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10 Travel Myths BUSTED! - You've Got To Stop Believing Them

By Shubhangi Goel

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 6 min read

To celebrate the spirit of travelling, the following myths must be debunked in order to encourage more and more people to travel. One shouldn't miss out on an enriching experience because of the existing meaningless myths which surround travel. 


1. It's Not Safe For Women To Travel Alone

It's not the first time that women are bound by certain norms and restrictions. Being women, we know what all we are being told to NOT do on a daily basis! High time to bust these myths! If safety is the concern, it should apply to anyone and everyone. Travelling solo is a slightly risk taking adventure for ALL because you are on your own but it's mostly fear and lack of confidence that pulls us back from taking that plunge. We say, everyone should travel alone sometime in their lives to build confidence, to regain the lost confidence and to learn to become more independent. Women, especially should pack their backpacks right away and head out alone to reclaim their lost status and identity! 



2. One Can't Travel With A Full-Time Job

Nothing is impossible, all you need is the will to do it. It might sound preachy and cliché but that doesn't make it a farce. One only needs to plan their leaves and work systematically instead of procrastinating and being a lazy ass! A good organization/employer understands the importance of taking a break for a while to de-stress and rejuvenate in life in order to work productively. It's all about prioritizing yourself and putting your mental health before a stressful full-time job - it's high time you give yourself a break too with a relaxing vacation.



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3. Taking A Sabbatical To Travel Ruins Your Career

It's not a very common practice in India yet but those few who do take travel seriously, don't mind taking a few months off or even a sabbatical from their jobs. Drawing from our previous point, a good organization/employer would appreciate that their employees come with an additional experience and hands-on skill set. There's no valid reasoning in saying that taking a sabbatical to travel ruins one's career because travel isn't equivalent to sitting idle and doing nothing. 



4. You Must Know The Local Language For Communication

One must know the local language for communication: While knowing the native language of a place definitely gives you an edge and makes communication smoother, more convenient and more effective, it's not imperative to be able to communicate. There are other mediums of communication using which every day travellers across the globe are able to not just find their ways but also bring back home stories and experiences. 



5. All Solo Travellers Are Single

*Eye rolls* This is the silliest myth that has been created. People don't travel solo out of loneliness, they travel solo for a variety of reasons which we might not know. Many people travel solo for the clarity it provides them in their life. Now they could be either single or be in a committed relationship. It's okay to take a break and go for a solo trip even if you are committed, as everybody needs their space and this "space" helps them rejuvnate themselves on these solo vacations.



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6. Solo Travellers Are Hippies

Solo travellers are hippies: *eye rolls* again! This is another extremely dumb rumour that has gotten widespread that regular solo travellers are always on the lookout for drugs and more. Such people can definitely be a part of any group but you can't make a generalized statement like that for all travellers. 



7. Beware Of The Locals

Not all locals are there to hurt you and rob you. You definitely should travel as light as possible for your own convenience and carry cash and precious items safely. Just take these minimal precautions and you're good to go! It's all about being able to communicate in a polite manner whichever way possible, being aggresive will only make things worse for you. Be courteous and polite when it comes to dealing with locals.



8. English Is Understood Everywhere

Though English is considered to be a global language for convenience, it is definitely not understood everywhere and by everyone. Even after being flawless in the language, you might be in the parts of the country where you might find that actions and gestures work better than conversing in English. It might be a universal language but we are only humans and it's okay to understand it either. Not everyone is brought up in the same background where english is their mother tongue so we should'nt assume either that everybody would know how to talk in English.



9. Duty-Free Is The Cheapest

The idea that duty-free sells products at a cheaper price than elsewhere has been doing rounds for a very long time. This however is not true, as there are various stores who hardly give a discount and sell products at the same rate. A single walk around the duty-free area will definitely make you realise the same. You would be naive to think that you're going to shop cheap here as prices may vary from store to store and might not be on discount each time.



10. Long Journeys Aren't For Oldies

There's absolutely no age limit to travel, be it a long-term or short-term travel and be it a short or long journey! Just keep your eyes and ears open and you yourself will come to know about so many regular travellers in their 40s or 50s or even above. There is no specific age for travelling - it all depends on your will and stamina as to how much you can travel. Being young at heart is what really counts.


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Q: Which are the best destinations in India for Women Solo Travellers?

A: Rishikesh, Sikkim, Kasol, Jaipur, Varanasi


Q: Which are the best hill stations to explore in India?

A: Manali, Mussoorie, Triund, Waichung

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