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Explore The Heavenly Food Of Jaipur With These Food Bloggers!

By Arushi Bhalla

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 5 min read

Exploring the city through its food is what the food bloggers expertise at. They will give you a tour of the beautiful city Jaipur with the tantalizing food pictures. Not only this, they are great critiques on the flavors that a city has to offer, at times the flavors are new and other times some old forgotten delicacies buried in time. We have curated a list of Jaipur food bloggers for you to explore this city with these food bloggers.  


1. And.Then.I.Ate

If you call yourself a true foodie then you have to follow And.Then.I.Ate. This amazing food blog is run by the sister duo, Ria & Richa Kumbhat. Apart from their tempting food blog, they have traveled over 24 countries. The interesting fact is that they used to live in Abu Dabhi, UAE for 13 years. They made an observation after coming back that there were very few food blogs in the city. So, you can say that the thirst for searching and presenting the best of Jaipur is what led to the spectacular food blog ‘And.Then.I.Ate’. 

2. The Foodie Devi

Searching for delectable food in Jaipur? Radhika Agarwal a.k.a. foodie Devi is a food blogger that you should follow for the ultimate food guide in Jaipur. Interestingly enough, she is a budding food blogger from Jaipur and a foodie herself. From cafes to restaurants, Radhika has covered it all, across the length and breadth of the city. This is an account that not only mentions the best Jaipur eateries but showers you with an abundance of advice. The most likable thing about this blog is that it gives out 100% honest reviews without misleading others.


3. The Food Truck Travel

As the name reflects, the food truck travel takes you on a flavorsome ride! Meghnaa Saaraswat is yet another passionate food blogger who lets you explore the mouth-watering food of Jaipur through her appealing and informative blog. The food truck travel takes you on a ride to some amazing food experiences. When we say ride, we mean it. This blog also gives wonderful insights into the bloggers many travel experiences as well. 




4. Jaipur Food Coaster

Divya Bhati, is the person behind Jaipur Food Coaster. Her idea to start Jaipur Food Coaster came from a very strong impulse to create more awareness about the most significant ingredient of life - food in which she focuses on the most important aspects -  what and where to eat. This blog is all about guiding towards the best food experience in Jaipur. She mentions the best places to relish the great food of Jaipur! According to Divya the whole experience of dining out depends on one’s choice of dishes from the menu, this is where JFC steps in and guides people to chose only the best from the variety offered. 



5. Bhukkadbaniya

We are totally obsessed with the quirky name of this blog! Bhukkadbaniya has been started by Shubham Agarwal, who is a foodie himself. The food pictures on his blog are so tempting that you would want to eat it right away. Wait till you read the reviews as you can blindly rely on the reviews of this blog because they are totally unbiased. Bhukkadbaniya is all about bestowing you with the best food recommendations and honest reviews. 


6. The Foodie Panda

Parth Mohan and Priyamvada Vijay started this awesome blog to share their food experiences with people. It should not come across as a shock that this fantastic duo is among the top 5 food reviewers on Zomato as they are one of the best food reviewers in Jaipur. So, now you know where to head for honest reviews about food/drink as well as delectable #instafood delights. You just can't miss out on their appetizing food pictures and candid reviews. 


7. Food Map Jaipur

Food Map Jaipur is the most apt name for this blog as Anushka Baid takes you through the beautiful streets and scrumptious food ride in Jaipur through her blog. She started blogging to help people unveil the Pink City’s map with street-food. Check out the ways through good maps and then check out Food Map Jaipur for a different taste. We would recommend you to hop on this flavorsome food ride! 


8. The Foodictionary

This Foodictionary is the perfect name for this blog as this is the know it all blog when it comes to food in Jaipur.Their ultimate desire for food blogging clearly depicts in their blog. The love for food inspired Sabir Ahmed and Harshita to merge their passion for food into a soothing food blog page. For them experimenting food was important than dieting. And now with different words of food, they are up with The foodictionary.


9. Aadiivaasiii

Do you have a sweet tooth? If yes, then Aadiivaasii is the blog you should definitely follow. Rishika Rao came up with a blogging page with a very unique name Aadivasi. This blog falls under the one where you will find all kinds of dessert and freakshakes, you can't help but fall in love with this page. As per their choice, starters can be replaced by desserts too! 


Now you know the accounts to follow for hogging onto delish food of Jaipur. Happy eating! 

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Q: Which is the best restaurant for laal Maans in Jaipur?

A: Grand Uniara Hotel, JLN Marg, Handi, MI Road, Hotel Rajchidiya, 1135 AD are among the best restaurants to get some awesome Laal Maans at in Jaipur. 


Q: What are the must-try local items in Jaipur?

A: Mirchi Bada, Pyaaz Kacchodi, Ghewar, Dal baati choorma, Handi, rawat misthan Bhandar are few items that you must absolutely try in Jaipur. 





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