you are planning to travel through the air then the nearest airport to Auli is the Dehradun airport. Dehradun is 181 kilometers away from Auli which can be reached by road. You can either hire a taxi or there are buses available from Dehradun that take around  6 hours 15 minutes to reach Auli. There are a lot of Auli packages that involve traveling costs as well and have their own arrangements for buses or private cars.


Places To Visit Near Auli

1. Dang Village

Dang Village is located near to Auli which is the last village that is located in Joshimath. It is a must visit place when you are Auli because of the sweet water lake located over there. Though be ready to walk through an unpaved path in order to reach this beautiful lake at Dang Village. 


2. Saildhar Tapovan

Located around 15 km from Auli, Saildhar Tapovan is one of the most famous places nearby Auli that keeps the travelers in delight. It is one of a small village on Joshimath Road. The main highlights of this place is a temple and a natural hot water spring where the water is almost at boiling point. 


Local Cuisines/ Street Food

When is Auli you can try out the Gharwali Cuisine which includes a lot of dals, vegetables, and steam cooked rice. The local delicacies that must not miss out on which travelling is Auli are Kachmauli (stuffed goat with oil and spice), Bal Mithai ( a popular local sweet), Singhori ( a cone-shaped sweet wrapped in Malu Leaf) and much more. 


Given you the whole guide to have amazing time Auli, book your tickets right away or avail any Auli tour packages to wander around the hills and have an adventorous skiing experience. 


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Q: How much would a 3 day trip to Auli cost?

A: Depending upon your travelling mode and what kind of accommodation you will be looking for your Auli tour will make up the cost for your 3-day trip.


Q: Which are the most difficult treks in India?

A: Ten of the hardest treks in India are:

    1. Chadar Trek

    2. Pin Parvati Pass Trek

    3. Kinnaur Kailash Circuit Trek

    4. Goecha La Trek

    5. Stok Kangri Trek

    6. Markha Valley Trek

    7. Hampta Pass Trek

    8. Kuari Pass Trek

    9. Roopkund Lake Trek

   10. Panchachuli Trek


Q: How to start trekking?

A: Start brisk morning walks followed by jogging at-least a month before the start of your trek. Choose the correct footwear and walking socks most importantly. Build leg strength and increase your walking training. Train on similar walking terrain using backpacks and walking poles. Kee yourself hydrated.

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