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Top Dussehra Events In Delhi You've Got To Attend For A Knack Of Festive Fever

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - May 9, 202410 min read

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Sparkling lights, bright smiles & colors speckled around, Dussehra or Durga Puja hit all the welcome notes of Indian festivities. Evenings become the reason to head out and the days pass around preparations for the night! Hopping from one "pandaal" to another, trying rides at fetes like we're kids again, the world seems like an orchid of flowers ready to blossom on the cusp of spring!


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Isn't it the true sense of festivities, the communal happiness & the explosion of colors! Well, indeed and rather, it's more than just that. Symbolizing the core values of our vibrant culture, these times bring along so many different hues of goodness & Godly celebrations! When in such unison, the entire nation rakes up a wave of energy and the beautiful personification thus conceived is yet another miraculous display of humanity! 


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With huge congregations for Durga Puja & Dussehra celebrations every year, the entire nation becomes a host to the cultural feasts and extravagant fun! So let's take a breath before looking at what all is up for grab this once and let's get ready for the palettes of diverse gastronomic marvels, what's hung in the markets & the best parties in town during the festive rush this 2019! 



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For Dussehra Celebrations


Ramlila Maidan, Ajmeri Gate

The oldest full-scale Ramlila event organized in Delhi, the Ramlila Maidan boasts a plethoric display of Dussehra Celebrations every year! Debatable or not, scores of crowds come here every year to witness the tallest effigies of Ravana, Meghnad and Kumbhkarna, being set ablaze post to a marvelous performance by seasoned artists of Shri Ramlila Committee. Which itself is known for a history of more than a hundred years by now. Said to have been organized by the Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar the first once, the Shri Ramlila Committee still organizes Dussehra events that lure in people from all across the nation


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Date & Time: 29th September 2019 - 08th October 2019, 7 PM Parade of the performers & 8 PM Onwards, the Ramlila performance (Approximation, as per the schedule from the previous year)

Entry Details: Entry to the event is through passes only (Availability of these passes is subject to Event Authorities' discretion)

Directions: Get Here 


Shri Ram Bhartiya Kala Kendra, 1 Copernicus Marg

The annual Dussehra event held here is an epitome of cultural performances in the nation. Catching a themed performance by professionals is sure to set the pace for your Dussehra celebrations. Presented by a performing arts house that is renowned for the quality of content and the execution with technology and other virtual supplements, their Dussehra show is all things exclusive for those who would love to explore festivities through modern storytelling, dance, music and other theatrical assortments.


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Date & Time: 29th September 2019 till 26th October 2019, 6:30 PM to 9:10 PM, Daily Shows

Entry Details: Details are yet to be announced

Directions: Get Here


Dwarka Ground, Sector 10

Being communicated as a recent buzz among Ramlila enthusiasts in the previous few years, the Dussehra event at Dwarka Sector 10 ground is a classical performance, followed by a massive parade and the burning of effigies on the Vijaydashmi. The fair organized along the grandeur performance is a feast for the eyes and taste buds. With local delicacies and multi-cuisine stalls available, all your senses are in for a treat here.


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Date & Time: 1st October to 12th October, 7 PM Onwards Daily. 

Entry Tickets: Entry to the Ramlila fair is free of cost, entry to the Ramlila performance is only with passes (On invitation)

Directions: Get Here


DDA Ground, NSP, Pitampura

One of the most sought-after Ramlilas in Delhi NCR, the DDA Ground, Pitampura event hosts a huge number of people every year. Famous for its huge effigies, fun rides and great food available here, it's one of the many venues where you and your loved ones can spend a gala time while celebrating the victory of good over bad on Vijaydashmi or before. For a week and more, the fair continues to entertain the North Delhiites with a number of options like watching Ramlila, having good food or simply strolling along the brightly lit atmosphere. 


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Date & Time: 29th September 2019 till 9th October 2019, 6:30 PM onwards

Entry Tickets: Entry is on a first come first serve basis & through passes, however, entry to the food stalls and rides section is free.

Directions: Get Here 


Janakpuri Ramlila Ground, Janakpuri

A cultural pride for those who live in West Delhi, the Dussehra event at the Janakpuri Ramlila Ground is one place to be if you like to experience an astonishing Ravan Dahan for Dussehra. With all the more exciting side gigs and thrilling rides, a visit to this event is a must for those looking for a ravishing evening this festive season. So make time in your schedule for this and be here before it's too late!


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Date & Time: Yet to be announced

Entry Ticket: Yet to be Announced

Directions: Get Here


For Durga Puja Celebrations


Chitranjan Park A.K.A CR Park

A center stage for one of the most vibrant and energetic Durga Puja Celebrations in Delhi, the C.R Park Durga Puja scene is touted to be the best in the city. From hoards of food stalls that sell gastronomic delights during these days to the colorfully lit Pandals and beautifully draped people, the entire aura of this place hinges upon every breath of a Durga Puja lover. An evening at CR Park, a locality that is densely packed with so many great events in such close proximity is sure to be a fun-fest cloaked in Durga Puja celebrations. Such authenticity of flavors and vibes is unmatched and unrivaled anywhere else in the town.


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Date & Time: 4th October 2019 till 8th October 2019, time details vary from venue to venue

Entry: Entry to these venues is free and subject to slot availability

Directions: Get Here


Kashmiri Gate Durga Puja

The Oldest Durga Puja Pandaal in Delhi, the Kashmiri Gate event is one of the most sought after celebrations in the entire nation. The classical Durga Pratima and other authentic culturally accurate ensembles make it one of the most prominent places to celebrate this occasion. If you always prefer everything by the book, then you've gotta be here this once. From the Prasaadam to the decorations and other shimmers of a Durga Puja evening, everything is classically rebuilt, only more accurately and functionally than it was originally presented. The Dasami Bhasan, the immersion of the Pratima into River Yamuna is also a sight to behold. So be here for the authenticity and originality, or for just pandaal hopping if you wish to, but one thing is for sure that you would come back again.


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Date & Time: 4th October 2019 till 8th October 2019, time details are not disclosed yet

Entry: Entry is free, food & other things are on chargeable basis

Directions: Get Here


Timarpur Puja Samiti

Durga Puja Organised By the Timarpur Durga Puja Samiti is another love for Delhiites, their sophisticated yet classically traditional Pandal and other offerings to Maa Durga speckle an eclectic vibe during these days. With long-held traditions like immersion and other rituals being still followed in the original style, you can get an exactly similar sense of Kolkata style Durga Puja celebrations in Delhi when you be here. 


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Date And Time: 4th October 2019 to 8th October 2019, time details are yet to be disclosed

Entry: Entry to this event is free but food and other things available inside are chargeable

Directions: Get Here


Minto Road, Kali Mandir

Famous for its Dhanuchi Nach, the Minto Road Durga Puja is for those who like it extremely traditional. Combing classical style Shastriya Pratima and a much-sophisticated design of Pandal, the Minto Road, Durga Puja personifies aristocracy and authenticity on the same page. Attending this event is like a trip back in time and you'll definitely feel more close to the innate sense of Durga Puja celebration over here.


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Date & Time: 4th October 2019 to 8th October 2019, time details are yet to be disclosed

Entry: Entry to this event is free but on a first come first serve basis. Upon the completion of slot availability, entry to the Pandal can be denied by the authorities.

Directions: Get Here


Arambagh Durga Puja Samiti

A quirky and out of the box option for Durga Puja lovers in Delhi, the Arambagh Durga Puja Samiti is catching a lot of footfall every year. With a generous budget and more than generous zeal to make it all the more appealing every once, the Arambagh Durga Puja is a great place for Pandal hoppers. Get here for insta-worthy clicks or amazing food, you won't be disappointed anyhow. They've come up with themes as offbeat as a Buddhist monastery in the past and even this year, they're expected to come up with something even cool. So be here for some fun or some traditional festive madness, but if you love celebrating Durga Puja, then be here at least once in your life! 


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Date & Time: 4th October 2019 till 8th October 2019, time details are yet to be disclosed

Entry: Entry Details are yet to be disclosed. 

Directions: Get Here


Durga Puja & Dussehra have always been synonymous to sweet indulgences of life and savory fun. The congregation of people and festive vibes during these days bring about an entirely new sense of freedom throughout the country. From the hinterlands to the cosmopolitan hubs of the nation, every soul shimmers in the festivity that integrates the communal spirit of our great land. 

Therefore, this Dussehra & Durga Puja, get out of your home and explore every one of these exciting events in Delhi.