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Delhi's Top 24 Fashion Bloggers To Follow Right Now To Amp-Up Your fashion Game

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Feb. 11, 2020 9 min read

Looking for some serious fashion inspiration or want to be aware of all the top trends and styles to follow this year? Add these pretty and Delhi's top fashion bloggers on your radar to amp-up your fashion game. They stand out from the pack, thanks to their one-of-a-kind sartorial sense and sharp business acumen. 


From now on you will never go blank when it comes to dressing up in style for a daily office tour, late-night partying, casual dining & everything thing else!


1. Komal Pandey

Who doesn't know Komal Pandey? She is one of the best fashion bloggers in town with out-of-ordinary sense of styling. She dresses up as no one else could. Did you know? Komal always wanted to be a school teacher but look where her zeal to teach (about fashion now) has brought her. She has a successful Youtube channel along with her cute-acting videos with PopXO and whatnot


2. Sone Kanwar

Sone Kanwar is the founder of Glossypolish, a beauty, lifestyle and wellness website read by millions. Yeah!! it's not just Delhi guys. Her fashion sense is chic and relatable with a bit of quirk added to it. It can be emulated by the quintessential girl next door and make her stand out. Sone's USP has been her content & relationship with her followers or you can say her connect with the audience.  


3. Khusha Kapila

Khusha Kapila is well aware of herself and the style she carries like a pro. She is popularly known for her sketches about rich & flamboyants of d-town like Types of South Delhi Girls, South Delhi Daughters-in-law, Billi Mausi, etc. She is undoubtedly a social-icon for more than 6 million people (Yes, she has such a big fan following) who loves her because of the kind of content she brings on the screen with such confidence. The way she carries herself is an inspiration for all the ladies out there who think like 100 times before wearing a particular outfit. 


4. Dolly Singh

We all know Dolly Singh as "Raju Ki Mummy" character which has become so influential amongst Instagram users and Bollywood. All the new-age actors have experienced the love of this actor/blogger. Her unique taste in fashion is always a great help for spilling the sassy kinda girls out there. You used to see her on the videos of iDiva and now she is the senior content curator there. How cool is that!! If you still don't follow her, you should definitely check out her profile like rigghhttt noowww.


5. Mehak Ghai

A Beauty, Travel and Fashion Blogger, Mehak Ghai is definitely the best example of women taking fashion to another level. Be it quirky fashion accessories or game-changing looks, she's got it all covered for you. One just can't stay outdated if you're following this stunning fashion blogger!


6. Niki Mehra

Nikita Mehra's journey as a fashion blogger has definitely been inspiring to many. You just can't miss out on her when talking about being a fashion icon to thousands of followers. Her style is just as fabulous as her personality. You can't miss out on her looks if experimenting is your thing. We've got to agree her styling is just what you need to bring a change in yourself as well. There are hardly any brands left that she has not collaborated with. 


7. Akanksha Redhu

Akanksha started her blog somewhere in 2010 as an interesting means of noting, chronicling and expressing her ideas, projects, inspirations, and daydreams. It has constantly evolved ever since and become more fashion & lifestyle oriented. She personally writes all posts which vary from fashion to beauty to trends to food and more. 


8. Roshni Bhatia

Roshni Bhatia is a real-life Diva. She began her career as a Youtuber some years back & in 2015 she really got into the blogging game when she increased her visibility on Instagram. Her taste in clothes speaks for itself. She is pretty, she is witty and guess what? She is the mother of a Cute-Lil dude. You can always follow her on Ig or catch her video youtube where she parades over different styles of wearing something. So if you are really serious about fashion, she is your go-to blogger.



9. Cherry Jain

This one has a long way to go! Cherry Jain started with "MuchTooMuch" which was exactly what she needed to become a fashion icon to thousands of women out there. Taking casual wear to another level, her looks are just what you need when considering everyday fashion. When in doubt, scroll through her Instagram feed for some offbeat suggestions which are minimalistic yet stunning. Her styling is all about being classy and comfortable at the same time.


10. Nishtha Gandhi

Founder of The Dramatic Diva, Nishtha Gandhi is a 24-year-old girl who’s a Masters in Economics. Her love for fashion came to the surface when she started this blog in 2015 and people started appreciating the content she made. She has also worked with brands like Daniel Wellington, Gionee, Tissot, Omega, Westside, Puma and many more. 


11. Karishma Yadav Bhalla

Karishma Yadav Bhalla has got the perfect blog which will answer all your queries related to Beauty, Travel, Food, and Fashion as she is always updated with trends. Her Instagram feed will leave you awestruck and we're damn sure you're definitely taking away a few looks for sure from her blog. If you're looking for some motivation and inspiring content then you've got to follow her!


12. Shraddha Gurung

She has already won over a lot of hearts with her dressing sense and we just can't deny that Shraddha Gurung is one of those inspiring fashion icons every girl wants to follow We promise you that you won't leave disappointed after having a look at her blog as she'll make you realise how one can revamp their wardrobe in the easiest way possible.


13. Aanchal Mehra

Raise your style quotient with Aanchal Mehra and follow her right away from the right kind of advice on Fashion, Fitness, Beauty or Travel as her blog has got it all for you. Keep up with the trends by following her on Instagram to know what's going viral this season when it comes to fashion.


14. Sharon Kodan

There's no style that Sharon can't keep up with & we're totally in love with her styling and choice of clothing. One can easily pump up their style quotient by following this stunning fashion blogger. She is a fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger who is reaching the ladder of success with a single step each day. 


15. Kashvi Chauhan

Kashvi is a Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel and Beauty Blogger who has established herself well as a fashion icon in D-town. One scroll through her feed will leave you awestruck with the kind of looks you can experiment with. She has definitely raised the standards and is definitely going on the right track by giving us some serious fashion goals.


16. Trishala Sikka

Trishala Sikka's style defines class and elegance just the right way. She is both a fashion and a beauty blogger - being the perfect combination to come out as a successful fashion icon. Her fashion blog is quite an inspiration to thousands of women who swear by fashion.


17. Swini Parihar

Swini is one of those pretty fashion content curators who sincerely believe in her own style. From the little black dress to elegant ethnic outfits, she has the superpower to rock any outfit. Her sense of fashion is very chic & effortless. And this was not even the best part, her youtube channel is well equipped with content such as things to buy from various markets in town, different ways to style a particular garment & lot more.


18. Mehak Sharma

We're already in love with her eyes, but that's not about it, Mehak Sharma has made us fall in love with her styling and the way she carries herself. Her fashion sense speaks volume as she experiments with every look possible to inspire women to get out of their comfort zone and experiment as much as possible.


19. Sakshi Gupta

Sakshi Gupta has been titled as Miss Tourism International India'17 and was also a Femina Fitness Cover Girl which was already so inspiring. Keep that aside her dressing style is definitely catching everybody's attention, she's got the best of looks covered for her followers to motivate them so they learn to experiment with fashion every single day.



20. Vasudha Dembla

Vasudha has definitely got her fashion game on point, whenever in doubt scroll through her feed for some fashionable looks. She's got the best ones covered for you which include all the latest trends. She's definitely one of the best bloggers in Delhi you can't miss out on. If you try to mix poised demeanour & crispy fashion sense, you definitely get a Vasudha.


21. Sonia Garg

A Delhi based fashion and lifestyle blogger. Sonia Garg young, elegant, simple and yet comfortable in her own skin. Her blog is different from a lot of other bloggers with respect to the uniqueness and helpfulness of her content. She believes that everybody cannot pick out the outfit someone else is wearing and slay the way they do. And hence, she focuses more on the styles that suit her rather than follow bandwagon trends. She has collaborated with brands like Dunlop watches, Tamasq India, Pantaloons, Wills Lifestyle and many more.


22. Aarushi Jain

A 25-year-old Delhi girl who has a Masters degree in Business Administration created a space in 2015 to share her perception of all things like Beauty, Fashion, and Lifestyle. She also has a YouTube Channel by the name of Aarushi Jain, where you can find videos on the same line-up. She has worked with brands like Colorbar, Pantene, Westside, Myntra, Forest Essentials and many more. She is pretty, she is witty, she is ah-mazing!


23. Charuta Arvind Yadav

Go offbeat with Charuta as her style is definitely unique and intriguing. If you're done with your everyday looks, she is the just the right fashion blogger to follow to raise your style quotient with some not-so-usual looks. Her blog was also titled as the best DIY Blog by Cosma India - there is no reason to not follow her.


24. Aashima Lamba

Guess who's got the perfect combination of Beauty with Brains - Aashima Lambaan Engineer and a Fashion blogger which reflects how women can multitask and achieve whatever they want. Her styling gives her followers just the right kind of motivation to experiment with each piece of clothing and come out with the best of looks. Her blog name (thebasicrebel) defines her really well!




Q. How do fashion bloggers choose their themes? 
A. It’s mostly personal but they also tend to follow the latest trends or festivities.

Q. Why is fashion blogging so women-centric?
A. There is no such norm, it's just a very instinctual thing. There are various men who blog fashion too but most women are more elaborative about it.

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