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8 Indian Dancers Who Are Killin' It Everywhere

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - April 28, 2020 5 min read

Dancing is low-key underestimated when it comes to looking for ways to inspire ourselves. It's almost comical how we seek encouragement in motivational quotes and public speakers and not the dancers who are literally the best people to talk about passion, perseverance and struggle. I bet most of you have been impersonating the hook moves on the dance floors and killing the monsters under the bed with your devil may care routine since your childhood but never thought of following a dancer for inspiration. 


Well, this is going to change. I give you 8 best dancers in our country who have been killing it everywhere with their moves and compassion. Not only they are inspiring but damn good at what they do. 



Melvin Louis

A dancer and choreographer known for his unique dancing style is a sensation on YouTube and very popular among celebrities. His latest YouTube video with Nora Fatehi crossed 16 million views on the platform with 3.71 million subscribers and this is just the tip of the ice-berg. Melvin Louis's choreography with Sandeepa Dhar, Gauhar Khan and other celebs on latest Bollywood songs got him on the map and we are thankful for that. His career took a leap after his participation in a popular dance reality show Dance India Dance and he never looked back. Check him out for soothing, chemistry-driven and out-of-the-box dance moves. 





Or Bhangra Funk is a brainchild of two very talented dancers; Chaya Kumar And Shivani Bhagwan. Combining bhangra with B-wood, the two most stimulating dance form is a happy risk they took and now they are a successful entrepreneur teaching their signature dance moves and spreading joy all around the world. With 1.44 million YouTube subscribers these ladies have collaborated with big names like Shah Rukh Khan, Dlijit Dosanjh and more. Their enormous fanbase is clearly nuts about this novel dancing style and I am sure you will love them too. BFunk website is also running in action to teach you guys all their crazy routines online. 




Himanshu Dulani

A young boy from Mumbai with 222K subscribers on YouTube is stealing everyone's heart with his swag and urban hip hop dance moves. Known for his unbreakable bond with beats and details, Dulani is a real mood for all the dance lovers. Himanshu Dulani's most popular video on YouTube on the beats of Jazzy-B's Dil Luteya has around 4.4 million views. You'll come for his killer moves and stay for that dancer's swagger wrapped around genius choreography. Don't complain if you spend your entire day admiring his dancing.




Sushant Khatri

A gifted dancer from Nepal came to India with immense talent and b-boying moves and look at him now. An inspiring artist who probably eats lyrics for breakfast and feast on his confounded love for hip-hop. Now a lyrical hip-hopper, Khatri has seen his share of struggle before becoming a finalist in a popular dance reality show Dance Plus 2 and now a successful choreographer working for Bollywood films. A real-life dancing saint who will take you to the state calm and peace, and probably leave you there. The after-taste of his performances is blissful.




Kings United India

A group of underdogs from Vasai, Mumbai who not only made it to the planet's biggest dance competition World Hip Hop Championship in 2015 but also brought home a bronze medal. Since then they have only known heights. From inspiring the script for Remo D'Souza's ABCD-2 to actually claiming first place in NBC's World Of Dance season 3 in 2019, they made India proud in the dancing community across the globe. With 896K subscribers on YouTube and their mentor as Suresh Mukund, Kings United India has successfully won India's Got Talent in 2013 and been a tough competitor in a popular dance-based reality show, Dance Plus. For major hip-hop moves, crazy stunts and mind-boggling theatrics inspiration these people are highly recommended. Don't miss out on Kings United India official website.




Dhanashree Verma

A firey spirit with a get-up-and-go attitude and mad Bolly moves, Dhanashree Verma has her fair share of fame with 1.34 million YouTube users and 385K followers on Ig across the world. Founder of Dhanashree Verma Company is a well-known dancer among popular celebrities like Sargun Mehta, Guru Randhawa, Harrdy Sandhu and a doctor too(crazy right?). Her energy is transferrable, which means that you won't be able to control yourself when she is dancing in front of you. So don't forget to put on your dancing shoes before you check her out. 




Kruti Mahesh's Kruti Dance Academy

A proud face and dancer behind Kruti Dance Academy is also a celebrated choreographer in Bollywood. Her work can be clearly seen in the box office hit Padmavat through Deepika Padukone's Ghoomar dance number. Kruti Mahesh's initial fame was her graceful talents in a popular dance reality show Dance India Dance season 2 which soon turned into a passion that drove her to win National awards for her brilliant work in the industry. Kruti's Ted Talk video on YouTube is definitely inspirational and worth the watch. 




Team Naach

Another girl duo with 3.23 million subscribers on YouTube and zeal to make everyone dance. Sonal Devraj and Nicole Concessao are both from the classical background and began their journey as passionate college students. Since then Team Naach has been about elegant and graceful covers of popular songs and semi-classical dance numbers that are easy to follow and mesmerising to watch. They've even matched steps with the well-known Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor for an easy choreography number on Gud Naal and more. I bet this kind of real-life inspiration is hard to find in something as subjective as motivational quotes.




Celebrate dance for what it is, an art, religion and the best mode of inspiration. Happy International Dance Day!


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