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5 Best Places To Party On New Year In Mumbai And Welcome 2022 With A Bash!

By Anubha Das

Updated - Dec. 29, 2021 3 min read

Fed up with being stuck at home in front of the TV on New Year's Eve whilst others are out celebrating? Worry not! We will make sure that this year's celebration in Mumbai becomes one of the best experiences of your life. Just imagine the "Cultural City of India" decked up with lights and bright colors. We know right, even the imagination can give you goosebumps.


So here we have selected for you the best New Year's Eve parties in Mumbai.


Scroll down!


1. Imagicaa New Year Bash 2022

Crazy rides, and a whole host of grub and spirits, this open-air new-year spectacle is something that no party freak would want to miss! Best part? The rides will be operational till the wee hours of the night to ring in 2022 with a blast.


Timing: 5 PM onwards

Prices: ₹2,294 onwards

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2. TAP Big Bang NYE 2022

TAP Resto Bar at Andheri is one of the best party places in Mumbai, which will be all set up to welcome 2022 in style. If you cannot stop tapping your feet as the music starts, then this is truly your place. Reserve your spot a bit early to avoid any last-minute surprises.


Timing: 7 PM onwards

Prices: ₹1,500 onwards

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3. New Year Night with Glocal Junction

From Spanish-style cocktails to mouthwatering food, you will get everything at Glocal Junction to make your NYE one to cherish and remember. Just like other party places, they are also maintaining strong COVID-19 protocols; therefore, the seats are in limited numbers. You must get your booking done so that you can enjoy New Year's Eve to the fullest.


Timing: 8 PM onwards

Prices: ₹2,000 onwards

Image Courtesy: Paytm Insider



4. Bora Bora Big Bang NYE 2022

A lot of dancing and dinner, Bora Bora is a place where all Mumbaikars should be hogging and downing drinks on  New Year's Eve. Not only this, the delectable dessert bar will leave you drooling even before you dig in. You'll be doing rock-n-roll through the night!


Timing: 7 PM onwards

Prices: ₹1,500 onwards

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5. New year eve Camping at Prabalmachi

This is a  place for people who do not like dancing and want some quiet time with their loved ones. So set up your camp, enjoy a bonfire, and sing one or two songs while playing your guitar while having a majestic view of the fireworks. You can also plan a trek the next morning.


Timing: 5 PM

Meeting Point: Panvel Railway Station

Prices: ₹1,200 onwards

Image Courtesy: Ticketexpress


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Wishing you a Happy New Year!



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