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26th January Just Got Better With These Top Things To Do After Republic Day Parade

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Jan. 23, 2024 8 min read

On any given Republic Day in Delhi, the day starts with watching the parade on TV or cheering out your soul at Rajpath Rd. Anywhere you may be, you're always left with the dilemma of how to spend the rest of such a day. But not anymore, as we'll walk about all things inclusive and exhaustive of much more fun you can have in the city apart from staying put in your home.


So without much ado, let's get to the top things to do in Delhi after the republic day parade.


1. Hoist A Flag In Your Locality

Going to the parade grounds or not, the republic day calls for a salute to our flag. One of the foremost things to do apart from witnessing this parade is hoisting a tricolour flag. In your locality, at your school, or simply at your terrace, the least you can do for a great start to this occasion is nothing but hoisting a flag, and paying respect to those who stand to guard it day and night. A minute's silence, in commemoration of those who've sacrificed everything wouldn't cost much anything but would induce a greater sense of patriotism within you.  


Image Courtesy: Medium


2. Travel & reset

Ah! This one is a no-brainer. One of the best things to do on a republic day in Delhi is to experience the vibrant & grand celebration of the Republic Day Parade at Rajpath — showcasing India's cultural and military heritage. Also, it could be a long weekend if you take Friday off and escape to the serenity of Mussoorie, Nainital, and Shimla, or accelerate your wheels to soak in the architectural grandeur of Jaipur or Agra.



3. Fun day for kids

If you want to make republic day joyful & thrilling for your kids, take them to a fun park. There are lot of options in Delhi. In fact, did you know that you can even go for ice-skating in delhi? Hell yeah! That’s possible. Anyways, watchout the temperature, and if it is not that bad, take your kids for outdoor activities — skating, football, bowling, go-karting, etc.,


4. Don an attire that screams India for republic day celebrations 2023

Flaunt your Bharatiyata (Indian Roots) in five yards of elegance, grace & beauty, I mean wear a Saree with tri-colour bangles, saffron yellow Bindi, and Jhumkas, in case you’re a girl or woman. For guys, wear a Khadi or Silk Kurta with a Churidar Pyjama and a long Dupatta.  You can also wear a Rajasthani turban and complete the look with a Rajasthani leather Mojari. Pose with the National Flag in the background and slay your Insta-feed.



5. Explore The Heritage Of Delhi

When on a day like this, one can always soak in any amount of historical magnificence that you throw around. And a heritage walk is something that would work wonders for you. So go out on a mission to explore Delhi's rich culture and history. Scavenge the pieces of history speckled around the city and slowly you'll be able to connect with the time gone by and which is one of the many things worthy of an occasion like the Republic Day. 


Image Courtesy: Lonely Planet


5. Gorge Upon Purani Dilli Ke Pakwaan

Once you're in the vicinity of our historic past, you are just a step away from the gastronomically alive traditions of that time in Purani Dilli. Tired of exploring so many truths of our existence, you would be famished and up for a great deal of deliciousness in one of the congested alleys of this old downtown. Try some of the spicy, tangy indulgences available at the chaat corners or munch in those piping hot deep-fried paranthas, and then head out for those sweet surprises like Jalebis and Randi, just about every bite would bring out a huge smile on your face, that's guaranteed.  


Image Courtesy: The Poor Nomad


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5. Heads Or Tales For A Cricket Match With Your Friends? I'd Say Sharat Manjoor - The Lagaan Way! 

Because Cricket is not a game, it's a national religion. And who would say no to the reason for a cricket match? I wouldn't! The day is yours and not a single one of your friends can make excuses for being stuck at work, so why not call them all and gather up for a match today. It's going to be so much fun after so long that you've held a bat and ran across the wickets for a score. 


Image Courtesy: Moov India



6. Get Your Senses Wrapped In Tricolour At Dilli-Haat 

As usually, the most vibrant colours of Republic day will be unveiled at the INA Delhi Haat this year as well. And to be one with those elements of patriotism is surely what will make your republic day celebrations more memorable. For when you're done exploring the cultural and national treasures of Delhi, it will be time that you indulge in some of the modern faces of Indian festivities. With themes and concerts being held on this occasion, there's not a single dull or drab moment at the INA Delhi Haat on Republic Day 2020. So make sure that this place is on your list if you're thinking to head out for some unique experiences that include shopping, music, sights that you would seal away in your mind and food that you won't mind coming back to. 


Image Courtesy: Luxurypage


7. Raisina Hill Becomes The Most Picturesque View In Delhi

After the Republic Day's ritualistic parade, the entire complex nearby is decorated with lights and patterns, making it a perfect backdrop for those Insta-pics you would need. Come here for a walk and you'll be left mesmerized with the colonial charm coupled with beautiful lights that make it all shine out loud in the night. Many say that getting to the Raisina Hill is equally a must-do thing as witnessing the parade is. So after you've done everything and been everywhere, just complete the day with this and make it a memorable evening for your loved ones. 


Image Courtesy: Youtube


8. Back At Home? Don't Netflix & Chill! Watch Republic Day Movies On T.V. 

By the time you're done doing all this, it'll be time for some homely comfort. After having to walk across the entire city and after you are done exploring your patriotic side today, there's just one perfect end to the day - Stealing the fuse conductors and saving the nation from a missile attack in movies like Tiranga & evoking a revolution within, for so did DJ in Rang De Basanti. A ritual enough for an occasion like the republic day, watching movies like Border, Tiranga, Krantiveer and Rang De Basanti would surely make for a perfect end to such a day, so don't miss out on this.  

Watch T.V On Republic Day

Image Courtesy: New On Netflix UK



9. Dinner date with fam

There are lot of things to do after a republic day parade in New Delhi — something which is the most feasible for you is to go on a family dinner with your mom, dad, partner, kins and kids. MagicPin is always there to save you extra bucks on the bill ;) Here are the top restaurants in Delhi.






Q1: What happens after the Republic Day parade in India?

Ans: The Republic Day festivities conclude with the Beating Retreat ceremony held on the evening of January 29, performed by the military bands of the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force.


Q2: What activities can be done on Republic Day to celebrate with kids?

Ans: Engage kids in making tricolour flags using paper or cardboard and paint. The best flag can be hoisted at home, fostering a sense of patriotism.


Q3: What is the main attraction at the Republic Day parade in India?

Ans: The grand parade at Kartavya Path in New Delhi is the main attraction, showcasing India's cultural and military diversity. It is witnessed by the President, Prime Minister, and a foreign dignitary.


Q4: Is the use of mobile phones allowed during the Republic Day parade?

Ans: No, the use of mobile phones is generally not allowed during the Republic Day parade as it is a security measure to ensure the smooth conduct of the event.


Q5. How to get Republic Day parade tickets?

Ans. To secure Republic Day parade tickets, visit IDTC Travel Counters, Government Tourist Office, or DTDC Counters for physical tickets. Departmental Sales Counters are open daily from 10 am to 5:30 pm, and Parliament House Reception Office sells tickets from 11 am to 4 pm.



So when you get back home, don't just nap away, but continue with the fun and watch some of the Republic Day specials on Netflix. Because come tomorrow, the same old grind would begin.





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