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5 Easy Ways To Pep Up A Traditional Outfit For Men

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - Feb. 21, 2020 2 min read

Traditional outfits are so blingy already, that amping it up comes with the risk of a total disaster. And while working on men's traditional wear, things get more difficult to handle. A few things, however, can still be made sure of in order to spice up a traditional outfit for men. 



Go For A Scarf & Not A Stoll

Going with a scarf instead of a Stoll is uncommon but not uncanny. To quirk up your usual traditional outfit, you can go with a printed/embroidered scarf for men and tie it around your neck instead of spreading it across your waist. A combination as such is something you won't come across as often but is definitely a level up on your fashion game.

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Ditch Those Churidaars & Wrap A Dhoti

Tried and tested a Churidaar beneath your Kurta? Well, it's time to pair it up with a Dhoti instead. Dhotis are quite in vogue since some time and they look absolutely trendy when worn with a contrasting upper. The trick is to keep the colour dull but on the lighter side of shades - preferably off whites, pinkish colours and shades of light blue over darker and louder ones. 

Image Courtesy: Liash


Kohlapuris & Peshawaris For Footwear

Kohlapuris and Peshawari footwear are tough to come by, but if you can spot a pair somehow, grab it without delay. These escalate your traditional look to a whole new level of awesomeness. Especially beneath a dhoti, when the entire aesthetic of these is visible, they complete your attire with classiness and fun. 

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Accessorize With Beaded Wrist Gear

Accessories are an inseparable part of any attire, traditional or casual. And while choosing some for your traditional look, I'd suggest sticking with beaded wrist gear and nothing else. Overdoing it would ruin the appeal but keeping it subtle yet visible would add to your charm. So go with a black or dark brown beaded bracelet and you are done accessorizing for the day. Going coral is also a great option and these go well with light shades of blue, amber and greens.  

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Whites For Bottom And Floral Pastel Hues Above

The last trick on my mind is definitely choosing the right colours. While going out loud is okay if you can carry it off, sticking to White bottoms and floral pastel hues above is a trendier choice. So instead of going dark blue, maroon, black or bright red, stick to the milder shades. They bring out the same traditional appeal, and rather better with any skin tone you may have. 

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