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Don't Just Spin The Bottle! This New Year's Eve Have A Blast At These Top NYE Events In Delhi

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - Dec. 24, 2019 9 min read

New Year's Eve events are available a dozen a dime in Delhi, but what's not is a list of the best NYE events in 2020. But you need not fret over such things, for you won't have to go around searching for the best New Year's celebrations in D-town after reading this. From parties to dinners and stay packages, this is an all-inclusive list for one and all of those looking for a ravishing New Year's eve experience this once. 


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Let's Glow Crazy NYE 2K20 At Turf Greens Cricket Ground 

Talking of New Year's Eve events in Delhi, what do you expect from a scintillating night on such an occasion? Well, a bonfire, live music, DJs, Punjabi bhangra beats, some appetizing starters, a main-course buffet spread with unlimited mixers (BYOB) & the best of all, a glow in the dark theme, is what we call the perfect recipe for an NYE celebration in Delhi. Where to find one this once, at the Turf Greens Cricket Ground. Make no mistakes of waiting for the right time, as the slots are limited and filling up fast! So wake up and make the bookings right away if you don't wish to miss out on one of the best New Year's Eve events in Delhi.  


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Date & Time: 31st December 2019, 08:30 PM Onwards

Venue Details: Turf Greens Cricket Ground, Baliawas (Get Directions)

Package Price: INR 1533 Onwards

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NYE 2020 Celebration At The Park New Delhi

Think of a place that's a melting pot of NYE celebrations in the city, and "The Park" is something that rises above the rest. Home to 4 of the most lively entertainment hubs in Delhi, the options include Punjabi musical wisdom, tunes by one of the most talented female DJs in the city, a place for the live music lovers among, and pulsating DJ sessions for those who would love to tap their feet till the morning. 


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Date & Time: 31st December 2019, 07:30 PM Onwards

Venue Details: Multiple Spots, The Park New Delhi (Get Directions

Package Price: INR 3999 Onwards

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New Year's 2020 Grand Celebration At The Rurban Village

Thrilling activities and live performances, the New Year's 2020 at the Rurban Village is an NYE celebration you won't forget so easily. From 3:00 PM till midnight, your New Year's eve is totally sorted this once when at The Rurban Village. Come here and experience fun activities, folk dancing, Zorbing, boating and nosh in a delectable buffet with soothing beverages that will make your new year's celebrations the best you would've ever experienced before.  


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Date & Time: 31st December 2019, 3 PM Onwards

Venue Details: The Rurban Village Resort

Package Price: INR 4999 Onwards

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Dramatic Dining At TK's Oriental Grill

Step into the new year with a gastronomically marvellous experience here. A perfect spot for the food lovers among, the Dramatic Dining at TK's Oriental Grill is all you need to make your NYE better and bigger on fun and feasts. Teppanyaki delights, oriental grilled assortments and much more on the palette would definitely leave you wanting more. It's unique but equally entertaining, and what else is even needed for a new year's eve? We, say nothing better can you come across than the Dramatic Dining At TK's Oriental Grill for your NYE 2020 celebrations.  


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Date & Time: 31st December 2019, 08:00 PM Onwards

Venue Details: TK's Oriental Grill, Hyatt Regency Delhi (Get Directions)

Package Price: INR 10195 Onwards

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NYE Bollywood Night At Royal Hall

The party mood is set up right at the Royal Hall's NYE Bollywood Night. Kick start 2020 with a ravishing eve at Hotel The Royal Plaza Connaught Place. With a perfect combination of fun, Bollywood beats, a lavish dinner and unlimited IMFLs out of the bar, you won't come across many such NYE events that are as full to the brim with celebrations and all things entertainment.  


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Date & Time: 31st December 2019, 09:00 PM Onwards

Venue Details: Royal Hall, Hotel The Royal Plaza (Get Directions)

Package Price: INR 9440 Onwards

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New Year's Eve Dinner At 24/7 The Lalit

A new year's eve Dinner that would last your festivities for long ahead in the year to come. It's lavish and sumptuously delectable a feast that's evidently tough to match. To be held at one of the biggest names in the world of hospitality, the Lalit, your new year's eve experience is sure to scale up if you are planning to be here. If you're looking for grandeur NYE celebration that's luxurious and drool-worthy both at the same once, then think of nowhere but the New Year's Eve Dinner at 24/7, the Lalit.


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Date & Time: 31st December 2019, 09:00 PM Onwards

Venue Details: 24/7, The Lalit New Delhi (Get Directions)

Package Price: INR 10348 Onwards

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The Roaring 20's New Year 2020 At Royal Bistro Brewery

New Year's eve with Live DJ, a buffet that's one for all and imported liquors, the Roaring 20's is one of the most extravagant NYE events in D-town. Although, the venue is something worth looking up to itself, yet the Roaring 20s would make for the real deal this 31st eve. Save the date for this event if you've not planned for anything and if your party destination is more likely to be the Connaught Place New Delhi.  


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Date & Time: 31st December 2019, 09:00 PM Onwards

Venue Details: Royal Bistro & Brewery, Hotel The Royal Plaza (Get Directions)

Package Price: 11682 Onwards

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New Year's Eve Celebration With DJ Ritmo

Groove to the musical wisdom of DJ Ritmo, an iconic presence in the world of Hip Hop and Moombahthon this New Year's eve. Such an occasion with an artist with a great sense of musical skills is surely going to be a memorable journey into the next year. What more? At the PIKLE, where fun and celebrations get a new definition in the city, your New Year's Eve is going to be a fun fest this year and so you've got to be there on time.  


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Date & Time: 31st December 2019 - 01st January 2020, 09:00 PM - 01:00 AM

Venue Details: PIKKLE New Delhi, Pusa Road (Get Directions)

Package Price: INR 4499 Onwards

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NYE Celebrations With Sidhu Moosewala At SoHo Delhi

If you've loved tapping your head to the tunes of Sidhu Moosewala in 2019, then here's your chance to catch him live. And what an occasion to do so, the New Year's Eve 2020, makes for the perfect mood to groove into the musical aura of the legendary Punjabi music wizard. Organised by SoHo At the Ashok Hotel, all your party cravings and desires are sure to be satiated this once. Make way for the star-studded night, for one of the best NYE events in Delhi has knocked on your door already.   


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Date & Time: 31st December 2019, 10:00 PM Onwards

Venue Details: SoHo, Hotel Ashok, New Delhi (Get Directions)

Package Price: INR 4000 Onwards

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New Year's Eve Escape At The Umrao

The New Year's Eve Escape at The Umrao is nothing short of an odyssey of fun & celebrations. To be held at Umrao, which is an epitome of luxurious hospitality in Delhi, your NYE celebrations won't get any better than the New Year's Escape this 2020. Choose from an array of stay packages, poolside party packs and ballroom celebrations that would make for the best celebrations ever. Come here and experience the magic of Umrao, where comfort meets Grandeur celebrations.  


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Date & Time: 31st December 2019, 02:00 PM - 03:00 PM 

Venue Details: The Umrao, New Delhi

Package Price: Stay Packages from 19,999 Onwards, Party Only Packages From 8999 Onwards

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Given the lavish spreads, the extravagantly curated menus of entertainment and the never ending memories you garner at these spots, it's no point in wondering about why people celebrate the end of something and look up to new beginnings on NYEs. These New Year's Eve events in Delhi are simply the most celebrated conjunctions of life. Come, drink, party, celebrate and live out of your nutshell this day and feel alive once again, before the responsibilities and the daily chores strike again. Make the most of this NYE 2020 at these best New Year's events in all of Delhi. 



Q: Are the tickets to these events transferable or amendable?

A: No the tickets to these events come with a non-transferable, non-refundable and non-amendable clause. Please confirm your availability and comfort before booking for these events. 


Q: Is there an age restriction applied?

A: No, ideally there won't be any age-restriction implied on entry to these events, however, to have alcoholic drinks at these parties, one has to be above the Legal Drinking Age.


Q. Will there be a mandatory dress code as well?

A. Until and unless there is a theme that requires you to wear something specific, there won't be a dress-code. For men, shoes might be compulsory at a majority of these events, yet for exact information on the same, please go through the updated terms and conditions before making reservations. 


Q. Will parking facility be available?

A. No, your ticket or entry fee does not cover any parking charges and parking nearby the event is solely at the owner's risk. 


Q. Can I re-enter the event if I have to leave the premises due to some reason?

A. No, re-entry or re-issuance of access to the event is not allowed. 


Q. Will Professional Photography be allowed? Can I carry recording devices to these events?

A. No, at either of these NYE 2020 Events, you are not allowed to carry any professional photography or recording devices apart from your regular smartphone device according to the terms and conditions applied.


Q. Will stag entry be available at these events? Will a couple-entry be mandatory?

A.  No, stag entry is available at all of these events, on a comparatively higher price per person, but stags will be allowed to every single one of these NYE 2020 events in Delhi. 

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