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Enjoy The Magic Of Pune At These Top Rooftop Cafes - March, 2024

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - March 18, 2024 7 min read

Tucked in the shadows of Sahyadri hills and made beautiful by many more pretty hill stations, Pune is the city of cheerful vibes and pleasant weather all throughout the year. It's one of the reasons why Punekars spend most of their time out in the wild. From going on long drives at night to spending their weekends on the nearest hilltop to eating at the best cafes, there's nothing you can't do in Pune. I don't know about you but being a foodie and a sucker for a great view I like that in a city.


Speaking of which, we have a comprehensive list of the best rooftop of cafes in Pune you need to check out right nowFebruary, 2024


Image Courtesy: magicpin

Atmosphere 6 is a rooftop lounge known for its contemporary rooftop and alfresco ambience. It is a complete package for party lovers as it provides a dance floor, smoking area, happy hours, live sports screening and a full bar. It is one of the top picks to enjoy a drink and serves lip-smacking food. Also a favourite amongst corporates, this place is one of the best rooftop restaurants in Pune giving a bird's eye view of the city.


Image Courtesy: Instagram

Chingari is a fine-dining rooftop restaurant that is known for its rooftop terrace with a view of the city. It opens in the evening until midnight and is very popular for its Mughlai delicacies. It is just the right getaway for all the lovebirds as it has a poolside setting which makes it for the perfect candlelight dinner.


Image Courtesy: Zomato

Laa Unico is a vegetarian outlet and stands for 'The Unique One'. It serves Jain Food and is one of the highest-rated rooftop restaurants in Pune. This cafe is a great place for family get-togethers where one can opt for indoor seating too. The outdoor seating area is spacious and eccentric. There is also a full bar that serves some amazing artisan cocktails.


Image Courtesy: Justdial

A luxury-dining rooftop restaurant in Pune, Addah - The O Hotel is known for its patio-terrace seating with a view. It is a hot pick of Punekars when it comes to rooftop and romantic restaurants. The whole ambience is adorned with candle-lit lamps, a seating area by the pool and an umbrella-setting that will transport you to a beach shack.


Image Courtesy: TripAdvisor

Jonky Cafe & Brewery is a casual dining outlet and is also one of the best bars and rooftop restaurants in Pune. The indoor seating area is very calm with elements of wood and greenery while the outdoor and rooftop area is super happening. The cafe has a full bar known to serve some lip-smacking cocktails. The service at this place is quite fast but if you're looking to have a nice time sometime after evening, book the table in advance. 


Image Courtesy: Eatigo

Inspired by the 50s era of Victorian Britain, Teddy Boy is a casual dining rooftop bar in Pune. The outlet is made better with a fusion menu which is conceptualized by Master Chef fame, Doyel Sarangi. The bar menu is equally diverse, comprising of artisan shots and cocktails. The indoor area of the outlet has a modern English pub vibe and the rooftop area has a fantastic view of the hills and the city. Teddy Boy offers a warm, elegant and retro look you'd want to be a part of again.


Image Courtesy: Fit Foodie Megha

Rude Lounge is a rooftop restaurant in Pune known for its nightlife, party vibes, and amazing ambience. The entrance has a close resemblance to those secret underground nightclubs in London and the walls are adorned with quirky drinking quotes. It's an A-rated bar (which means you're not allowed until you are 18 years old) with live music and many other entertainment sessions. The rooftop is most appealing after the sunset. Go here for a colourful seating area along with a lit bar, amazing view, upside-down bucket lamps, rock music, sculptures and delicious food. It's one of the best rooftop restaurants in Pune and you know it.


Image Courtesy: Facebook

The Flying Saucer Sky Bar offers the best view and rooftop section in Pune. This place is a great pick for night outs, general catching up with friends and breezy conversations under the stars. The huge and beautiful open space provides room for different types of seating sections which we absolutely appreciate. It also has an equally beautiful indoor seating area you can enjoy. Just make sure you reserve your table before you head out. Also, don't forget to try their popular dishes such as Beijing Crispy Dumplings, Koliwada Prawns and Chocolate Butter Cake.


Image Courtesy: magicpin

Open Window Cafe Bistro is a casual dining rooftop eatery in Pune with a beautiful view of lush green trees of the hills. It is the ultimate abode for all foodies, especially those who take soothing music on the side. From decor to seating to silver and more... everything blends into the ambience which is very bright and colourful. As you enter, you are greeted by a lot of coloured painted whiskey bottles with Bollywood stars painted on them. The rooftop area is decked with colourful elements on the wall and a spacious seating area. The food here is to die for, however, if we had to pick a few, we definitely recommend - Chicken Tacos, Mutton Chops and Grilled fish. 


Image Courtesy: Instagram

Penthouze is a rooftop bar in Pune known for its amazing location and panoramic view of the city. Very popular among the corporates, the place serves excellent dishes including Murgh Makhani Fondue, Chicken BBQ Wings and Cilantro Jalapeno Pizza. There is indoor seating available for those who enjoy the inside. However, the rooftop area sports a long dual sidebar counter that stocks a variety of artisan drinks you shouldn't miss out on. This place is also known to host crazy night parties generally loved and enjoyed by the youngsters in the city. 


Image Courtesy: WhatsHOT

Paasha is a fine dining rooftop outlet known for the most exclusive options for Northern Western frontier cuisine with a fantastic view. This rooftop cafe in Pune makes for a perfect candlelight dinner. Enjoy the finest liquor, have the best food and thank your fortune for this lovely life partner. 


Image Courtesy: Eatigo

Mineority By Saby, as the name suggests, is known for its food from the mining regions of India and the world, and super innovative cocktails. Every wall and every picture around has a story to tell. The rooftop area has a colourful setting which makes this place one of the most chromatic, cute and candy open-air restaurant in the city. This lively rooftop cafe in Pune is popping with colours, Kantha print couches, quirky wall art and an illustrious bar. And if that wasn't enough, you can enjoy live sports screening while nibbling on yummy dishes such as Pork Ribs, Charcoal Chicken and Mutton Rezala. 


Image Courtesy: Facebook

Rated as one of the best top rooftop restaurants in Pune, Trikaya is known for its tranquil ambience and authentic South-East Asian fare. It is a nice place with a glittering ambience, an amazing outdoor seating facility and a full bar. Also marked as a suitable spot for romantic couples, the restaurant is considered to be one of the perfect places for an ideal dinner outing. Make the most of their multi-cuisine menu by hogging on scrummy dishes such as Drunken Pork, Butter Chicken and more. A note though: don't forget to make reservations before you go. 


Image Courtesy: Cuba Libre

Cuba Libre is a popular pub slash casual dining rooftop outlet in Pune. It has a pretty unique interior with wooden tables and seatings decorated with bright lights over the top making the ambience very mesmerizing. The cafe has an amazing bar that covers up all the liquor brands and the food is more lip-smacking than it is delicious. Check this place out with your friends and colleagues for a fun night. 


Image Courtesy: Party Karo

Yolo Gastro Bar is a casual dining outlet known for having a spaced out rooftop ambience. It has a homey, cheers-at-the-pub sorta vibes that’s warm and welcoming to almost any newbie in Pune. There's even an elevated dance floor and a big screen for all sports fanatics. The outlet provides all the facilities including happy hours, dance floor, live music, full bar and so on. They also serve Jain food for the vegans. 


A good rooftop restaurant has the best setting where you can relish your food whilst you make most of the sunny afternoon or a starry night. We hope we have covered the best rooftop restaurants in Pune where you can enjoy a spectacular view of the ever-so dazzling city in all its glory.


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