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6 Shopping Trends of 2022 You Must Follow

By Anubha Das

Updated - May 9, 20245 min read

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Finally, 2022 is here, and like every year, it’s time to implement something new in your life. And, what helps us do that? Shopping for a new fashion trend or a new food habit, a big yes! 


From a steady shift to sustainability in fashion to people opting for home-cooked food and becoming #InstagramChefs, we have seen it all. Now it is time to welcome 2022 and with it some amazing shopping trends. From home decor to food to fashion and beauty, we have curated a list that brings all the trends together.

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1. Geometric-patterned Decor

A trendy home can be many things because it is constantly changing, but an edgy home stays the same without ever going out of style. And nothing spells edgy to the T than the clean edges of uber-cool, geometric-patterned decor pieces. Inherently modern-looking, this style of interior decoration will remain timeless, include extremely versatile pieces, and can level up the vibe of any setting. So if you want to save yourself the pain of constantly keeping with the evolving decor shopping trends, and keep your money too, invest in geometric home accents and accessories. 


We recommend: THE LIGHT STORE Meirit White Geometric Pattern Wallchiere from Myntra @ 3,611


Image Courtesy: Myntra



2. Organic Munchies

We get it…New Year, New You! We agree as well and that’s why we had to mention organic munchies. Sure we all like our share of nachos with dips and those Nutella-oozing cookies. And, how can we forget the packet of aloo bhujiya that keeps us going through tough days. Now you can get the flavour of these Indian spices mixed with organic seeds and roasted nuts that will make snacking not only delicious but healthy too. There are a lot of brands offering traditional Indian snacks with an organic twist to them. Now, this is one of the shopping trends in 2022 that I am personally invested in! 


We recommend: Sundrop Popz Multigrain Munchies - With Dark Chocolatey Centre from Bigbasket @ ₹10


Image Courtesy: BigBasket



3. Drip Coffees

Tired of spending WAY too much money at coffee shops every day? There’s a multitude of options out there for brewing barista-level coffee at home. One of the most popular options is drip coffee. It creates a quick, delicious, oh-so-savory cup of joe. And, now that the era of showing off dalgona coffee is gone, this shopping trend has resurfaced in popularity as a result of the third wave of coffee. 


* Personally I have watched the entire season of Emily In Paris in one sitting to know that coffee with a view is the perfect pairing. * While we can't catch a flight to Paris, we can at least indulge in a good drip coffee at home.


We recommend: RAGE Coffee Rise Blend Ground Coffee Powder - Medium Roast from Flipkart @ ₹499


Image Courtesy: Flipkart



4. Pocket Saree

Pants are cool, so are suits but when you want to dress up a little, especially when you're celebrating or just want to feel cute, sarees are the easiest way to do it. Though one main problem most women have with sarees is that there are no pockets to carry phones or money, duh. Worry not, one of the most popular shopping trends of 2022 is pocket sarees. Yes, you heard it right! 2021 has been about challenging the ways of traditional clothing and a lot of top brands in womenswear have embraced that beautifully. Do not believe us?


Check out: Anouk Ethnic Motifs Art Silk Saree with Printed Border from Myntra @ ₹1,879


Image Courtesy: Myntra



5. Printed Shirts with Dhotis

Gone are the days when dhotis were only meant for elders. It is truly said, what goes around, comes back around. Undergoing extensive metamorphosis, men's dhoti has stood the test of time and today has become a trendy piece of clothing. But, how can you style your dhoti to stand out in the crowd? The answer is- Printed shirts.

Does the combo sound weird? Yes, but the style is not. Be a little rebellious and blend the west with India with printed shirts and your dhoti pants. Not only this, a leather jacket might just add that right oomph to your look. 


We recommend: Tistabene Men Blue Printed Casual Shirt from Myntra @ ₹809


Image Courtesy: G3 Fashion



6. Vegan Beauty Range

One shopping trend that we are extra thankful for is the vegan beauty products. There’s a lot to love about vegan beauty, starting with the fact that vegan makeup and skincare have come a long way from their outdated stereotypes. Gone are the assumptions that you have to settle for crunchy packaging or an off-putting scent to have transparency into how your products are formulated. Instead, vegan makeup today delivers serious pigment and long wear, all without the need to involve animals in the process. One of our favourite vegan skincare brands? Puresense! The Insta-worthy range brings the most luxurious skincare, bath and body, face care, and home spa products.


Image Courtesy: Puresense




Did we miss out on anything? We hope not, but in case we have, do comment below.