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Experience The True Sense Of Freedom This 76th Independence Day - Explore The Top Things To Do In Delhi

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - Aug. 14, 2023 6 min read

It’s been 76 years since we embarked upon a journey into freedom, liberty and the festivities of life. Every year on this day, we take pride in our nation’s collective effort that brought about a change in political regimes and we pledge again, that we’ll work further for the betterment of humanity and our community.


And this is about as much melodramatic as it gets! As now, you can brace up for the fun hereafter, as we walk you through the spirit of New Delhi and the most happening corners of this city for a memorable Independence Day 2k19. From the shimmering lights and the steamy delights of Chandni Chowk to the kite flying odysseys of India Gate, the entire city becomes a host of Independence Day celebrations on this eve. Children run across the streets to conquer the kites gliding astray, the adults indulge in debates and the vices they can afford (it’s a dry day mate! So you better stock up before), and the women, they simply dress up in tri-color and quibble over who looks better. This or that, the entire city becomes a plethora of celebrations and comes up with reasons to smile that's far from any bounds of religions, castes or ethnicities among. It’s a happiness we all share and something that cheers up in a blindfolded unison.




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Therefore, without much ado, let’s make a plan of action for this quintessential holiday. This Independence Day, let’s plan a great visit to Delhi, the ground zero of Independence Day celebrations.


Attend The Grandeur Presence Of Tri-color At Red Fort 


Although, you’ll need to move heaven & earth to get a sight of the parade (it’s on a first come first serve basis), but if you can do that, then there’s nothing better for a start to your independence day celebrations. With the first light, people from all walks of life flock into the red fort, looking up to the feeling of independence and to witness the Indian Flag being unfurled by the prime minister of India. Which is symbolic and synonymous to our nation’s integrity and a treat for the die-hard nationalists and patriots among. As for the rest, the next stop on the list is just a few minutes of walk from here. So get drenched in the tri-color bliss and make way for those Instagram worthy clicks that you won’t leave without.


Image Courtesy: The Better India


Breakfast Calling? Let's Head to Chandni Chowk For Some True Local Delights


Upon completion of the prestigious flag hoisting ceremony, it'll be late in the morning and the right time to devour upon some delectable cuisines of Old Delhi! The street-side hawkers, the centuries-old gastronomic traditions and the hospitality that’s all things amazing for one and all, will make you come back every year. The Paranthe Vaali Gali, the famous Jalebees and the Daulat ki Chaat for a breakfast? Well, you won’t find many other cities in the world that have so much to offer in such close proximity.


A true food lovers’ paradise, Chandni Chowk makes for a perfect place to satiate all your culinary desires. From meaty delights at Karim's, to the Jung Bahadur Kachori Vala, all your preferences are sure to be met at Chandni Chowk. And for the long day ahead, we’d suggest that you fill yourself to the brim with deliciousness you won’t regret or forget ever in your life.



Image Courtesy: Holidify


What's Better Than A Kite Battle At India Gate? Well, Nothing!

For the true experience of Independence Day celebrations in New Delhi, you cannot miss out on a visit to the Rajpath Lawns, India Gate. This lush green verdant expanse makes for a perfect spot for kite-flying sessions, picnics and long walks to the Amar Jawan Jyoti, the eternal flame of honor. Every year, the government of India organizes numerous events and other commemorative galas for the visitors and locals alike. Just don’t forget to carry a valid I.D. Proof for admission.


If not, then you can always resort to flying kites over here, which is another exclusivity to the Independence Day Celebrations of Delhi. Where to buy these kites from? Just stop by any of the local markets on the way and you’d find several vendors and stalls selling colorful patangs and maanjaas (sharp glass-mesh coated threads to maneuver kites), and if you ask us, then you should definitely go for the tri-color ones. And when at Rajpath Lawns, it’s time to bring the kite flying kid alive within you as you step back into time and make memories to be cherished for long!



Image Courtesy: JD Magic Box


Experience The True Colors Of The National Capital At Delhi Haat - INA

The next stop on the list is the Delhi Haat complex in INA. With the number of multicultural and states oriented exhibits to offer, it’ll bring you really close to the diverse demeanor of Delhi. For the food lovers, it’s one place that’s right out of the bucket lists of many. The well-renowned fruit beer accompanied with continental or regional delights is a must on your visit. Sipping onto a replenishing drink while enticed in the musically enraged ambiance is sure to sway the feeling of being away from your home. For those who love to shop till they drop, it’s an undeniably heavenly experience.


From rustic jewelry to antiques from the entire sub-continent, you can bag some cool souvenirs for the loved ones back at home. In a nutshell, the overall vibes of this place are to fall in love with on Independence Day. Rather, you wouldn’t want to end it any sooner that it would. A hang of cultural diversity and the festivities of Independence Day can’t get any better than this.



Image Courtesy: India T.V. News


Bask In The Shimmering Beauty - The Brightly Lit Raisina Hill


For the last stop in this city, we'll get you closer to Indian Heritage this Independence Day, and there's nothing better than a walk to the brightly lit Raisina Hill for the need. Soaking in the colonial charm of this place while noshing down an ice-cream from the vendors nearby is sure a perfect end to a day like this.


It brings along a number of photo ops for those who love clicking such moments behind the camera. For a perfect end to such an enticing Independence Day, a walk through India's heritage is sure to bring a smile on your face.    



Image Courtesy: Flickr 


Exhausted Through The Day? Time To NETFLIX & Chill!!!


Independence Day Celebrations are the best when you're in the Capital of India. Things, places, people and the entire look and feel of this city transforms into something greater than its usual self. With the streets adorned with tri-color flags, communities playing patriotic numbers and people high on the spirit of freedom, what else can you ask for a true experience of independence this 15th August? Well, a cozy bed after such a day out and a NETFLIX subscription



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