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Not All Heroes Wear Capes: Leading 25 Women Influencers In India To Inspire You

By Sonam Satija

Updated - May 9, 202413 min read

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Who Run The World? Girls

Presenting you the real SHE-ROES: Here are 25 Leading Women Influencers In India who are breaking stereotypes every day and taking a stand. It's all about taking the first step and bringing a change - They are here to motivate you and inspire a thousand others with their journey. In this male-dominated society, all you need to do is BE FEARLESS, EMPOWER YOURSELF AND OTHER WOMEN to bring a change and be Fabulous!


1. Pooja Dhingra

Guess who opened India's first macaron store? Our very own "Macaron Queen", Pooja Dhingra. Le15 Patisserie specializes in making one of the most tempting macarons introducing a whole new trend of getting westernized desserts in India. She has also successfully published three of her books - The Wholesome Kitchen: Nourish. Energize. Indulge, Can't Believe It's Eggless, & Big Book Of Treats.




2. Anahita Dhondy

Anahita Dhondy is the Chef Partner at the famous Bombay Irani Cafe and Bar, SodabottleOpenerWala. Her career went to another level as she introduced the best of the Parsi cuisine through SodaBottleOpenerWala creating a whole new trend around the best restaurant chains in the country. She also won ‘The Young Chef’ award, Times Food Award and the Hospitality Sector ‘Indian of the year’ title. More POWER to women like her!




3. Kavya Trehan

Actor-Singer-Songwriter, Kavya Trehan is definitely an inspiration to the women who want to explore everything which intrigues her. She has also released her Debut Single as a solo artist last year called - "Underscore" - she's nothing less than a powerhouse. She is also a part of MOSKO -a dance/electronic Rock act. From composing AD jingles to being a fashion influencer - there's nothing stopping her from being the change! - It's all about following your PASSION, Are you doing the same?




4. Radhika Khandelwal

Radhika Khandelwal established her identity with two of the best cafes - Ivy and Bean along with Fig and Maple - it took her a couple of years to conceptualize both but they accomplished her dream of being a chef successfully.  She is one of the first people in the industry to start the local and seasonal produce trend. It was all about taking the risk with succeeding like a ladyboss. It’s all about the hardships in the earlier stage before you grow in any profession.




5. Natasha Shrotri

A beauty, fashion, lifestyle and travel blogger! - Natasha Shrotri is definitely a trendsetter, inspiring thousands of women every day through her on-point Instagram Feed. Natasha's blog speaks volume about her dressing sense and combining class and elegance together. You'll definitely want to take inspiration from her looks as they are offbeat and has everything which you need to revamp your looks.  




6. Kainaz Contractor 

Chef Kainaz Contractor has put in heart and magic in Cafe Dori's menu - She's definitely one of the top culinary queens inspiring women across to take up the profession of being a chef. She also manages "Rustom's Parsi Bhonu" -It's an all day cafe serving authentic Parsi food, Bombay snacks & breakfast + Home Delivery/Catering. From being a Restaurant Manager to A Food Writer, she has seen it all to finally coming out with her first menu aimed at classic Parsi specialities.




7. Santoshi Shetty

THE STYLEDGE is Santoshi’s perception of fashion, travel & lifestyle. She has been acknowledged and recognized as the Cosmopolitan Blogger of the year 2016, Elle Blogger of the year 2016,Palladium Spotlight Fashion Blogger of the year 2017, Reader's Choice Best Fashion Blog 2018 - By Cosmopolitan and the list goes on. You'll definitely want to take inspiration from her looks as they are offbeat and has everything which you need to revamp your looks. She definitely stands out as one of the best fashion bloggers in India.




8. Sejal Kumar

Before you start reading this, you should YOUTUBE her - Sejal Kumar has over 1 MILLION subscribers, there's no way we can doubt her skills. She has endorsed several big brands in the Fashion & Beauty industry such as Stalk Buy Love, Ralph Lauren, Maybelline and a lot more. Not just a Youtuber but her singing and acting skills will definitely leave you amazed. Her personality defines "Being the best version of yourself" - Are you working on the same?




9. Dolly Singh

A brilliant content creator aka "Raju ki mummy"- Her incredible dressing sense and humour definitely makes her stand out and be the best version of herself! She has definitely made us laugh our wits out and inspired us with her on-point looks for every occasion. A complete powerhouse of entertainment - Empowering several women to break the stereotypes and take the first step of being Fabulous!




10. Bani Nanda

Bani Nanda is a cake culinary specialist and the proprietor at Miam Patisserie. She prioritizes staying fit despite being surrounded by an environment dominated by the most relishing desserts made by her. Miam Patisserie was opened with an idea to bring a bit of Paris to Delhi - making people crave for some mouth-watering entrees and learn about the high-quality produce and design. She already has two outlets in Delhi - In Hauz Khas & Lado Sarai. When are you planning to start your own venture?




11. Larissa D'sa

A Fashion Blogger, Graphic Artist, Creator & Ambassador of "GoPro" - Larissa D'sa is an inspiration for many women out there who are making their dreams come true by putting the best of their efforts. When in doubt about what outfit to wear - One scroll through feed will inspire you with several looks. We're definitely in love with her dressing sense and the way she carries herself - which makes her look like a complete diva.




12. Natasha Noel

Spreading good vibes and fitness inspiration together in the most beautiful way - Natasha Noel is definitely one of those fitness influencers who’ll make you understand that “Your Body Is A Temple”. For her, it’s all about putting in the best of your efforts to see get the right results and we totally agree. Her core strength and flexibility will definitely leave you awestruck. You’ve got to have a session with her to realize the real importance of understanding your own body and deeper aspects of fitness. This one can go crazy with her outstanding flexible moves at almost every location. She will make sure you end all the negative energy around yourself and grow every day as you workout!




13. Radhika Bose

Radhika Bose is popularly known as "Yogasini" is a fitness addict who believes that working out is more about challenging oneself to achieve more each day without exerting yourself.  If you're looking for some real motivation then her workout videos are all you need to get the right kind of adrenaline rush. Her flexibility and core strength will definitely leave you awestruck - you'll also come across several fitness challenges if you're following her on Instagram. Take up a fitness challenge with Yogasini to achieve your #fitnessgoals now!





14. Nidhi Kamal Mohan

Founder of "NidSun Wellness" and one of the top fitness influencers in Delhi - Nidhi Kamal Mohan is one of the toughest women we've come across. Defying all the stereotypes about women being weak, she's definitely encouraging several women out there to step out of their comfort zone and do their best. Nidhi Mohan Kamal makes sure that her followers get enough motivation each day as she encourages her followers to work those desi muscles out every day - What else can you ask for?




15. Natasha Diddee

Based out of Pune, Natasha Diddee faced a life-threatening health condition but that did not stop her from following her passion. A rare health condition, Natasha does not have a stomach. But the passion for food and cooking hasn't stopped her from following the cooking journey. She cooks everything under the sun and clicks it in the most beautiful fashion. Follow her blog for healthy recipes and for endless motivation to do what you love. Not just a food blogger but she's also an author now of "Foursome" - Inspiring isn't it?




16. Kusha Kapila

"The Real Powerhouse of Entertainment" - Kusha Kapila has definitely given us a reason to laugh out loud and defy the stereotypes of our society through humour. From her sense of humour to dressing style, she has influenced thousands of women out there to "Be Who You Really Are" - More power to women like her! It's time for 1..2..3..Riyaaz with Billi Mausi! 




17. Megha Kohli

Yes, we’re talking about Lavaash By Saby’s Head Chef here - fancy isn’t it? But remember the tladder of success wasn’t easy for Megha. With over almost 7-8 years of experience, Megha has come out with an identity of her own. For her, it’s about not making cooking a systematic process rather putting your heart and soul when it comes to making the most exquisite dish rather any dish. Her experience at Oberoi brushed her skills to a huge extent taking her to another level. 




18. Anupriya Kapur

She discovered running in 2009 - which became her passion and she planned on working hard for the same. Anupriya has participated in many marathons and ultra runs - almost 100kms a month - which is definitely impressive. For her running is a source of positivity, confidence, and growth which keeps her motivation high. Apart from running, she's into gymming as well, breaking stereotypes of women being considered as "Weak". She is also the Co-Founder of "Imbue Naturals" - which is her recent venture where she released her product Imbue Intimate Hygiene Foam is the one-stop solution to your intimate hygiene problems. Way To Go Girl!




19. Meher Malik

You'll be mesmerized to witness Meher Malik perform one of her belly dancing pieces. Her dancing skills will make you want to learn belly dancing too. One can easily watch her dance and learn at her very own studio in Haus Khas Village - Delhi. This Banjaran has left just blank with no words to express about her impeccable belly dancing moves. She was also selected as a contestant in India's Got Talent which made the audience fall in love with her art. For her, dancing is not just a career-oriented movie but a purpose in life to grow each day and become a better version of oneself.




20. Anjali Batra

The Co-Founder and Creative Head Of "Food Talk India" - Anjali Batra is also known as the "The Gin Lady", it's more like a love affair with Gin.  She's been curating food and alcohol experiences for several enthusiasts and connoisseurs. She also organized India First Ever Gin Festival last June which was great hit. She was also featured in the Forbes 30 under 30 Asia list for Food Talk India's contribution to the food and tech industry.




21. Mallika Dua

An Actor, Comedian and Writer - Mallika Dua is the reason we are laughing while scrolling through our Instagram Feed. Her viral video of "Shit People Say: Sarojini Nagar" was a great start to her comical journey and later moving to "Makeup Didi". We're in love with how she experiement with hilarious filters to keep her audience entertained with the best of her scripts. Thank You! For keeping us grounded with your brilliant sense of humour and love.




22. Swayampurna Mishra

The love for food and cooking is reflected in the most elegant way through Swayampurna's Blog: La Petite Chef. A mother of one and a lover of cooking and food styling, Swayampurna has her heart in her blog. Also an editor at FeedFeed, she has taken over the journey of food blogging to another level with her photography and food styling. She has also released her first book -  “MY INDIAN KITCHEN cookbook" - Are your ready to learn from the best?




23. Simrun Chopra

Let Simrun Chopra guide you through the real art of fitness and healthy recipes - Her Instagram feed will definitely give you some high-time motivation that you've been looking for. Her core strength and on point healthy food recipes will leave you awestruck for sure! Nobody knows how capable their bodies are until they start working out - Simrun's hard work, core strength and toned body reflects her successful journey towards the path of fitness.




24. Nikita Aggarwal

"A Girl With Fork" - Nikita Aggarwal's food blog is just what you need to follow to know what to eat next. Her youtube channel will also help you find the right places to eat when travelling in India. Her Instagram feed will definitely leave spoilt for choices. Her food blog not only covers exquisite meals but also relishing street food that you've got to try.




25. Sharvi Yadav

From composing jingles to making her bollywood playback debut in "Veere De Wedding" - Sharvi Yadav has definitely been an inspiration to all. Beginning her singing journey from School to winning the second season of the reality show 'The Stage' - And Guess What? The same girl was rejected in her auditions for the first season! You still feel you can't make it? GIVE IT ANOTHER SHOT!




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Q: Who are the top women fitness influencers in India?

A: Swetha Dev, Natasha Noel, Aishwarya Nigam, Radhika Bose, Nidhi Kamal Mohan


Q: Who are the top women food bloggers in India?

A: Roxanne Bamboat, Swayampurna Mishra, Anindya and Madhushree