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Top 5 Holi 2020 Parties In Delhi NCR

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - Feb. 18, 2020 4 min read

Get ready to rock your mind and get high on fun & festivities of Holi celebrations in Delhi. If you're one of those who go crazy for the paradisaical splashes of colours and masti, then here's how to make the best of this occasion at the top Holi 2020 parties in Delhi.



Rang De The Colour Of Happiness

6 Hours of non-stop masti, dance and celebrations would grace your Holi festivities. And if you're tired of those harmful colours that take ages to come off, welcome the goodness of organic this once and splash your way to fun at a Rain Dance and Water Balloons around a swimming pool. In addition to which, you'll have fun games, greeted with a Thandai Counter and served some mouthwatering food. For those who think it isn't enough, there'll be live music, dhol sessions, photo booths and a Kids Section for those with their bundles of joy along. 


Image Courtesy: Book My Show


Date & Time: Tuesday, 10th March, 12:00 PM Onwards

Venue: Durga Puja Park, Sector 13 Dwarka (Get Directions)

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The Biggest & Craziest Holi In Town

The biggest and the ultimate spot for happiness is the craziest Holi party of 2020 in Delhi. The line would make you revel in the festive madness, including the musical wisdom of Sidhu Moosewala, Amrit Maan & Himanshi Khurana. Come here to shake a leg to Punjabi beats and the most pulsating vibes for a Holi Party in Delhi.  


Image Courtesy: Book My Show


Date & Time: Tuesday, 10th March, 11:00 AM Onwards

Venue: Ambria Tivoli Pushpanjali (Get Directions)

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Imperfecto Holi Festival 2020

Well, hold onto your breath and make way for the most talked-about Holi Celebrations in D-town. The Second edition of Imperfecto Holi Festival is back to make your Holi celebrations shout out loud. To be held at Imperfecto Patio, which is a melting pot of feast-ivities in Delhi NCR, is going to get all things fun this Holi. The power-packed event should be on your Holi bucket list if you like your Holi mad and served to you on a colourful palette of goodness.   


Image Courtesy: Insider


Date & Time: Tuesday, 10th March, 10:00 AM Onwards

Venue: Imperfecto Patio, Sector 51 Gurgaon (Get Directions)

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Supermoon Holi Fest 

Supermoon has come to town with a splash of Holi celebration to Delhiites. Raising the bar of Holi Parties to a whole new level with some of the most talented musicians like Jasmine Sandlas, DJ Barkha, the Hari Sukhmani Duo, Nina X Malika and some eco-friendly-organic condiments of fun, your Holi 2020 is sure to be a cherished memory for the rest of your life. For when you run out of breath, just take yourself away to the food and beverage options that include a Thandaai corner as well. Come here for fun and stay longer for the food, you won't leave disappointed.   


Image Courtesy: Insider


Date & Time: Sunday, 8th March, 10:00 AM Onwards

Venue: Yet To Be Announced (Get Directions)

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Let's Get Coloured At The Blue Camp Dumdama Lake

Colour it up and make the Holi Celebrations 2020 the best ever at the Blue Camp Dumduma Lake. This feast of life includes Live DJ for you to groove to the tunes, Folk music/Dancers of Rajasthan for those who like it traditional, Rain Dance - well who doesn't love it,  Sprinklers All Over to keep you drenched in fun, DHOL sessions for you to skip a beat to madness, Organic Colours for we know you like to get wild, Thandai & Pakoras to replenish your soul, Splash Pool for you to become kids again, Water Canons & Water Balloons for there are no Holi memories without these. Just one thing you'll need to do is make reservations before the slots run out. 


Image Courtesy: Book My Show


Date & Time: Tuesday, 10th March, 10:00 AM Onwards

Venue: The Blue Camp, Dumduma Lake Haryana (Get Directions)

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Q. How to Protect Your Skin from Harmful Colours?
A. Follow the below techniques to protect your skin from the harmful colors of Holi:

1. Apply Coconut and Mustard Oils.
2. Don't Forget Sunscreen.
3. Apply Nail Paint.
4. Wear Sunglasses.
5. Beware of Cuts and Wounds.
6. Use Herbal Colours.
7. Don't Stay in Wet Clothes.
8. Stay Hydrated. 

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