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Top 10 Best Nightclubs in Delhi That Will Keep You Groovin' Till Dawn

By Vidhi

Updated - May 17, 20247 min read

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Delhi, the vibrant capital of India, pulsates with energy that extends far beyond the bustling streets and historical monuments. As the sun dips below the horizon, a different side of the city awakens, beckoning night owls with the promise of electrifying music, flowing drinks, and unforgettable nights. Whether you're a seasoned partygoer or a curious newcomer, navigating Delhi's diverse nightclub scene can be daunting. But worry not, for this guide unveils 10 of the hottest nightclubs in Delhi, catering to various tastes and ensuring an evening of revelry.


1. Kitty Su: The Undisputed Queen of Nightlife

Kitty Su, nestled within the luxurious confines of The Lalit Hotel in Connaught Place, needs no introduction. This iconic nightclub has reigned supreme for years, attracting partygoers with its pulsating energy and commitment to top-notch entertainment. Renowned for its electrifying nights featuring international and homegrown DJs spinning Electronic Dance Music (EDM), Kitty Su boasts multiple dance floors, each catering to a specific vibe. The opulent "Champagne Room" caters to the discerning crowd, while "The Salon," a mini-club within the main club, offers an intimate experience. 

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Image courtesy: Times of India

Price: Expect an upscale ambiance reflected in the pricing.


2. Privee: Delhi's A-List Playground

Privee at Shangri-La's Eros Hotel is the answer for those seeking an exclusive and glamorous night out. This sophisticated nightclub attracts Delhi's elite and partygoers with a penchant for luxury.  The plush interiors, coupled with state-of-the-art sound systems and lighting, create an ambiance that is both stylish and exhilarating. Get ready to groove to a mix of genres, from pulsating hip-hop on Sundays to chart-topping hits on other nights. 

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Image courtesy: Youtube

Price: Prepare for a premium nightlife experience with a price tag to match.


3. Key: A Modern Oasis for Night Owls

Key, housed within the prestigious Hotel Samrat, offers a contemporary twist on the classic nightclub experience. Decked in plush red velvet sofas and dramatic chandeliers, Key exudes a sophisticated charm.  The spacious dance floor is a haven for those who love to lose themselves in the rhythm. The in-house mixologists whip up innovative cocktails, ensuring there's a concoction to tantalize every taste bud. Key caters to a diverse crowd, making it a great option for a night out with friends or a special occasion.

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Image courtesy: Zomato

Price: The pricing falls within the mid-range to high-end spectrum.


4. Story Club & Lounge: Where Luxury Meets Entertainment

Step into a world of refined elegance at Story Club & Lounge, located within The Westin Hotel in Gurgaon. This upscale venue seamlessly blends luxurious interiors with a vibrant nightlife scene. The elegant décor, featuring plush seating and ambient lighting, sets the stage for an unforgettable evening. Story prides itself on its expertly crafted cocktails and a curated food menu that caters to discerning palates. The resident DJs keep the party going with a mix of genres, ensuring there's something for everyone. Don't miss the exclusive cigar lounge for a touch of sophistication.

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Image courtesy: Zomato

Price:  Story offers a premium experience with a price tag to match.


5. SoHo Delhi: A High-Octane Nightlife Adventure

SoHo Delhi, nestled within The Ashok Hotel, has taken the Delhi party scene by storm.  This electrifying nightclub is renowned for its energetic atmosphere and the sheer scale of the bar area. SoHo is a haven for partygoers who love to lose themselves in the rhythm. Headlining DJs and live music keep the crowd on their feet throughout the night. Be prepared for a packed dance floor and an experience that is both exhilarating and unforgettable.  SoHo has hosted renowned international artists like Wiz Khalifa, solidifying its place as a major player in Delhi's nightlife scene.

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Image courtesy: Gighub

Price: Expect mid-range to high-end pricing reflecting the upscale ambiance and entertainment.


6. Summer House Cafe: Hauz Khas's Hidden Gem

Hauz Khas Village, known for its vibrant art scene and bohemian vibes, also boasts a hidden gem for nightlife enthusiasts - Summer House Cafe.  This versatile establishment seamlessly transforms from a charming cafe by day to a pulsating nightclub by night.  Live music gigs and renowned DJs ensure there's never a dull moment. Summer House Cafe caters to a young and trendy crowd, making it a great option for a casual night out with friends. Don't miss their happy hour, which extends from noon to 9 PM, offering a chance to unwind before the party begins.

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Image courtesy: Wedding wire

Price: Summer House Cafe offers a more budget-friendly option compared to some of the high-end clubs on this list.


7. YOUnion: A High-Energy Bar with a Twist

Younion, located in the Qutab Institutional Area, offers a unique experience that blends the energy of a bar with the vibrancy of a nightclub. Their motto, displayed on a neon sign, reads "Walk to the Wild Side," and YOUnion truly delivers on this promise. The high-energy bar boasts a staggering 300 unique shots, perfect for those seeking an adventurous night.  For those who prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, YOUnion offers a delightful al fresco seating area with a chilled-out ambiance. The menu features an array of comfort food options, perfect for soaking up the night's revelry.

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Image courtesy: Easy Diner

Price: YOUnion falls within the mid-range price bracket, offering a good value for the experience.


8. Bohca: The After-Party Hotspot

Bohca, nestled within the Qutub Residency Hotel, has earned a reputation as the go-to destination for Delhi's after-party scene. This lively nightclub pulsates with energy well into the wee hours, making it the perfect place to extend the night and dance until dawn. Bohca boasts a diverse crowd, united by their love for good music and a desire to party. The music selection is eclectic, catering to various tastes. Head to Bohca if you're looking for an unpretentious and electrifying way to end your night.

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Image courtesy: Bohca

Price: Bohca offers a budget-friendly option compared to some of the high-end clubs on this list.


9. Diablo: A Culinary and Nightlife Fusion

Diablo, located in Mehrauli, defies conventional nightclub labels. This unique venue is a haven for both epicureans and partygoers. Diablo boasts a delectable menu featuring Mediterranean, Italian, Turkish, and Iranian cuisine, ensuring you can satisfy your taste buds before hitting the dance floor. As the night progresses, the energy transforms, with DJs spinning a mix of genres that keeps the crowd moving. Diablo is a great option for a night out that combines a delicious meal with a vibrant party atmosphere. 

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Image courtesy: Diablo

Price: Diablo offers a mid-range price point, catering to both food and nightlife enthusiasts. 


10. Dear Donna: Weekday Dinners and Weekend Parties

Dear Donna, situated within the Qutub Hotel, offers a versatile experience that caters to both weekday diners and weekend partygoers. Throughout the week, Dear Donna serves Asian, European, and Italian cuisine, making it a great option for a relaxed dinner date. However, the weekends transform Dear Donna into a pulsating nightclub. Get ready to groove to a mix of music genres, from chart-topping hits to energetic dance tracks. Dear Donna offers a vibrant atmosphere, perfect for a fun night out with friends.

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Image courtesy: Zomato

Price:  Dear Donna offers a mid-range price point, making it an accessible option for both dining and nightlife experiences.


This curated list of 10 Delhi nightclubs offers a diverse range of experiences, catering to various budgets and music preferences. Whether you're seeking an exclusive and glamorous night out or a budget-friendly party with friends, Delhi's vibrant nightlife scene has something to offer everyone. So, put on your dancing shoes, grab your friends, and get ready to explore the electrifying world of Delhi after dark!