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From Fusion To Funk & Jazz - Be A Part Of These Top Musical Events In Delhi NCR This September 2019

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 7 min read

Music has always been a heal for the soul. Tranquil, pleasurable, melodic, and simply blissful is what defines music. There's always something about music that connects souls from far across the globe and diminishes boundaries from among and beyond, without making you do anything.


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Listening to these harmonical symphonies, we forget everything else that makes us sad or sorrowed! And to get to listen something afresh, just born into words and melodies, is a pleasure beyond any description.


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So today, we bring you a list of similar opportunities in Delhi NCR, that'll make you feel the magic within. Presenting the best music events in Delhi NCR for the ultimate music lovers among!



Sunburn Arena Wiz Khalifa Live

And the night is here finally! The Wiz Khalifa event is all set to make the Delhiites jump and groove and bang their heads to the beats. The Sunburn Arena Wiz Khalifa Live is undeniably the most awaited event of this year and so let me tell you one thing loud and clear fellas, there won't be another any time soon. If you're still not booked for the fling yet, then this is the final shoutout to all the Cam aficionados out there, get them tickets before the chance walks by!


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Date & Venue Details: 14th September 2019, Saturday, Unitech Country Club, Noida - (Get Direction)

Event Link: Click Here

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The Piano Man Presents Niladri Chakravarty & Jishnu Banerji

The latest gig about this duo is all things amazing for the music lovers among. The cumulated talent pool is sure to arouse all your musically vulnerable senses this night. As passionate the two musicians are all about their music, the final outcome is equally sensual and worth a connoisseur's time. So make reservations today and explore the divinity!


Image Courtesy: Book My Show


Date & Venue Details: 16th September 2019, Monday, The Piano Man Jazz Club, Delhi - (Get Direction)

Event Link: Click Here 

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Sufi Nights ft. Haroon - Powered By Diga Gig

Who can deny the soothing enchantment of Sufi notes! Well, the Sufi nights are all about this entice. So let's transcend into a divine state of trance with the Sufi maestro, Haroon. The Santoor, Saz & Rabab accompanied with various other percussion and electronic voice-makers will make you delve in the beautiful world of Sufi pleasure!


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Date & Venue Details: 18th September 2019, Wednesday, Cafe Circle New Delhi - (Get Direction)

Event Link: Click Here

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Friday Nights Live ft. Antariksh

Get ready to be astonished by the new definition of Rock! Antariksh, a well-recognized name in the Indian rock music industry is sure to make you tap your feet as the fusion of Indian-rock emanates its essence in the air. It's definitely a charged up, power-packed event if nothing less. So get ready to groove and grunge as the hits the town!


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Date & Venue Details: 20th September 2019, Friday, Hard Rock Cafe, Gurgaon - (Get Direction)

Event Link: Click Here

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The Piano Man Presents The Revisit Project

A tribute to the Hindi music industry and the contemporary funk/jazz, the fusion is an ethnical conundrum or a pleasure, it's on you to decide. But whoever has been ears to the music would tell you that every second spent listening to these musical geniuses is worth every effort put in.


Image Courtesy: Book My Show


Date & Venue Details: 21st September 2019, Saturday, The Piano Man Jazz Club, Delhi - (Get Direction)

Event Link: Click Here

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The Piano Man Presents Arunjoy Das

Music formulated with inspiration from musical legends like Michael Jackson and Damien Rice, Arunjoy brings a sense of magic to the stage while on it. Witnessing this talented vocalist-guitarist bring musical wisdom alive is sure to make a spot for you in his fans list. So get ready to behold the sparkling yet soothing musical melancholy of Arunjoy Das!


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Date & Venue: 23rd September 2019, MondayThe Piano Man Jazz Club, Delhi - (Get Direction)

Event Link: Click Here

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Sufi Nights ft. Salman Live at Circle Cafe

Another Sufi night in the list is no less enticing than the other. The power of inspiring poetry courted with musical rage is sure to set ablaze those diminished emotions within. To make it all alive and kicking, the artist, Salman is the mind behind! So rest assured about the night being a memory to remember!


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Date & Venue Details: 25th September 2019, Wednesday, Cafe Circle New Delhi - (Get Direction)

Event Link: Click Here

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Thursday Live ft, Desi Roots

The music of Desi Roots defines the name more properly than any other band. Inspired from Indian music legends, the combo is an amalgamation of seasoned artists and talents. And the outcome, sheer musical pleasure. A perfect opportunity for music lovers in Delhi, the Thursday Live ft. Desi Roots is one place you need to be for the love of astounding symphonies.


Image Courtesy: Book My Show


Date & Venue Details: 26th September 2019, Thursday, Hard Rock Cafe, Gurgaon - (Get Direction)

Event Link: Click Here

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Mindrocks is not just confined to the huge intellect transfer among idols and fans, but it is also a center stage for amazing music. An annually held event by India Today is sure to make a place in your bucket list if you be here once. For the love of music and more, Mindrocks is the name to look up to.


Image Courtesy: India Today


Date & Venue Details: 28th September 2019, Saturday, Jawaharlal Nehru Weightlifting Indoor Auditorium - (Get Direction)

Event Link: Click Here

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The Piano Man Presents Pragnya Wakhlu

Touted as the future of Indian indie, Pragnya Wakhlu, a Delhi based musician is a pleasure for the ears if nothing at all. Incorporating a fusion of East & West into Hindi, English, Tibetian & Kashmiri folk sounds, her music hinges upon every listener's mind. Keeping the gig interactive and her audience involved, the aura she creates with her music is truly a blessing for souls.


Image Courtesy: Book My Show


Date & Venue Details: 30th September 2019, Monday, The Piano Man Jazz Club, Delhi - (Get Direction)

Event Link: Click Here

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Music connects each and every soul with an invisible string of emotional intent. Coming from different ethnicities, cultures, backgrounds and even with these various differences among each other, we still can relate to the symphonies from far across. And that is how we call it a blessing if nothing else. So make the most of these events and soak in the musical wisdom as much as you can!



Q. Am I allowed to take outside food to these events?

A. No, these events offer food on a chargeable basis and hence outside food is not allowed.


Q. Will there be liquor available at these events?

A. Availability of alcoholic beverages is completely on the venue authorities, at the resto-bars, alcohol would be served (Chargeable) and even at the events like Sunburn Arena Wiz Khalifa Live. However, you must be above the legal drinking age to buy alcoholic drinks inside these events. 


Q. Are the tickets refundable?

A. In most cases, these are non-refundable tickets and for more accurate information on this you'll have to get in touch with the venue authorities. Also, the event authorities reserve the right to cancel or amend the reservations without any prior notice or refund.


Q. What if I transfer my tickets to a friend?

A. Events where individual registration is mandatory, the tickets cannot be transferred or amended. However, at events where the ticket allows entry without any prior registration, you can transfer it to your friends or family. 


Q. Is there any age restriction for these events?

A. Again the age restriction is subject to the event authorities' discretion and for more accurate information, you'll have to check the terms & conditions on the specific event's online page or booking details. 


Q. Will parking be available at these events?

A. Parking & Transportation is not available by the event authorities. Parking your vehicles near the venue is solely at your own risk.

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