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Upgrade Your Hair Game With These Trending Hairstyles For Long Hair

By Vaishali Valecha

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 10 min read

Everyone wishes to have and flaunt long, luscious and thick hair. But let's get real, the longer the hair, the harder it gets to manage them. Not only hair care but even styling becomes an issue. Eventually, we end up tying our hair away in a ponytail or just simply let them be, plain and open. But fret not as we decided to make your life easy by presenting you a curated list of hairstyles for long hair to help you choose the hairstyle you can make for your next party and flaunt your mane like a goddess.  


1. Twisted Half Updo

Want a quick fix for the mornings when you don't have time to make a proper hairstyle because you're running late for work? Twist your locks! Yes, this is hands-down the easiest hairstyle/updo that anyone can achieve under a minute. All you need to do is take two one inch sections and start twisting them one by one. Once you're done twisting, pull and tug of the sections for a fluffy and voluminous look and tie them at the crown portion of your hair with a hair tie or a small hair clip and you're set. 


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2. Messy Bun

Raise your hands if you make perfect messy buns when you don't have anywhere to be and fail miserably when you actually put effort and want to head out with this look as your hairstyle for the day? Messy buns can defo get tricky but if you want to master this style, follow along. Grab all your hair and form a high ponytail, now start twisting. This will help the bun stay strong at the base. Tie the bun with a hair tie and start pulling and tugging for that messy vibe. Be careful while doing this you don't want the strand to fall out of the actual bun. Secure it with some bobby pins and a nice hairspray. You can pull out some strand in front to frame your face and give it a more relaxed and feminine feel. 


Image Source: Pinterest



3. Bubble Ponytail

Give a twist to the basic ponytail by adding bubbles to it. Pull your hair into a regular ponytail and tie it with a hair tie. Next, take a small strand of hair and cover the hair tie by wrapping it around and secure it with a bobby pin. Now, the real task begins. Randomly or at a four finger distance tie another hair tie and stretch on the first bubble that you just created for the volume. Take a small strand of hair and wrap it around the hair tie to cover it up. Keep repeating the same steps until you reach your desired length. Viola! your bubble ponytail is ready.  


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4. Boxer Braids

If you know how to create the basic french braid, you are sorted. This hairstyle might look complicated but it's not. Reverse French braid a.k.a. the infamous Dutch braid is the key for this power pack boxer style braids. Start by dividing your hair into two equal halves. Take one side and braid the first knot as a basic three-strand braid but instead of braiding the strands on top of each other braid them under each other. Right from the second knot, incorporate extra hair from each side and make sure you keep braiding the strands underneath each other. This hairstyle might take a little practice but in the end, it'll be worth it!


Image Source: Pinterest


5. Bow Updo 

Want a cute and unique look? Go ahead with this bow updo and look like a walking birthday present. Grab two sections from either side of your head and pull them back at the crown portion of the head. Tie them into a ponytail but leave the last twist halfway through creating a small loop. Divide this loop into two halves with the help of clips. Separate one loop with a sectioning clip. Lay the second loop flat against your head and secure it down from the underside with a bobby pin. Repeat the previous step on the other loop. Flip the tail of your ponytail up and over the centre of the bow and pin it to your head to secure it in place. Finish off with some hair spray to lock the bow to its place and you'll be good to go.


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6. Braided Low Buns

A combination of braids and buns, this hairstyle screams boho vibes. Start parting your hair into two sections. Take one side and braid the first knot as a basic three-strand braid but instead of braiding the strands on top of each other braid them under each other forming a dutch braid. Right from the second knot, incorporate extra hair from each side and make sure you keep braiding the strands underneath each other. Stop braiding once you reach the nape of your neck and create a bun with leftover hair. Secure well with a hair tie and bobby pins. Tug and pull on the braids and the buns for a messy look. 


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7. Milkmaid Braid 

Planning on heading out to a music festival? This simple hairstyle is going to make you look cute and princess like. Part your hair into a middle parting, creating two sections and make a regular three stranded braids. Take one of the braids and lay it on top of your head and secure with some bobby pins. Now, take the other braid and overlap it on top the first braid and secure with bobby pins. Set with some hairspray and take a few strands out to frame your face. Don't forget to pull and stretch the braids for a bigger and messy look.


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8. Twisted Bun

An effortless hairdo that looks beautiful and chic. Perfect for prom or cocktail parties, this hairstyle is perfect for girls with long hair. It might seem that you've taken hours to create this piece of art but in reality, it's a task of merely 10 min tops! Begin by brushing your hair and divide your hair into two sections and tie them in a knot. Secure with some bobby pins. Now, take one section and start twisting it and wrap it around the knot in a bun formation. Repeat the same with the other section. Secure with some more pins and hairs spray. Pull and stretch on the crown area for a little poof and volume and take random strands out for that effortless feel.


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9. Space Buns

For a funky and edgy look try this fun hairstyle. Space buns are so on trend and perfect for a festival or concert. Divide your hair into two sections and tie them into ponytails. Now start twisting the braids to form tiny buns on top of your head. Tug and pull for volume and secure with the pins and hair spray. You can go all out by adding hair glitter and accessories to take the whole look a notch up. This hairstyle is perfect for long hair and takes less than five minutes to make. Get ready to become the next inter-galactic warrior with this fun updo.


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10. Floral Updo 

This hairstyle might look intriguing and difficult to make but trust me it's really not. Section your crown portion three equal strands and start making a basic braid. Once you reach the end, secure it with a transparent elastic band. Tug and fluff the braids for maximum volume. And now for the main part, to create the rose you have to roll the braid in a circular manner making sure the fluffy side remains on the outside and lay it flat against your crown portion. Voila! you officially have a rose on your head. This hairstyle looks super elegant and feminine and makes your long hair look even more magical.


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11. Braided Ponytail 

What is better than a normal ponytail? A braided ponytail! Simple and quick, this hairstyle is an awesome option for a work meeting when you want to look professional and put together in style. Create a side part and take a big chunk of hair to create a fishtail braid. Fluff it up for extra volume. Now, take the rest of the hair and tie them in a low ponytail. Grab the separated fishtail braid and pull it back by siding it along with the ponytail. Finish off by wrapping the braid over the hair tie of the ponytail and secure with some pins. 


Image Source: Pinterest


12. Fishtail Braid

Long hair looks whimsical and princess like. But what takes it to another level is a long and fluffy braid, a fishtail braid. It is a perfect hairstyle for weddings or prom for the girls with them lovely long locks. Begin by dividing the hair into two equal halves, hold them in one hand, separated by your pointer finger and use the other hand to grab a tiny piece of hair from the outer most side of one half. Pull and place the tiny piece over to the other half. Now, repeat the same thing with the other half. Keep braiding until the length of your hair. Tug and pull carefully, for a messier and voluminous effect.


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13. Reverse Bun 

Everything becomes interesting on the flip side of the spectrum. Be it life or a hairstyle. This reverse bun is a perfect hairdo for an edgy and rocker chic look. It can get complicated so make sure you practice well before making this hairstyle for a special occasion. Start off by flipping your head forward and brush your hair to get rid of any tangles. Now, create a Dutch Braid starting from the nape of your neck all the way up to your crown portion. Tie the braid with a hair tie to secure the braid from coming undone. Once you’ve made your ponytail, you’re ready to create the bun. Twist your hair around your band in order to form the bun. Tug and pull on the bun (be careful!) for the messy look and volume. Lastly, secure your bun with a few bobby pins.


Image Source: Pinterest


14. Braided Headband

An easy hairstyle for long hair is a braided headband. It looks ethereal and takes no time to create. Part your hair in a middle parting. Take a chunk of hair on the right section and create a braid of your choice, a fishtail or basic three strand braid and tug on it for a messy and volumizing effect. Now take the braid and pull it across all the way to the left end. Make sure it lays flat against your head. Secure it with some bobby pins and hair spray. That's it, it's that easy and simple. 


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Now that you know about these hairstyles, grab a brush, a few pins, a can of hairspray and your styling hot tools and get to the business. Let us know about the hairstyles that you decided to create on your long hair and in the comments below. Until then, PEACE!


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Question: What are the best hairstyles for girls women with long hair?

Answer: Braids, Messy Bun, Half up Half down and Top Knot Bun.


Question: What should the hairstyle be when wearing lehenga?

Answer: Fishtail Braids, Low Messy Buns, Curled and Wavy Hair.

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